Jag Cheer’s Road to UCA Nationals 📣| IUPUI VLOG

Hi guys, my name is Olivia Brite. I’m an IUPUI cheerleader and
this is our Road to Nationals. [MUSIC] So, just a little bit about me. I am a freshman here at IUPUI,
this is my second semester. I’ve been cheering for
about six or seven years, so but this is obviously my first
year on the IUPUI team. My major is Public Safety Management
through the O’Neill School here at IUPUI. And I’m an IUPUI cheerleader
if you couldn’t tell. So, over the next few days I’m going
to be showing you guys firsthand what it’s really like to be
a student-athlete here at IUPUI and a college cheerleader on
the way to Nationals. So I’m really excited to show you guys. This morning I am going to have three
classes and I have a practice this afternoon and that’s the last practice
before we leave for Nationals tomorrow. All right, guys I just got done with
my Public Safety in America class. It looks like I’m gonna have a little
bit of homework to balance while I’m at Nationals, no big deal. It’s all a part of being
a student-athlete here at IUPUI. When you’re a student-athlete you’re still
expected to keep up with the school work as if you were still here. So especially for the teams that
travel a lot more than we do, it’s kind of hard to balance
everything when you have games and practices on the same day that
the big assignments are due. So you really have to make sure that
you can manage your time properly and really get your stuff done so
you don’t fall behind in all your classes. All right guys, so
it is 5:45, and I am headed, well I’m in the NAT now for the last
practice before we leave for Nationals. This practice isn’t probably going to be
too hardcore like our other practices are. But in the last two weeks we’ve
had 16 practices, 7 games, and 3 like special showcase performances all
to prep for our Nationals competition. Which we leave for tomorrow and I still
haven’t pack so we’re vibing it’s okay. Do you guys wanna meet my team? Here’s Makayla. Hi Makayla, say hi to the vlog.>>Hello.
>>Makayla is my main base. She lifts me up and
saves my life all the time. Do you wanna meet the rest of my team? Hey team, say hi to the vlog!>>Hi, vlog!>>[INAUDIBLE] it’s so cute.>>That’s so sweet, I’m gonna cry!>>Hold on.
>>I knew that’s what you were doing. I was like-
>>I can’t even see it.>>[CROSSTALK] was like guys, it’s okay.>>She bought us cookies too, look.>>That’s so cute. Okay, look.>>That’s so sweet.>>We love Makayla!>>It’s so cute.>>This is Sammy. Guys, say hi to the IUPUI Vlog. Say hi to IUPUI.>>Hi.>>Hello.>>Hi IUPUI.>>Are we excited to go
to Nationals tomorrow?>>Whoo! [MUSIC]>>All right, guys so
it’s the end of practice 16. We are leaving for Nationals tomorrow.>>Whoo!>>Everybody say hi to the vlog.
>>Hi, vlog!>>[INAUDIBLE]>>[LAUGH]
>>To Disney on 3. 1, 2, 3.>>To Disney! [MUSIC]>>Good morning guys. It is officially the day that we leave for
Nationals. It is 10:00 AM right now,
I have to be at the airport at noon so I’m gonna get dressed in my business
casual outfit, and put a little makeup on make myself look a little
prettier, eat some food and get out. It’s 10.45 I am on my way to campus to
meet up with some of my teammates so we can all ride to the airport together. And then we’ll be on the plane,
and ready to go. Do you wanna see my favorite human? Well, not human, Nyla hi baby. My mom’s driving me to the airport so you’ll get to see a little bit of footage
from there but I’ll see you in a minute. All right guys, I’ve arrived at the Tyler
with my girls and we’re on the way->>[CROSSTALK] Florida. Aha!
>>We just arrived at the airport. This is Sereta and Lexie. Lexie’s my backspot,
she saves my life a lot, too.>>Always.
>>And so does Kiara.>>[LAUGH]
>>And here’s some other people on our team.>>So this is for IUPUI?>>This is for IUPUI say hi. Say hi. We gotta wait on everybody else but
they should be by noon so. Ooh, let me see the outfit. Let me see. Do a spin. Ooh, Wall Street takeover. Hailey, Hailey, do a spin. She’s so cute with her little ears, ooh! Close-up.>>[LAUGH]
>>All right, guys we are through baggage check. We have not gone through TSA yet. But look at our beautiful airport it’s so
pretty in here. Everybody say hi to Alex. Alex is our competition coach. Hello?
>>Hello.>>Look what I found, what we found. Wait, I’m coming.>>Hurry Liv.
>>Picture time. Everybody say hi to the vlog.>>Hi. [MUSIC]>>Okay, we are on our way to the plane. Are we excited for Disney?>>Whoo!>>Do you wanna say say hi to the vlog? This is [INAUDIBLE] say hi. [MUSIC] IUPUI say hi to the vlog.>>Hi vlog.>>IUPUI say hi to the vlog.>>[CROSSTALK] [MUSIC] All right, guys we just landed. Well, we didn’t just land but
we just got off the plane. It is way hot here let me tell you. You can already feel the heat. A little bit different than the 31 degree
weather that we’ve been experiencing, but here we are. [MUSIC] You wanna say hi to the vlog?>>Hi we’re here!>>Two hours until Disney. [MUSIC] All right, guys so we are getting on
the Magical Express to go to Disney and it’ll be about 45 minutes and
then we’ll be there. Go Jags. [MUSIC] I-U-P-U-I Hail to the Jaguars of IUPUI. Loyal to you we’ll always be. Let’s go!
Here we go, go.>>The power of two our destiny.>>All right, guys so
we are here checking in at UCA. How do we feel? Where are you guys from?>>Westchester.>>Westchester.
Say hi to Westchester.>>[LAUGH]
>>This is going on our->>Westchester say- [MUSIC]>>All right, hey guys we
are officially checked into our room. Everybody say hi. [MUSIC] We’re kind of dead. This is our room. Basically, just a small little thing. There’s four of us to a room but we’re all
gonna be nice and cozy by the end of this. So basically today we just got here and
it was darker than we expected, so we didn’t have any practice tonight. So we went to the food court,
got some food, and now we are settled in for the night. Good night guys. [MUSIC] All right, good morning guys. It is officially day three. Day three?>>Day three.>>Day three, it’s competition day. We have about 50 minutes to get ready. So I’m gonna do that really quick and
then I will meet with the team and we’ll go compete. [MUSIC]>>[INAUDIBLE] [MUSIC]>>It’s game day Jags! Let’s go!
>>All right, guys we are officially back
in the ESPN Sports area. I’m gonna flip the camera and get you a little bit of
insight on how crazy this is. [MUSIC] All right guys we are going in for
pictures and warmup.>>Yay!
>>Say good luck. See you later. [MUSIC]>>IUPUI!>>Whoo!>>IUPUI! [MUSIC] IUPUI! [MUSIC] IUPUI!
>>Whoo!>>All right, guys we are back
at our hotel, resort, whatever. We got some lunch. Lexie, what’d you get?>>A salad.>>She got a salad. What did you get, Ness? Leftovers from last night and popcorn.>>Leftovers from last night and popcorn. I ate a ham sandwich and
now I’m drinking grape juice and Coke cause that’s a good combination,
I guess. We have to be back to meet to
go back to awards at 2:30 and then we will see how we did. I’m going to jump on my laptop,
get connected to some WiFI hopefully, and get some homework done, so I’m not falling
behind in my classes when I come back so. All right, guys so
we are dressed up and ready to go. We are heading to awards right now. Are we excited?>>Whoo!>>Yeah!>>We had a pretty solid routing so.>>It was a hit this morning.>>It was a hit. It was a good hit too, so
we’ll see how that goes. [MUSIC] All right,
guys we just got back from awards. We did great. We are happy and
now we have practice again tonight and then we compete again tomorrow. All right, vlog it’s about to rain so
we have to get inside. We are at the end of our practice,
the end of our day.>>2, 3 D1! Roar.>>Hey.>>Go Jags.>>All right, guys so
it’s currently like 10:30. 10:30?>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>Somewhere around there it’s like 10:30. We did our game day routine today and
tomorrow we have to be ready at 9:00 a.m. again. And we’ll do our D1 routine and
so we’ll see how that goes. But I’m pretty confident,
a little bit nervous. It’s a harder routine. And we’ve been working a lot more on this
routine than we were on the other one so it’s kind of more high stakes. It’s a tough division but
I think we can do it. So with that, I’m gonna say goodnight and
see you tomorrow morning. [MUSIC] Good morning guys. It’s officially day four. Today we compete in the D1 division. We have to meet for transit to
practice in about 5 minutes, and then we’ll go to practice,
and then we will compete. And then we will hang out and
watch all the other teams all day, and it’ll be a great day. We are on the way to the bus, and we are
gonna go warm up and compete like I said.>>Let’s go!>>I’m really tired-
>>Alex is in the-
>>Alex, are you excited?>>Yeah!>>Yeah we’re excited.>>We’re pumped!>>We’re pumped!>>We’re pumped!>>[LAUGH]
>>See you there. [MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC]>>How do you feel?>>Aha!>>We just hit 0.>>Also in the finals IUPUI.>>Aha! [MUSIC]>>One more time do you wanna know why? You wanna know why?>>Why?
>>We’re going to finals.>>Let’s go.>>All right, guys so we made it
finals which is super, super exciting. IUPUI hasn’t been to
Nationals in four years, and the fact->>Since-
>>That we->>2015.>>Yeah, so that’s pretty much five years. So the fact that we made it to finals on
the first try is pretty freaking great. We have about 10 minutes to
like recollect ourselves. Make sure we look all pretty, ready to go. And then we’ll have a little bit of
warmups, pictures, warmups again and then we’ll compete at 5:18 for
the second time today, so->>Whoo!>>We are going to finals awards and whoo!>>Cause we just competed and
it was really good and I’m->>Whoo!>>Happy, we’re happy. And we actually get to swim later so
that’s so fun, goodbye.>>Hey, guys,
we just got back from awards. Do you wanna see what we got?>>Whoo!>>She’s so pretty.>>Eighth in the nation.>>All right, so
we just got back from the competition. We placed 8 out of what
16 from the [INAUDIBLE]?>>Yes.>>8 out of 16. And this is our first year so we are
super, super happy, super, super pumped. We hit 0 and we did the best
routine that we’ve ever done, so that is really what we
are banging on right now. What? Hitting 0 means that you have every
single like piece of your routine and->>Nothing fell.>>Nothing fell or like nothing majorly bobbled which is like
when it almost falls but it doesn’t fall. So yeah,
we hit a perfect routine pretty much. And then we had a great time together. And now we are gonna shower and sleep without having to-
>>And then tomorrow-
>>Wake-up early.>>We’re going to-
>>And tomorrow we’re going to Disney, so that’s super exciting. I’m going to bed, good night guys. [MUSIC] Hey guys,
good morning it is officially day five. And today we have nothing to do so
we’re gonna go hit the parks and I will see you after. All right, guys so it is our first
time in Disney we are officially here.>>We’re here!>>We’re so excited. [MUSIC] All right, guys so
Nationals is officially over. We are online ready to go back to
the airport and fly home to Indy. Thank you so much for
tuning into our journey and seeing what we did at Nationals and
what we do here at IUPUI cheer.>>Go Jags.>>Go Jags. [MUSIC]

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