Inspired Citizens | Wellbeing in the Pilbara

Welcome to Newman. We’re a town of around 6,000 people. We’re a 12 hour car drive north of
Perth, although we aren’t really your usual town. In fact, Newman is a small remote mining
community. Our group of awesome students are from
Newman Senior High School and today we’re going to
tell you a story about Newman. We’re a really tight knit community,
but like a lot of others, we do have issues like littering, drug and alcohol abuse and bullying. But there’s one thing
that affects everyone in some way and that’s mental health and wellbeing. Sometimes there’s not a lot to do. And this is the kind of town that people move in and out from. It can be hard to build
relationships and to access help and support. Here are some stats: One in five
Australians experience mental health issues and one in four are young
Australians. What is more worrying is that 54% of people with mental health issues
do not seek help. Now those stats don’t sit well with us, so we wanted to do something about
it. So we got together and created your radio show to tell
people that help is out there. Do you know of any ways people with mental health issues such as depression can get help? I think most commonly they ask
their, like, friends and family that
they’re really close to otherwise they’ll go to, like, a psychologist, like their school one or like other doctors. So did it work? Yes. We had an increase of people
accessing help and support. Lots of people listened in and we connected with a bunch of
people from our community. We asked ourselves
what’s the plan for the future? Now the simple answer is, we want more people in this kind of
work. If you are inspired by this story, you can always get a group of people
together. And find ways to raise awareness in your community too.

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