Introducing the Unicorn Rescue Society (Full Length)

Good afternoon. My name is Elliot Eisner. And I’m Uchenna Devereaux. We’re here today to tell you about
the Unicorn Rescue Society. Ah! Jersey! I can’t see! And that’s Jersey.
He’s a Jersey Devil. Cut! The Unicorn Rescue Society is a secret
organization that protects animals from danger. But not just any animals! The animals that most people don’t believe exist. Even though they really do. Animals like… Sasquatches! Dragons! Sphinxes! Chupacabras! Dragons! You already did dragons. Because dragons are awesome. Cut! The Unicorn Rescue Society
was founded by Professor Fauna, who has spent his whole life learning everything
there is to know about every mythical creature. He has made friends around the world
and learn the legends of every culture. And he really likes unicorns. Like, a lot. Even though he hasn’t found one yet. No no no! The camera! Unicorn Rescue Society Helping the mythical creatures be free. We’ve got a Jersey Devil who’s cute and blue But he could eat your for breakfast if he wanted to. One, two, three, four.
One, two, three four. Cut. Professor Fauna used to work alone.
That is, until he met us. Because we found Jersey on a school trip.
And he followed us home. And then he got lost. But then we rescued it from the evil Schmoke Brothers! And so the professor asked us to join him
and keep mythical creatures safe from danger! In conclusion, the Unicorn Rescue Society
is a fun and educational after-school activity. Wait. Who is this video even for?
We’re a secret society. We’re recording it for posterity. Who is posterity? Children! There you are! We must go at once!
The Loch Ness monster needs our help! Right now? We’re filming a video! The videofilms can wait. Quickly! To the aeroplane!

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