Introducing Wisconsin’s New Driver License and ID Cards

Introducing Wisconsin’s New Driver License and ID Cards

Coming Fall 2015, Wisconsin will have a new
look and feel of its driver license and identification card. You’ll first notice the high-definition
laser-engraved black and white photos with numerous security features that make this
the most secure card in North America. For Wisconsin residents, the process stays
the same: Visit a DMV customer service center when your
license is up for renewal. There’s no need to come in any sooner. You’ll be given a printed receipt which includes
the image of the front of the card and identifying information. This receipt is valid for 45 days. You’ll receive your card in the mail generally
within 7 to 10 business days. There is no fee increase. And if you don’t already have a driver license
or ID but want an ID to show when you vote, you may request one for free. To find out what documents you’ll need to
bring to the DMV for your ID or driver license, check out our online Driver License Guide. Wisconsin Division of Motor Vehicles is pleased
to provide you with this secure, attractive new driver license and ID card.


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    Wisconsin, this is #1 to take over your election.
    #1 give illegals a license
    #2 all you need is a license to register to vote
    #3 illegals vote
    #4 you have been taken over by the illegals and invite
    more illegals into your state.

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    francisco j hernandez

    so I just wonder if what would happened with the DL expires in 3 years or more? do the residents could have the new DL with the start or those who are residents (green card) should waiting or become citizen of usa? asking to know and final question is what would happened with the immigrants who have the DL and expires soon or accouple years? I don't know if I was asking the right questions….also the residents could travel outside of usa with the regular DL once is October 2020?

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    Greg Blackman

    Hear me out this is more serious than anything we have ever faced don't be fooled that this I'd is for travel its going to have something to do with voting and far worse authorities can give you a ticket and if you don't have the real id you won't be able to get into court to fight the ticket because court is in a federal building and the law can triple your ticket no matter how innocent you are you can't even take you current license to get the real id which means the crime rate is going to go up all over the world

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    Latti Latti

    is there fingerprinting involved to get this real id? will the real id
    be the only id accepted to vote in any election? I guess I gonna be not flying anymore.

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