Ok ,guys… this doesn’t look good De jure, one is strictly forbidden to use, copy or refer to any images, names and/or situations portrayed in this project under the penalty of prosecution according to the corpus juris. Bearing this caveat in mind, animus nocendi is presumed. The infringement of this disclaimer is subject to legal
prosecution ad infinitum. Did anybody understand anything he just said? Is he wearing a skirt? De jure, one is strictly forbidden to use, copy or refer to any images… Sounds like a real language but I can’t understand a word of it Hum wait, I think I heard some of those words before From the motherfucker that made me lose all I had Is it a villain? My ex’s lawyer You never mentioned this Thats because my restraining order is kinda… extensive. I can’t even say her name out loud You really think that thing is some sort of intergalactic lawyer? I think it’s more likely to be a gobbler of worlds that came to end all life on Earth and…Ok. It’s na intergalactic lawyer. De jure, one is strictly forbidden to… Uh, is it just me or is that guy looking right at me? That’s not good. In my experience, he’s going to get some nude webcam photos of you dressed as a cheerleader, and say it’s better for everyone if you just accepet your ex’s absurd demands We have to find his weak spot Well, I found my attorney weak spot when I gave away my house, my car, my
dignity and signed all the paperwork he put in front of me. He left right away So we have a problem. I had to sell my car and my house to make this suit. Yeah, and the dignity part is long gone too De jure, one is strictly forbidden to use, copy or refer to any images… This might sound like a crazy idea but what if we get him to say his name backwards? Maybe that will make him go back to his dimension Maybe that’s not so stupid after all. Really? Even I think its stupid now that I said it out loud No, that’s all conected to the name! Roach, why did you said you had a
restraining order keeping you from saying your ex’s name? God that’s so humiliating…do I really have to say it? Hurry, he’s going to destroy Megalopolisville! Because she created an erotic toys company when she still used my name. After that she said my image was a huge turn off to be associated to her
company’s name.. and that could make the company lose its value Hum…what else? You need more? And since I was a limp dick loser, it made more sense that my own name stayed
linked to her company, that was a success. And then…? Oh, God… I think I rather have the city destroyed Then she said that to be nice, she was going to let me use her lover’s name, since now he was going to use my name and sleep in my bed… Because he was a real
man and didn’t cry while he was having sex., from what I understood from what the giant said there’s a problem with
the name BIRDMAN! What? Clearly you had already thought of that before all that humiliation That was quite unecessary But it’s my name! It’s my honor C’mon Birdman! You used to be called Feathered Man not even a month ago!! I had to convince you not to use Tweety Boy. Ok so now I’m the uh.. The winged…gold man…or something I just need you to sign these 56 sheets without reading and pay me the fees for
60% of your yearly salary minus taxes! Well..looks like this time we got rid of him… Yeah… I don’t know…something tells me this is not over yet What?!

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