Introducing Nupinion: Smart News Boards For Digital Citizens

Welcome to Nupinion. The smart news app
for digital citizens. Nupinion is an easy way to follow news topics, outlets,
and people you care about. Our mission is to improve access to quality journalism
and promote news literacy. Discover trending news and curate your feed with
a few clicks by following topic boards. Use the category filters to quickly find
the topics you want. Each board is made of cards that update as a story develops.
Article cards show you the title and description of an article so you can
browse a topic quickly. Not sure who you can trust?
Check the card footer for information on source credibility. Want news from a
different perspective? Look for the political slant icons right in the
footer. Want to read the full article? Click the card and go straight to the
source. Actor cards highlight people and places
relevant to the story to give you more context. Different types of cards that
provide useful information are coming soon, including videos tweets and more.
Discovered something while browsing you want to explore in more detail? Just
search for it. Nupinion shows you multiple sources side by side so you can
easily get a range of perspectives. Want updates on this topic? Turn your search
into a topic board in one click. Use the menu on the left to see your different
boards. Want to dig deeper and explore specific news? Open the menu on the right,
filter by country, outlet or political slant. Click the analysis tab to see the
breakdown of credibility and political slant for articles on the board. See
which outlets are publishing most. Find out which people are mentioned most in
the story. These tools help you understand the facts and the role of
media in the story. What if you want to make your own smart news board? Easy! Just
use the menu on the left side to create one. Pick your board title and give it a
brief description. Decide if you want to automate the cards on the board or
curate them by hand. Automated boards track specific keywords for you so you
never miss anything about a new topic. Prefer to curate a board by hand-picking
articles? Just create a new board. Adding to your curated board is easy while you
explore news with the Nupinion. See an article you want to save? Just click the
bookmark icon on the footer, choose the board you want to save it to
and that’s it. You can keep boards private or make them public so anyone
can follow what you curate. Save articles for personal research, keep your friends
updated on things you read, share articles across an organisation, gain new
followers or establish influence in your field. Now for the best part of the
Nupinion: your smart home feed that brings everything together. Your home feed is
where you browse all updates related to boards you follow. You can save articles,
filter cards and lots more right from your home feed. Nupinion recommends
articles to give you new information from all sides of the debate as it
happens. Curating your feed and getting Nupinion recommendations means you’ll
never miss an important development in the stories you care about. You can
easily avoid misleading articles and unverified sources while making sure you
get a balanced perspective of the issues. So no matter what news you’re looking for. Use Nupinion. Get the full story.

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