It’s Time to Back Star Citizen

It’s Time to Back Star Citizen

hey everyone I’m Tommy D I’ve been a
star citizen backer for over a year now in that time I’ve put in what I think is
a pretty good idea of where star citizen is at where it’s been and other
problems that were encountered along the way
it’s no secret this is a controversial game for many reasons but having been
a part of very welcoming and helpful community for so long now I come to
appreciate decisions CIG, the producers of star citizen have made and while they’ve
been taking negatively by so many people I make things forget to tell you that if
you ever want to be a star citizen backer the time is now. the problem the CIG’s open development format is I’ve had to sit through years of gradually building core
systems and engines to actually run the game without any playable content
something that takes a years especially for an indie company with very few assets
or employees to begin with. This paired with the staggering amount of hype surrounding
the game nearly is cause to lose interest will turn against the game, both
the fault of CIG for being unprepared for huge response and game
journalists from writing clickbait hit piece articles for their own benefit. in the year
and a half since I discover the game leaps in playable content have been accelerating
faster than ever I started out a flying between three
barren moons delivering packages to where we are now two full-size plants with
biome tech, FPS missions, mining gameplay, shareable missions and suite of new
ships among many other features. last month the annual convention Citizen-con
show off the latest systems coming to the game and we saw that in 3.8,t coming late December, will be the largest content update yet evolving
planetary weather systems, stunning cloud and gas tech, stealth missions and what I
think is the most important: planet tech version 4. version 4 of the
procedural planet tech is testament to the fantastic management efforts CIG have recently
implemented. for example here is the current visual state of planets in game;
nothing overly impressive, lots of LOD issues as you fly further
from the surface. the first two full-size planets, Hurton and Arccorp, took around
six months each to complete but that wasn’t waste of time as all the
resources used to make them we’re adding its the compendium of procedural systems and
assets the designers have access to. as citizencon
showed in 3.8 not only we’re getting another full-size
planet also the other two plus the eight moons have been remade with a new V4
system all within the same time frame which is the core reason why i think it’s the best
time to be a backer right now. content will be coming harder and faster than next
roughly two years for the final release with the system’s like plant tech
getting better smarter much much faster with each iteration another promising
note from the con is that all the main so-called pillars of star citizen are now in
full development. these pillars such as server meshing, which allow hundreds of
players to play in the same universe or persistence which will save the location of
every ship, item and player even when the area’s is unloaded are quickly creating the
right environment to support bigger ships and better missions. it’s been a
tough ride to this point for all current backers with little to show off their
investments in the project. but those that have stuck around are gradually getting more and
more excited now that the space sim is shaping up to be more like an actual game for the first
time. comments sections have been full of the same repetitive jokes about star citizen never being released and the whole thing is a scam, but it’s obvious more than
those who just closely follow Star Citizen that this game is really happening that’s
happening now. thanks so much watching this video
please let me know if you’re looking forward to the future of Star Citizen and
your points above missed and subscribe to see more content like this soon 🙂


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    Seeing the "slow" development is seen as such a bad thing by so many. I, for one, enjoy seeing the game develop and grow.

    Besides, some of the biggest games out took 10+ years to make, we just didn't get to be a part of said development. Instead these companies tend to wait until they are 1-2 years away from completion before announcing it.

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