Jim Throws a Party for Fellow Soon-to-Be U.S. Citizens – The Jim Jefferies Show

Jim Throws a Party for Fellow Soon-to-Be U.S. Citizens – The Jim Jefferies Show

Welcome back. Before the break, we just met
a few of the people who are about to become
U.S. citizens. I sat down with them
to talk about what it means
to become an American.>>Decide to throw a party
to celebrate my fellow soon
to be U.S. citizens. Because the Zardes
trans fats there’s nothing more American
than a backyard barbecue called Pinda gonna
Charlton Heston. And says Oh my gosh how do I feel
about the president’s bullshit. It was time for me to talk
about my biggest trump immigrant to immigrant.>>The whole time I was
on a TV show doing Trump jokes. I was always like I hope
he doesn’t watch this because I think. I think he’s petty enough
to have going. What’s your favorite thing
about America.>>We’re exposed to a lot
of different ideologies here. Man like freedom is based on
who you are the ideas and the knowledge
that you are exposed to. You know it starts
to open your mind to start seeing the world
differently.>>For me it’s the waterparks
Australia is a pretty free place. It’s the waterparks
a much bigger hey I think you know
somebody like me I wanted to go to college
and I was afforded to get paid that off you know
at the of the bright. Spots.
>>Perfect. As a matter of fact.>>There’s a hell of a lot wrong
with the way immigrants are optimistic about being here
and want our voices heard. The first thing I’m going to do
first thing I’m going to do is I’m going to register
your rights and responsibilities as a citizen like the second
or third bullet points to be an informed voter. And I think like. Them.
Palestinian with a peeping tom.>> That I lived here
before 9/11.>>Did you find that there was
a shift in the way that people treated you
as an immigrant after 9/11.>>Xenophobia was on tape. We lived in Texas
during the time and you know the South
is a little slower and slower but that’s stupid.>> So hard to explain to people
where I’m from I’m Palestinian. Where’s that Israel.
What do you mean. Oh are you sure
you’re not Mexican. And I was not. And then after 9/11
I was like yeah not Mexican. They were like No you’re not.
I know.>>That’s the beauty of America.
You can be discriminated against if you are Muslim or Mexican
from your homeland.>>Do you miss that America
doesn’t do well at all.>>For me it’s avocado toast
and I was eating at work in honor of my course. Oh with a hipster food here
all my life and you know I was raised eating avocado
and fresh bread the bread he sucks is fruit Red Sox dry
and bread is so good
that bread in America sucks.>>Want Dileep. Put that on a bit of
and resembled a game changer game changer.
Fantastic but it changed it. Brilliant. You just put it
on sandwiches on a cracker.>>A lot of people overlook
the fact that immigrants bringing their cultures
he is what makes America great.>>Immigrants create more
small businesses than U.S. born Americans. One in 10 Americans
are employed.>>By a business owned
by an immigrant. Do you ever get offended
or offended at the idea that immigrants all we do
is we come here and we take. Obviously you’re putting as much
or more back into it.>>I feel like American culture
wouldn’t exist without immigrants
and immigration.>>Basically unless you are
a Native American you know it’s like your family
migrated here. You have no right
to to single out people and call people out
for being an immigrant.>>You always make
like the Americans that are like storage’s
like I always do when people were here
like my parents.>>Well I’m half German
half Dutch.>>I’ll be honest I once
we’re all sworn in I should build the wall right.
Pull up the.>> Know they do build the wall and I’m going to open up
a ladder and ryper store.>> Dear America we accept
the fact that we have
to jump through hoops to become a citizen
of your wonderful yet sometimes for nice. But you can see
the why you want to see us. Because what we found out
is that each one of us is a class musician a and. A non profit sort of got drunk
stand up comedian. Sincerely yours
The New Americans club .


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    Hadi hadi

    Some People said immigrant is more american and sometimes more successful than american people. Maybe…. because they are more grateful than american people, I mean they go to america because they want a better life, maybe in their home country they already feel the bottom hell so when they come to america, its like a new hope, new opportunity and ready to work hard.

    On the other hand american people feel that its their privilege to easy life without much hard work. Of course not all like that

    Well thats just my opinion though

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    Robert M

    Last I checked Native Americans were immigrants too, they just got here a little earlier than the white and brown ones. I am part Native, my wife is, and my kids are all Native American though my wife and kids are much more than I am. People only care about Native Americans when it fits their narrative of what they are arguing about. The rest of the year they don't care about them.

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    Finn Eire

    My problem is that a lot of the xenophobic Americans claim Irish heritage. A huge portion of my generation left the country during the recession. The same is true of my parents generation during the recession in the 80's. It's one of the saddest facets of our culture that we seem to export our youth. Or great that so many of us see and visit the rest of the world. Appreciative for the welcome our family and friends get. And sympathetic to those that are forced from their homes. We know our history – largely – it's just a shame those in the state's seem to forget theirs.

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    Mat S

    As a german i can confirm, US bread is terrible.. in germany (over 500! varieties of bread there) it isnt even called bread, its called toast!

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    CR Smyth

    Funny stuff and all but this constant claiming that all republicans and Trump are racists is total BS. if you actually look into the people he has personally appointed and changes to laws he has orchestrated only serve all of the lower class, of which portions of every race are a part of. But although I might get torne apart for daring to say these things I just want people to stop parroting what they hear and actually look into all these claims first. You will find most of it is complete fabrication or completely out of context and blown out of proportion.

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    Michael Mara

    Immigrants, making America great again!

    Of course after the genocide that was perpetrated against that native Americans that is.

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    Make Racists Afraid Again

    The day my Wife (Thailand, RN, PhD) became a US citizen I had the form ready for her to register to vote. Thirty five years ago. She is just about to retire.
    Not one of the members of her extended family wanted to come to America. Not even to visit. So much for that stereotype.
    At least her childhood friends come to visit.

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    Ibrahim Mirza

    Am I the only one who's triggered by the wasting of good fried chicken…. Nothing's more american than wasting food am I rite?

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    Juu Moi

    Jim, you're doing a good job mate. Love your pieces on different subjects. You have a good viewpoint coming from Australia and a good head on your shoulders. Keep it up.

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    Mark Rieck

    Really appreciated the comment about rights and responsibilities. That's a concept that seems to be overlooked by far too many natural born citizens.

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    Darie Mc Laughlin

    There are two types of illegal today being played in disharmony in every conversation. . There are illegal emigrants and illegal aliens. An Immigrant was born here from an emigrant so is never illegal and an alien in never an immigrant. Just in the same way Fuel efficiency and Fuel Economy which have ZERO to do with one another are used interchangeably for decades to describe CO2 as clean and desired until it was described as the opposite. By the paid media to the populace.

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    Maxwell Stylo

    I'm a red white and blue blooded American, born and raised, and I fucking love immigrants. They boost our economy and their women are smoking compared to the home brew in the states. I'm a blond haired blue eyed pasty white boy, and love the idea of our country accepting more immigrants. If Vikings can be opened minded way back when, why the fuck is it taking us so fucking long as Americans???

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  51. Post

    Lmao fuck off Jefferies, Australia treats minorities like shit and exiles immigrants to internment camp islands. Not even saying they're wrong, but they sure as fuck don't have some high horse.

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    Luna Sea

    Welcome! Each and every one of ya. Even the drunk guy. When "me mum" became a citizen she had to learn more than I was taught from the white man's text books throughout my Catholic School education.

  53. Post

    Many of the republican politicians 'protecting this country from invaders' will tell you they are proud descendants of hard-working Italian/German/Irish immigrants. Their ancestors were also regarded as 'invaders,' 'stealing jobs' and were discriminated against because they were called criminals, murderers, rapists.
    'But that's different, they came here legally!' Sure, when laws on immigration hardly even existed. Quotas on immigration were not enforced until the 1920s, and most of the logistics about jobs, wait times, citizenship interviews were made up only in the 1960s.

    Immigration today versus the German/Irish/Italian immigration over a century ago is a comparison of apples to… a jungle forest!

  54. Post

    America is a great country. We believe it, and we tell the rest of the world that we are great so they believe it. In fact, most of the 'America first' crowd goes out of their way to tell the rest of the world 'your country sucks! We have it great here!'

    So why criticize all those immigrants for wanting to come here?

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    Anthony Vigil

    It’s funny how hard people try to get into this country only to do nothing but complain about it. I’m glad my family left Mexico and going the military to earn their citizenship

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    Uwe Schroeder

    Well, if you like good bread and waterparks – Germany is your destination (PS: immigration is much easier there – at least if you're some color other than white)

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    IMrSurvival Josse

    Australian bread is good?? You fucking liar! It's god damn toast bread everywhere! Yes this triggered me. (Australia is a awesome country though, loved living there.)

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    Matthew Weatherman

    Jim's right. Vegemite is fucking awesome. Don't get pissy fellow Americans it's made by Kraft so the profits come here. 😉

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    michael ham

    My only problem with immigration is the drug cartels. Those people actually prefer killing the children of people who cross them. A friend of mine who has passed away was a heroin addict. He owed a couple thousand bucks to the zetas cartel. When his due date came he wasn't home. So they killed his son, his daughter, and his sister in law who was babysitting them. The fucked up part is that he had the monwy and was almost home. I can't abide that. But if someone wants to come here and be a normal person I have no problem.

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    Herbert Die Soße

    Ah, America! The idea of freedom built on the foundation of the genocide of the once free people originally inhabiting this land!

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    Marvin Cooper

    You made fun of The Prophet and laughed at murdered Muslim babies.
    You deserve what you've got coming.

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    Frank Zoppi

    Jim seems to be confusing legal imigrants with illegal immigrants.
    Nobody has a problem with legal imigrants you lying piece of shit.
    Why to push the false lefties narrative lying piece of shit.

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  90. Post

    You know, we keep saying America is the best, but trying to be the best can bring out the worst in people. Just look at us, in becoming the best (in the past) we wrecked two cities in japan, Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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    Reaaz Ali

    i spent 3 months in the USA travelling around as a tourist. i live in fiji and all this time i thought we had some really stupid people boy was i wrong. there really are some seriously stupid MF in America. most born in america folks i met did not know if Fiji was a country let alone where it was. even Australia was a hard sell. those who did know were not from the US originally. must be all the chemicals they consume through the food.

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    Drew Shourd

    "Our responsibility is to become an informed voter"…which means learning that YOUR VOTE DOESN'T MATTER AT FUCK ALL!…and way to waste all that fuckin' chicken Jim while children are starving…VERY FUCKING AMERICAN!

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    Jason Budd

    Jim Jefferies, when are you going to comment on how you tried to ruin a man's life by misrepresenting him as a racist on your TV show?

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