Japanese Vending Machines Exposed ★ ONLY in JAPAN #03 日本の自動販売機

What a cold day! it’s an old trick to buy a can of hot
coffee or tea from a vending machine and then put it in your pocket to keep
you warm in japan there’s a wide variety of
vending machines and each machine has a huge selection some of these drink machines have over
thirty different types to choose from in fact, by the time you get in front of
one of these machines you may have changed your mind and what you want it offering a large selection is one way
that japan offers excellent service vending machines are no exception here are some facts about japanese
vending machines in japan there is one vending machine for every 23 people vending machines in japan do over 7
trillion yen of business every year There are over five million vending
machines nationwide so that means that each vending
machine yields about 1.4million yen 0r 15,000 dollars The average electricity bill per vending
machine is 4300yen per month Machines turn off heating in
refrigeration from 1 to 4 AM to conserve power if you’re thinking of picking a fight
with the vending machine Think twice Each machine is equipped with
a PHS transmitter which sends a signal to the police when it’s being tampered
with or vandalized We’re talking about high-tech machines
here let’s look at drink vending machines These are the most well known and can be found everywhere. The selection is amazing There are several different beverage
companies & distributors in japan and each machine features drinks
produced by the manufacturer or its partners Are these drinks with characters any good? you’ll have to try to find out Vending machines are made in all sizes This half size machine wastes no space Technology is gradually turning japan
into a cashless society and the PASMO & SUICA cards are good examples 2 re-chargeable smart cards Just touch your card to the sensor, and WALLAH! you’ve purchased a drink SHIBUYA people are on the move it’s a busy place There isn’t always time to get a healthy
meal but people need the energy to keep on
working Enter this machine The banana vending machine It’s easy to make a choice. They are all bananas! Insert 130 yen select a number and watch the machine get your banana the banana is carefully lowered and
deposited in the lower receptacle to be collected without any bruising It’s the perfect banana! Chilled and ready to eat Bananas are always fresh and this machine is refrigerated which is especially good during the hot
summer months if you have a family you can buy a bunch
of bananas for 390yen My buddy Peter and i were out for a
walk in one of Tokyo’s parks It was a lovely day Peter wanted lunch and thought of going
back to be stationed to eat at a restaurant But there’s another option Down the street is a hot lunch vending
machine Why not picnic outside and enjoy the day? This vending machine serves hot boxed
lunches at a reasonable price It takes a couple of minutes to prepare I hit the Cup Noodles machine for an
appetizer There is a good selection Peter’s still waiting so i filled the cup
of noodles with hot water from the hot water dispenser inside the vending
machines Peter finally got his hot lunch for two Too hot drinks complete the fast lunch
set “ONIGIRI” rice balls with two
chicken “KARA-AGE”(deep fried) Curry flavored Ramen Ahh… nature you can’t beat it and with vending machines you can grab lunch and never step foot inside a store this vending machine offers
entertainment while you wait Choose your coffee and watch the TV
robot go to work! The seconds tick away faster when you’re looking for a red ball in the right cup which one is it? you didn’t forget about your coffee, did
you? A perfect cup Auto door, and you’re done! the coffee vending machine experience,
at its best AKIHABARA it’s known as Otaku central and OTAKU need a lot of energy
in this town unfortunately people don’t have much
time to eat around here, so here’s the solution it’s a Ramen in a can vending machine It serves up hot and cold Ramen japanese ODEN, too each can comes with a fork We caught up with one computer Otaku on his lunch break Let’s take a look at some other machines an ice cream vending machine How about a quick newspaper and a candy bar before you catch the train? Trade platforms are convenient place for busy people It carries some of my favorite snacks Rice vending machines can be found in rural areas If your family runs out, there’s a bag
available 24 hours a day Digital vending machines are quickly
taking over in Tokyo This one gives info about the drinks Just touched the screen Here’s an interesting couple. A bread and umbrella vending machine A bread in a can vending machine
offers 8 different flavors The umbrella machine is perfect for rainy days Only 500 yen and you’ll stay
dry on the way to work Smokers have come to the right place Vending machines for cigarettes can
contain over 60 different varieties but beware You must be over twenty one to smoke in Japan And you need an ID card called
TASPO before buying from machines Applications are available at tobacco
kiosks around the country tobacco machines turn off after 11PM Underneath the tracks of YAMANOTE line in YURAKUCHO (station) Is this watering hole it’s a cove for lovers of alcohol Yes japan has a beer vending machines and
it’s a perfect place to grab a brewski after work There is even a hot SAKE machine you can buy snacks from a non machine inside after 6PM uh… This place is great because it has the real,
kind of “SHITA-MACHI” (old town) feeling here, like downtown
tokyo feeling Plus, outdoors and there’s always lots of people around here especially like this place a lot of
foreigners come here. Just people outside all the time I guess my friends and I like to drink can beers
like to be outside and so we kind of know the places where you can buy alcohol outside. It’s way cheaper and it’s nice to have open-air be able to relax little bit KANPAI! (cheers!) so when you come to japan try some of the vending machines. The
longer you stay, the more you can try and travel around! You’ll be surprised at what you find

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