Israelis: Do you see Arab-Israelis as “second-class” citizens?

Israelis: Do you see Arab-Israelis as “second-class” citizens?

Jerusalem Why? Because I am not a
patronizing prick I think of everyone as equal and I work with people that are Arab that’s not the reason I see them as equal to me I believe that everyone is equal Every human is born equal Do you view Arab Israelis
Arabs that live here (in Israel) as second class? Rico
Tel Aviv No That means if an Arab came to buy to live next to you
Is that ok? Of course, no problem The same at work I have no idea where you work Sure, why not He is welcome Do YOU view Arab-Israelis
as second class citizens? Israeli Arabs? Yes You see them as second class?
– Yes Why second class? They are different than us Why? Why second class? They hurt us, they are cruel It is difficult for me to
see them as first class Give me an example how they hurt us Everything that happens here,
you don’t see? There are daily terror attacks and murders (by them) How should I look at them? Usually, those attacks are not by
Arab Israelis There have been some cases but
generally it is Palestinians from the West Bank It is always Arab Israelis If you are talking about Qalkilia (West Bank town)
oh, not Qalkilia Eti
Kriot What’s the name of that place? East Jerusalem There are always terror attacks from them
all the time How can I look at them as
first class? How? I can’t So if an Arab wanted to work
where ever you work you would be against it? No, I am not against that He can work where ever he wants
he is also an Israeli citizen But in my eyes, he is not… I can’t be… friends with him You don’t want to be his friend Let’s say you have an apartment
would you rent it to him? or her? It could be that yes that is business For me, being close or
having a conversation would be difficult for me Yifat
Holon Do you view Arab Israelis
as second class citizens? No Do you think Arab Israelis
are second class? No I think that they don’t want
to be first class that is their entire problem Really? Why? They don’t want Meir
Natanya They don’t want.
They want to replace us here Ah, you mean they want this
to all be Palestine Exactly But what is the connection to
being first or second class? You asked if they want to be first class so I said,
No, you asked if I think they are second class Arab Israelis say that they
feel they are second class That is their feeling You are saying it is all in their heads
– Of course It is in their education But there are situations where Jews
don’t rent Arabs apartments There are situations where Arabs
kill Jews So what? That is more extreme than
not renting someone an apartment They can be first class citizens but they just don’t want But you accept them as first class I accept them as first class
I have no problem with them Do you view Arab Israelis
as second class citizens? Limor
Maale Adumim (West Bank settlement) It depends. There are those I see
as first class but those who want to kill us or don’t want us to live here they are not second class, they are just… Assholes in my opinion too So how do you define what
second class is? The claim from Arab Israelis is
that the Jews see them as second class No, that is not true I know many Arabs that are that feel they are not
second class at all They integrate into the workforce they are friends and they really
want to co-exist with us So what is this second class
that others are talking about? It is those (Arabs) that don’t want
to live with us in co-existence so they don’t need rights In my opinion Grumpy old men
Tel Aviv Do you think Arab Israelis
are second class citizens? No, no politics! No politics No, they are not second class No? Other say no No, no They feel they are second class citizens So they feel
– they aren’t second class I can’t hear If they changed their feelings
they would be first class citizens It depends on them We accept them (as equal)
there is no problem I think they aren’t second class
they are 7th class (also means “they are dicks”) What does that mean? You see! That is what he is looking for
(meaning me and my videos) I am not looking He wants to hear the dirt
that is what he is looking for So explain The Arabs (in Israel) are equal they enjoy all the rights in this country Let’s put the dick to the side Are you willing to rent your
house to an Arab? People rent their places,
what are you talking about People already rent to them You. I am asking you What a leftist! I told you I am what? I didn’t hear Or hire them (Arabs)
in all sorts of jobs? So many people hire them You with the dick same questions Who builds our country? Who builds our country? You don’t want to answer
dick Don’t answer him He is answering, he is eating Why answer this leftist? They are not loyal to this country If they would be loyal
they would be first class How are they not first class? What do you mean by that? They should serve in the army I didn’t serve in the army
so what? That’s bad Don’t interview me if you didn’t serve in the army He (a friend) served in the army If they served in the army
they would have all their rights I will explain what our problem is They (Arab Israelis) the education that they are given is hate from the beginning to the end We can make a square from …. The country- both the left wing and right wing will accept them 100% if they changed their beliefs
from wanting to expel us from the land Every time they protest you hear:
“slaughter the Jews, slaughter the Jews” That is what causes them problems
It is not us who creates the problems Look what they (Arabs) did yesterday What happened yesterday? I didn’t hear anything You weren’t at home A Palestinian ambulance, cut off of car an Israeli driver Ah, in the West Bank and they killed him rocks What West Bank? This was in Jerusalem
in the Land of Israel Do you see Arab Israelis
as second class citizens? Leah
Kfar Saba No So you see them as equals Yes Let’s say you have an apartment would you rent it to someone Arab? Rent them an apartment? Yes, I could I could, if he seems dependable, then yes Would it be the same with someone Jewish meaning do you look at that aspect? It’s problematic It’s a problem Why? Many of them (Arabs) don’t like us (Jews) How does that connect to your apartment? That someone who doesn’t like Jews
will go into your apartment? It’s about trust It’s a problem Sadly, because of the situation (terrorism)
there is no trust anymore The situation of… Believing in peace is broken
I am very supportive of peace Explain to the world, what
is that trust We are now at the (Gay) Pride parade Which is not a pride parade for the gay community it is a parade that symbolizes humanity not to judge anyone not religion, not race, not colour That is what is beautiful But there are Arabs here What can we do about this? Ok If they support this thing
then they are amazing Arabs But the majority (of Arabs) are not here Do you see Arab Israelis as second class? Shmuel
Jerusalem Second class? Why would I? They feel it. They feel Jews look
at them as second class citizens Is it true? Is it true that they feel… No, it is true that you, the Jews feel… No, I don’t think that way I don’t see any “us or them” If they feel that way, I can understand it but do I feel that way? No Not at all Why can you understand them? Because I think it starts with things like infrastructure (in Arab towns) a lot of things that in their areas
they are raised with from birth also their education that they get from their environment all those things and someone grows up like that will feel in the end that he
is a second class citizen Also, it comes from… Wait, you spoke about two things first, infrastructure and what they receive which is true, until today they didn’t
receive the same infrastructure like the Jews I am not saying it is justified or not justified I am saying that is the situation Ok, that we can understand I am not justifying… And then you said, “values”
Their values? No, I said education Sorry, education You mean their education Their educational environment is
hostile to “the other” I am not saying it is justified
or not justified I am saying it is that way so if you from birth feel that
the “other” hates you “the other” doesn’t like you and looks at you as something different Even if it is for the most justifiable reasons like someone who walks in the street hears about a terror attack so he doesn’t want to get hurt and sees someone not familiar, he doesn’t know so yes, he will then look at everyone suspiciously I am not saying it is right or wrong but people may get scared of them and if you fear someone specific so it makes sense you will
see him as second class and if he comes for a job interview
or to drink beer with you there is a chance you will choose someone else so yes, in the end you are
seeing him as second class So if you don’t see them as second class… Do you have Arab friends? Of course Would you hire someone to any position… Of course, what do you think? As your boss? I wouldn’t take anyone for any position
I would take the best person for the position But not connected to whether he is Arab or not No Would you rent out your apartment to an Arab? You are amusing me I understand why you are asking
because there are people who wouldn’t But for me, that is amusing Today I am considered to be “Israeli” Israelis are three generations here I have a grandfather on my father’s side who escaped the Holocaust
the only one in his family to survive they (non-Jews) didn’t like him very much
so he escaped to here On the other hand, I have a grandfather on
my mother’s side who came from Iraq where he was really loved
(by the non-Jews) so after three generations,
the situation is the opposite meaning “we have to get rid of the Arabs”
and the “Europeans are cool” The Europeans annihilated my
relatives on my father’s side That is a fact and on my mother’s side,
they (Arabs and Jews) lived together perfectly so if I look at this objectively I am half Arab People like to say Arab
which is very inclusive there are Muslims, Christians, secular My grandparents on my mother’s side
came from Iraq so I am half Arab So will someone not rent
an apartment to me? No, but the majority here
are Mizrahim like you so they wouldn’t do that to you but to a Muslim Arab, they might Yes and in the last few days… You know what a muazzin is? Listen to the prayer really
loudly at night at first it annoyed me and
then I found it funny because the music was exactly the sound that I hear from Mizrahi music from friends so it is amusing Do you see Arab Israelis as second class? Oriah and Eli
Tel Aviv What? What? Are you saying or asking? I am asking of course No No They are not second class Why are you saying that? Because they feel they are so I am checking if That is long conversation
I can talk to you about for hours Ok, go ahead No, there is a lot What do you mean? Something positive?
Something… What do you mean positive? What do you want to say? Say what you want What are you asking? Arab Israelis generally say that
they feel second class does the average Jew on the street agree That’s the question I don’t think that the majority
feel they are second class It depends where It depends where they come from If he is from Jerusalem where there is more fear, more terror I am from Jerusalem I know exactly what is terrorism, ok? If on the streets you see a lot of terrorism every day or second day and fear to go to Jaffa Street It is legitimate and understandable That is why the right
has more control in Jerusalem Here in Tel Aviv it is less organized there is no race, no one focuses on race because of … Do you think Israelis in general Jewish Israelis see Arabs as second class?
– Israelis generally are racist Israelis are very racist Ok, why? Because Israelis are racist
Everyone in the world knows that Are you racist? No, but we are racist and for good reason
we went through a lot we are allowed to be racist What have we been through? The Holocaust But you are Moroccan
you didn’t go through the Holocaust It doesn’t matter I still feel an affinity with
what my people went through Ok
– There is no “ok” That’s the way it is Holocaust memorial day is also
a difficult day for me, what are you talking about? Let’s start with the fact that
I am half Argentinian Not that it matters It doesn’t matter where I came from I hear a story, it doesn’t matter
to whom it happened I treat it the same way Let’s go back to Israelis are racist Give examples That Israelis are racist? We can call it paranoid, Israelis are paranoid It may be paranoia
– Totally I totally agree They are paranoid so then it makes them not trust people at then attack so then you can understand why someone here who is not Jewish
could feel second class If we are paranoid
which I completely agree with that is my theory and I am not part of the Jewish people
I am Arab so I feel I am not a part of this I get the left overs I am not first class Not at all he says What are you asking? I don’t know. What do you think? I am not trying to tell
you what to say That is the situation we are in and I don’t think there will be peace I wish there would be
but I don’t think it will be It is too strong all this war of races


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    The lady who said she didn't think Israeli Arabs were first class was at least honest. Many of the others were back and forth bs!

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    Irinka A

    Israel is such a paradoxical country. I see in this video that Israelis women are so rude, they are talking without thinking. Their logical conclusion comes from the street gossips.

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    First stole the Palestinian lands, then went around raping, pillaging, slaughtering and depopulating hundreds of villages committing genocide and ethnic cleansing. Rounded up the remaining Palestinians refugees and forced them inside refugee camps, in the Gaza concentration camp and the West Bank Apartheid ghettoes and denying their right to return to their ancestral lands. And you are expecting the Palestinians to be happy?

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    14:37 She feels she is “allowed to be racist” because she is Moroccan and he family was never impacted. And somehow whatever happened in Europe makes it right to terrorize the Palestinians. Wow, what kind of evil and twisted logic!?

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    Marcin W

    For the Jews, everyone does not belong to people of the second category. Muslims have the same views. They can talk about equality, but that's all shit.

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    Eugene Kara-Asker

    "Palestinians" were invented by the Soviet KGB during the period from 1964 – 1967… This fact is well-documented and historically proven.

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    Such arrogance from some of these Israeli Jew. After say they are 7th class citizens and definitely showing vitriol and spite he proceeds to say the problem is they are brought up on hate. smfh

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    You sounds to be the ambassador of the Arabs, generalising what Arabs might feel in Israel! The fact that you study and teach at some of the universities, doesn't bring out of your questions any dialectical precision or even a minimal accuracy! Is that is the kind of a debative biased interviews that you are able doing? or either the kind of intellectual qualities your at most virtues are able to reach!? by the way I feel super A everywhere anywhere. respect to most Hebrew "Jewish" people who answered fairly and humanly to your unfair directed questions. And by the way I speak 12 languages how many do you speak? keep doing a biased job Corey 😉 trash journalism but still amusing 😉

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    Poker Face

    What's remarkable to me from all these videos and as a speaker of Arabic (ie an "Arab") is how close Hebrew is to Arabic. Of course part of that is because they share some history, but I also think it has to do with how Modern Hebrew has mostly been invented by one Zionist or another (I forget the name, Ben Elazar maybe or BenHayem) from Arabic and Aramaic words. Before that, Hebrew was a liturgical, mostly dead language, since even before the time of Jesus (which is why, if he indeed existed, he spoke Aramaic).
    So one unifying land and language for a people who had neither. That was no small feat.

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    adam mansour

    Our town are underfunded our schools are underfunded the police is non existent in our towns it's nearly impossible to by lands unless its from eachother we can't be pilots (it was my dream as a child) we are not included in the definition of the country (a jewish state) and the Arabic language which is spoken by almost twenty five percent of the Israeli population just lost it's status as a second language. And then they ask why we think we're second class and why we're bitter.

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    From 🇮🇳 Indian in ASIA Remember you stupid LEFTIST JEWS A ZIONIST is very simply a NATIONALIST for his nation as MODI is a NATIONALIST for India 🇮🇳 now under attack from ISLAMIC 🇮🇷 PAKISTAN 🇵🇰 Why are you leftist JEWS SO DUMB!

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    Sure they don't see Arab-Isralis as second class citizens ,, and here is the proof

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    Joe Buddens Therapist

    Guy at 11:23 deserves so much props for not only having that particular view of Arab Israelis but also for being able to acknowledge that injustices and differences DO actually exist. If you look closely, almost no one else did this. Most said that they see Arab Israelis as first class citizen but as soon as they were asked why Arab Israelis feel this way they became defensive and started blaming Arab Israelis themselves.

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    BillieBoy Buddha

    People need to learn the difference between arab jews, and jews who came from arabic countries… Not everybody who came from arab countries are arab, the contrary actually..

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    gold maple

    Arabs are definitely second class citizens in Israel as are everyone who is not Jewish. They cannot buy land and property in Jerusalem. Only Jews can. Even municipal services are better for Jewish residents than for Arab Israelis. Jewish establishments and companies give jobs only to Jews.

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    Jendoubi Nour

    fact : semites = jews. ALSO, semites= arabs.
    So can they stop hating each other one day? I think the burden is on Israel and Palestine. But in order for that to happen Gaza should be linked to the rest of Palestine (like that we get rid of the crisis there), then the Israeli settlements should go back to Palestine. Like that the 2 state solution can work. And as a consequence, arabs and jews will stop this "race" war (it's not even a race war ; I don't know how to call it).

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    petra bach

    The lady said they are second class because they different they hurt them ,but its the other way round the soldiers hurt them the settlers hurt them what are Palestinians suppose to do?

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    petra bach

    One could get scared of the Jewish religion and ongoings in the synagogue,but we don't because we educate ourselves in many ways

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    petra bach

    Shame that people are afraid to voice there true opinion
    Regarding the Holocaust they need to do there homework in more details

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    Melan Choliac

    The girl at the end of thd video is so right. This war is not about religion. It is about races. Well-said.

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    el amraoui achraf

    LOL he is an occupier (technically a thief) and you ask him if he dont mind if an arab buy a house next to him… logic is hanging right now

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    June Heather

    Referring to a specific ethnic or religious group as "assholes" like you did in minute 3:50 is quite hateful and discriminative. Specially if you are trying to promote a dialogue between Israelis and Arabs. Your biases are quite clear.

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    Vladivostok853 Gomez


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    Abdullah Kwt

    They want to kill u cause u took their country and u killed some of them and kicked many of them .. u r the terrorist israeli

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    E. Z.

    Palestinians in "Israel" comes after AshkeNazi, Sephardic, Arab, Persian, African Jews and then again after druze and again after Russians and again after, and again after other minorities.
    Ironic exactly like native Americans.

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    E. Z.

    Who came homless to our homeland in 20th century became first class and we the true owners of land bacame 2nd citizens.
    Remember Zionists Palestinians not native Americans.

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    That guy 08:44 to 12:30 is that kind of person that I would really want to have his a friend. I'm a muslim and I totally respect and would trust an honest man like him. 👍

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    Tuta H

    If all Palestinians are equal, then why am I not allowed in Jerusalem, why was my fathers citizenship taken away for no valid reason, why were the Israelis allowed to take away my grandparents land because they felt it was nice? Why am I not allowed to vote in my own country? Why are there checkpoints all around the West Bank? This idea of second-class citizens does not emerge from nowhere – it is because Palestinians are genuinely treated as such.

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    If there was justice in this world I wish someone would torture the guy at 3:14 to death,,,,, man sometimes I love the Maffia,,,, a bit of street justice n the spot

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    Jason Moore

    I had no idea Israel was so divided I thought all jews were on the same page. This thing is going to fall apart. The only thing holding it together is 38 billion US dollars a year in welfare from America

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    Sean Rasta

    Who wouldn't rent to a Palestinian whether they be Christian, Jewish or Muslim? Have you ever seen inside their homes? You could eat off the toilet they are so clean. Not been my experience with Israelis needless to say. I would rent to a Palestinian before anybody. Just speaking from personal experience. Their cleanliness in impeccable!

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    Andreas cool

    Before watching the video yes 100% for sure and I know that from my experience of being there for a while as a none Palestinian

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    Ferdi Habub

    My whole family is arab and lives in israel and we are all happy to be there. We have more rights cause we have the privilege as nonjews to be "spared" from the military service. Still some of my family members are in the idf cause they like serving their country.
    People that say we have no rights or less don't know shit about israel.
    Arabs that live in israel and say the same are islamists.
    Jews that consider us as second class are retarded as well.

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    yusuuf ibrahim

    That women was probably dumped by an Arab. Talking about them doing terrorist attacks etc. Yet the Palestinians daily have their land and houses taken from them or destroyed. Hamas has rockets ( Israel has a army) . Israel is more ashcanazi foreigners from European blood came there and invaded

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    Kagan Roy

    so i was able to predict who was gonna say yes or no before they started speaking about 90% of the time. the woman buying clothes towards the beginning is what we'd call over here an "obvious republican"

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    called israel

    It will be interesting to see how Israeli Jews react when The AshkeNAZI Jews ruling remove the Arabs from Temple Mount – this will be very soon ! The Ashkenazi are the ones who lent Hitler the money to destroy Europes' Jewry & received they percentage for doing so ! We are all the same family of Abraham Sarah !………Maranatha Shalom or Salem …servant of Jacob.

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    paul Veriteverite

    In a word or two. Arabes ( palestiniens or else ) are ferocious people Hâte Jews .just sée what they do to each others ! Syria /Yémen / dash abd son on you are answering to tour own Crooked question !! Côme back un 2000 years you will find thèm exactly as they are now !!!

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    That lady that says that they are second class really needs help. I thought you wanted a solution where Palestinians or other Arabic refugees to live under Israeli sovereignty? What more could you ask for? The live under your rules, work with your people, start a family, etc.

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    Troubled Chavy

    Y’all stupid as fuck, isreal is the only state in Middle East that don’t kill the lgbtq, the non religious . There is freedom. For all those who cry free Palestine, try living in the Arabic states 😂😂😂. Hopefully u will get a chance to reply. Bc u might end up dead. .

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    Jews and Christian citizens were Dimmis (subject) in the Muslim world. For example you could hardly win in court against a Muslim.
    It is surprising that so little is known about the Dimmi status.

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    z dm

    this is so stupid to steal someones land and attack them any time you want with the mass amount of weapons the US gives you (and all the money and support) and not to expect them to wish you go the hell out of THEIR COUNTRY and calling their responses to YOUR ILLEGAL ATTACKS killing you and playing the victim!!! shame on you isreal, shame… حسبنا الله و نعم الوکیل (=God is enough for us and He is such a good protector)

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    shai adziashvili

    (im israeli jew) the people who say yes are just the dumb part of israel so just ignor them, really.

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    Abid Farooqui

    Its us. Human race. That is who creates these self created divides and thus hate and problems. Take the simplest gift given to us called "Life" and instead of simply enjoying it, fill it with drama.

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    Look what Zionism did to us we were very good people were free to go anywhere to the Mosques to the Churches to the Wall but all that is gone now what is left now is terorrism,killing innocent childrens playing on beaches and bombing hospitals.

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    Israel always seems so anarchic.
    Your language makes it difficult to distinguish between a 2nd class citizen in the sense of social status & a bad citizen in the sense of being unpatriotic, non-peaceful, non law abiding.

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    arabs butchered and expelled jews from their countries when israel was formed and hitler was widely supported in the arab world so no 11:45 your grandfather wasnt loved in iraq….

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    Md Khan

    I would never live in an environment where this totally 😂 European lady considering Arabs as second class citizens
    Really you lady ? Listen you are not even a full blood Jewish … You're daughter of a Euro pig eater who somehow dated the Real blood Jewish female and you were born
    Go back to Europe
    Yes I do support Israel but not you ignorant lady
    It's a religious belief of Judaism that if your mother is Jewish you're Jewish regardless of who the father is .
    Well nothing against it
    But Father is the one that transfers 84% of its genetic data to the offspring not mother
    So if you're father was White Christian Euro man and mother was Jewish
    You are %16 Jewish 84% whoever the father is
    Now a girl who's 16% Jewish by blood but considered Jewish cuz mother is
    This girl gives birth to a child again father is some pagan Euro man

    And child only Carries 8% of the Jewish blood but considered Jewish

    I don't get it

    I'm confused again nothing against Judaism please can someone please answer my question that why a child is considered Jewish if only the mother is Jewish ?

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    Md Khan

    The guy at 10:21 Europeans killed my grandparents where Arabs lived in joy in peace on my father's side parents in Iraq
    Muslims are enemy and Europeans are cool
    I am truly proud of you sir and as a Jew your conscience is alive

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    Arsalan Hashemzade Sarraf

    Do palestinians see the palestinian jews as a second
    class citizens,or they respect
    them as historical ones?!

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