Jordan Peterson – Advice For People With Depression

Jordan Peterson – Advice For People With Depression

The first thing I would say, is that if you’re dealing with
someone who’s depressed, and they’re really depressed, you should try it giving them antidepressants. Because if they die, you can’t help them. Okay, so if you’re suffering,
you are obligated, in a sense, to hold on to whatever rope someone throws you. And one of the things, I do with my clients all the time,
especially if they’re really in trouble, is to tell them: “Look, I don’t know exactly what’s gonna ha- help you. But don’t arbitrarily throw out any possibilities,
because you might not have that luxury.” Antidepressants helped a lot of people,
and there are technical reasons why that’s the case. So… That’s a simple answer, it’s not relevant to what I already described. Except that, if you’re offered a gift by your society and it works, try it. I don’t care, what your presuppositions are. Apart from that… Lots of the- lots of time- Lots of the time you see people, who are suffering.
With depression, for example. There’s a multitude of reasons,
but I’ll take one common reason. Um… You can think about it, as associated with the story of Peter Pan. A Peter Pan is someone who won’t grow up, right? Now, the problem with Peter Pan is, he gets to be king.
But it’s king of Neverland, Neverland doesn’t exist. So, being king of nothing isn’t that helpful. Well, one of the things that you often see
with people who suffer from depression, (and I’m not making a blanket statement about the
cause of depression, because there’s lots of them), is that people, who don’t have enough order in their life,
tend to get overwhelmed. So for example, if someone comes into me to see me,
and they say they’re depressed, I always ask them a very standard set of questions. 1) “Do you have a job?” If you don’t have a job, you’re really in trouble in our society. First of all, your biological rhythms
tend to go off the rails right away, because there’s no reason to go to bed at any
particular time, and there’s no reason to get up. And for many people, if they don’t get up at the same time, they follow up the functioning of their circadian rhythms, and that’s enough to make them depressed right off the bat. Especially if they start napping during the afternoon. They don’t also don’t have a purpose.
People aren’t good without a purpose. And this isn’t… this isn’t hypothesizing. We absolutely understand the circuitry,
that underlies positive emotion. We know how it works. Almost all the positive emotion,
that any of you are likely to experience in your life, will not be a consequence of attaining things. It will be a consequence of seeing, that things are
working, as you proceed towards a goal you value. That’s completely different!
And you need to know this, because people are often stunned!
For example, they finish their PhD thesis, and their presupposition is, that they’re going to be elated for a month, and often instead, they’re actually depressed, and they think: “What the hell, I’ve been working on this for 7 years,
and I handed it in, and what do I do now?” And that’s what depresses them, right?
It’s the “what do I do now”. Well they’re fine, if they enjoy the pursuing the thing, as long as it was working out, they get a lot
of enthusiasm and excitement out of that, cause that’s how our nervous systems work. Most of your positive emotion is goal pursuit emotion. If you take drugs, like cocaine or amphetamine,
the reason they’re enjoyable is because they turn on the systems that help you pursue goals. That’s why people like them. So if you don’t have a job, you got no structure. That’s not good.
Plus, you tend not to have a point. So you’re overwhelmed by chaotic lack of structure,
and you don’t have any positive emotion. 2) “Well, do you have any friends?” So, sometimes you see people who are depressed:
they have no job, they have no friends, they have no intimate relationship, they have an additional health problem,
and they have a drug and alcohol problem. My experience has been:
if you have three of those problems, it’s almost impossible to help you. You’re so deeply mired in chaos, that you can’t get out, because – you make progress on one front,
and one of the other problems pulls you down. So one of the things I tell people who are depressed, is like: “Don’t sacrifice your stability.
Get a job. Even if it’s not the job you exactly want,
get a damn job. You need a job. Find some friends.
Get out in the dating circuit. See, if you can establish an intimate relationship. Put together some of the foundational items, that…
that are like pillars, that your life rests on.” Well, that’s the practical thing to do. So that’s one example with regards to depression. Well the thing is, you don’t just launch it on them, you know. You- you’ve gotta negotiate with the person. And you also got to teach them to negotiate with themselves,
and this is something that’s very useful to know. You know, um, you can tyranize yourself into doing things, but I wouldn’t recommend it. What I would recommend instead, is that
you ask yourself, what you’re willing to do. It’s a really effective technique.
It’s like a meditative technique, so for example: You can get up in the morning,
and you can think: “Well, you know, I’d like to have a good day today,
so I’d like to go to bed tonight without feeling guilty, because I, you know,
didn’t do some things I said I was gonna do, and I, you know,
I’d like to have kind of an interesting day. So I gotta fulfill my responsibilities,
and I wanna, you know, enjoy the day.” Then you can ask yourself: “Well, okay, what would I have to do, in order for that to happen, that I WOULD do?” And the probability, if you practice this for
3 or 4 days, is your brain will just tell you. It’ll say: “Well, you know, there’s that piece of homework,
that you haven’t done for like three weeks, You should knock that sucker off,
cause it would only take you 10 minutes. And you’ve been avoiding it and torturing yourself
to death for, you know, like 72 hours straight. And if you do that, here’s a little interesting thing you can do, and, you know, maybe this is a little
obligation you should clean up, and…” So, what you do in a situation like that,
is you teach the person to negotiate with themself. Say, well: let’s figure out, what your aims are.
You gotta have some aims, whatever they are. And they might say:
“Well I’m so depressed, I don’t have any aims”. And then I say:
“Well, pick the least objectionable of the aims, and act it out for a while, and see what happens.” Because sometimes, your emotions…
your emotional systems are so fouled up, that you have to pretend… you have to act the thing out,
before you can start to believe it. I mean, people always assume,
they have to believe and then act, but- but that’s… Sometimes that’s true, and lots of times it isn’t. So the trick – if you’re doing therapeutic work with someone, and you’re helping them establish a structure – is to find out, what they’ll do. Now, if they want to get better, which is not a given, because there are often payoffs for not getting better, that’s basically the payoffs of being a martyr, or maybe the payoffs of doing, what your
entirely pathological family members want you to do, because they actually want you to fail. Assuming you wanna get better,
there’s usually something you can figure out, that would constitute a step towards some sort of concrete goal. And my presumption, it’s a behavioral presumption, fundamentally, is that small, accruing gains, that repeat – unbelievably powerful. So you know, this is another thing to know about in your own life; it’s something I learned in part from reading the writings of Alexander Solzhenitsyn, he was a great Russian philosopher a novelist. You know, he said: You can look at your life,
and you can see what isn’t right about it. I mean all you have to do, is look. And then you can start to fix that.
And the way you fix it, is by… …noticing what you could, in fact, fix. You know, people are often trying to fix things
they can’t fix, which I would not recommend. Because if you try to fix something you can’t fix, you’ll just ruin it. Like, you can find all sorts of undergraduates, who are perfectly willing to restructure the, uh, you know,
the international economic system, who cannot keep the room clean. And there’s actually a gap there, you know, which…
And it’s surprising that people don’t actually notice. So, I would say: if you pay attention,
you can see things that you could fix. They yell at you, they really do!
We even know how that happens. Let me- let me give you an example,
because rooms are full of stories. And the stories have… have effects on you,
so here’s a classic experiment. So you take two groups [of] undergraduates,
you bring them into your lab, and you give one group on a multiple-choice test, that has a bunch of words in it, that are associated with being old. And you give the other group the same multiple-choice test, except the words are associated with being young. This is independent of the content of the test,
it’s just descriptions. And then you time the undergraduates,
as they walk back to the elevators. The ones who read…
The ones who completed the multiple-choice test, that had more words associated with aging,
walk slower back to the elevators. And they don’t know that. And they don’t know they’re doing it. And that- that study’s been replicated
in various forms, many many times. You’re unbelievably sensitive to the story
that your environment is telling you, because your environment is not made out of objects. That’s just wrong. Your environment is basically
made out of something like tools and obstacles. You’re a tool using creature, you’re a tool perceiving creature. The things you s- Like, if I take you out of this room,
and I say: “Well, what was in the room?” You’re not gonna say, uh…
you know, “random patterns in the carpet”. Because they’re – they’re real,
just as good an object as anything else. You’re gonna say “chairs”,
because you can sit on them, and you’re gonna say “handrails”,
because you can hold them, you gonna say “stairs”,
because you can walk down them. That’s what you see, and that’s what you interact with. And if you pay attention to your environment, which is you, by the way, extended –
all of your experience, is you; it will tell you all the time, what you should do.
All you have to do, is do it. But then you have to decide, if you wanna do it. One of the things I’ve noticed about people… Cause I’ve wondered, once I started studying these mythological stories, and I got this idea about… the fact,
that life can be meaningful enough to justify its suffering. I thought “God, that’s such a good idea!” Cause it’s not optimistic, exactly. You know,
some people will tell you “well, you can be happy”. It’s like, those people are idiots.
I’m telling you, they’re idiots! There’s gonna be things that come along,
that flatten you so hard, you won’t believe it. And you’re not happy then!
And so, if life is to be happy, well in those situations –
“What are you doing? Why even live?” But life isn’t to be happy. If you’re happy,
you’re bloody fortunate, and you should enjoy it. You should, because it’s the Grace of God, so to speak. With regards to meaning, I thought “Well, people know, when they’re doing something meaningful, they can tell! So why the hell don’t they do meaningful things all the time?” It seems obvious. You could do it.
I mean it’s hard, You know, cause other people want you
to do other things, and it’s a struggle, but – everything’s a struggle. And then I thought “Well… Oh I get it, I see why”.
It took me about 10 years to figure this out. People have a choice! Choice #1: “Nothing you do, means anything”. Well, that’s kind of a drag, right? Meaninglessness of life, and all that
existential angst, you know, that’s kind of a pain. But the upside of “Nothing that you do is meaningful”, is: You don’t have to do anything.
You’ve got no responsibility! Now, you have to suffer because things are meaningless, but that’s a small price to pay,
for being able to be completely useless! The alternative… the alternative is:
[Choice #2] “Everything you do matters”. Really! If you make a mistake – it’s a real mistake! If you betray someone, you tilt the world
a little more sharply towards evil, rather than good. It matters, what you do! Well if you buy that, then you can have a meaningful life,
but – there’s no mucking around. It means responsibility.
It means that the decisions you make, are important. It means, that when you do something wrong, it’s wrong! Well… do you want that?


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    Loreene C

    Well I wouldn't say to a depressed person 'go get a job', that's considered non-politically correct and highly offensive. It also overlooks the fact that there are many people in the workforce that suffer from depression as well. But I agree that friendships do help a lot, in fact what keeps my mental health stable is reminding myself I do have friends.

    That said, where I do agree with Jordan Peterson is that depression being solved purely by pill-popping, without taking into full account the environmental factors in a person's life is stupid.

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    Leanna Reaves

    Negotiate with yourself? What if you don't know what you want? How do you figure that out? That's my problem. I don't know how to move forward. Maybe I'll figure it out. I certainly hope so.

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    I've lived my whole life suffering from depression and anxiety. I've tried suicide a few times and failed. My health is failing, my job is failing, my friends are no longer. What keeps me alive is my Wife and my two kids that I have put through hell. What Jordan talks about is a slap in the face but true as well. I feel its too late for myself after 50 years of suffering but truly hope this helps many. I'm impossible to help as Jordan puts it. Been in the hospitals, Psych ward a few times, medications but many days go by I think of ending it. If you suffer from Depression "GET HELP" the sooner the better!

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    Frank Reiser M.S.

    I get depression over live difficulties, and I was born with the horrible disease GAD (generalized anxiety disorder). In high school, i was bullied. I dealt at a young age with family death. I knew suffering. So, I embarked on a quest to find the answer to life and what life is all about. Although I was raised a Christian, I wanted to make sure that i was following the right religion. So, I took a secular (unbiased) course on world religions. I used hallucinogenic drugs for over 25 years. I listened to gurus and Dr. Timothy Leary. In college, I got a minor in philosophy and a Masters in biology, the study of life. What did I learn? I realized, from the hallucinogenic drugs, that there is a higher reality than what we perceive as we live day by day dealing with life's problems. I know that there is a God because of creation; all I have to do is look at my body. It is a designed electrochemcalbiological machine able to self heal. I did not design it. It is, to me, obviously designed and created by an intelligent source (God). i also realize that I have done many bad things in my life. For example, taking LSD is illegal. I was breaking the law. I learned that of all the major world religions, it is Christianity that says that in order to wipe away our wrong deeds (sins), God sent His son Jesus Christ (God as a Man) to live a perfect, sinless life. That way he could die on the cross in our place and, as Jesus intended and said, take on our sin and pay for them by spending 3 days in the lowest depth of Hell so that we can stand blameles before all-sinless, all-righteous, all-powerful, loving God. But God has to be a fair God and judge sin. Sin separates us from God because we do sin because we lack love for others in our heart, and God is an all loving God. So, God sends sinners to Hell, where there is separation from God and torment forever after we die. But God sent jesus to take away our sin. Jesus said that all we have to do to enter into Heaven, where there are no more problems and sadness, is to believe that he died on the cross for our sins and to accept him as our Lord and savior. That is it. We are still, and will always be, sinful. But if we love Jesus, we will try not to sin so that he does not have to pay for more of our sins. It is not living a sinless, perfect life, which we cannot do, that will allow us to enter heaven, but just having faith in Jesus. No other major religion states this. This makes sense to me. So even though i have a criminal record that is preventing me from getting a job, not having a family, having to take care of my 78 year old mother and being poor and eating out of soup kitchens, I am filled with happiness and job because I know that problematic life, which is very short compared to all eternity, will end and after I die I will enter the wonderful kingdom of Heaven forever more. So remember that when you are depressed. i also find that jogging helps with depression.

    Frank Reiser

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    Raine_ 15 Macca

    well… i think i just learned something >>> its impossible to be helped. Im done. this world is better without me. Time to do something good… rid the world of one more loser. cheers. Was a shitty 34 years anyway.

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    Yvonne Finnegan

    As a Virgo I will be a pragmatist: try NOT eating any plant-based food. That means NO grains, no cereals, no vegetables, no nuts or seeds. Just eat meat, eggs, seafood, dairy products if you can tolerate. Seriously. Give it a try for 60 days and see how you feel. There will be a 3-week transition period where you feel a little weird. It’s worth it. Persevere.

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    Beyond Healed After Narcissistic Abuse

    Fighting a 6 year (Yes, 6 years!!!) battle for SSD due to 25 years with multiple sclerosis, PTSD (from abuse traumas), anxiety, and depression… That in itself has been exhausting and depressing. You cannot go to work, even if you could or want to, part time even… If you know you're chronicically ill, unreliable, unable to focus because of pain… you need the support of SSD so you CAN again achieve working, perhaps part time from home, and contribute again to society (via art, creativity, or maybe writing). Its a 6 year long nightmare and I can't wake up from it. I'm at the mercy of SSD. And why??? I've been hospitalized twice last month, now in a wheelchair, and I'm still fighting. This has got to change. The process does nothing to promote healing and achieving in some way… And I do want a real life.

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    Montana Matthew

    Its weird how everyone thinks having an intimate relationship is going to make life better. Its just not true.
    Working in our culture is sending blood money to satan. Tax payer abortion, cia wars, fake education.
    Morons, everywhere

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    David Kadiri

    The mainstream media calls this man an alt-right hateful conspiracy theorist. The mainstream media is the enemy of the people.

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  22. Post

    I have a job but stay up til at least 2am everyday anyways, I have some friends ( Not a close one that I would call my best friend, however.), and no intimate relationship. I don’t think I’m addicted to anything. I have the motivation and desire to do things but sometimes a part of me that I can’t control doesn’t. So I find myself fighting with another part of my brain…If that makes any sense… 🧠 Often times I can’t tell if it’s my introverted nature, my busy life or an element of depression pulling me to wanna be alone despite being invited out. I always thought I wanted an active social life but now that I have it I find myself overwhelmed and tired. I cannot seem to pinpoint what exactly in my life is making me feel…off. I never feel quite right.

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    Diana Maria Navarro - Botero

    Thanks for adding subtitles to your videos! … Do you know that there are 20 countries that speak Spanish, that they could benefit from adding subtitles!? Thanks again!!! 😀

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    In the past 10 years i have not taken 1 pill of any sort, also i have had no reason to go to hospital aswell, i still feel symptoms clearly but it does affect my performance in life. Also this guy is good at what he does for the average person……….

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    *1.25Speed on everything

    I have 4 of those problems. I'm in a committed relationship and am addicted to adderall as my only positive emotion aside from my girlfriend I live with. I am enrolled in community college (barely), but I'm sick…don't feel like going to doctors…quitting vaping cuz of my persistent sickness, no friends although I do sell weed…showing me that most people are scumbags, already mentioned the drug problem (adderall), no job…interview on Tuesday for Server at Olive Garden thank fucking christ…Haven't had a job in 4 months and have been robbed selling drugs 7 times in the last 2 months. The only 2 things keeping me from killing myself is "trying to hang in there/improve for my girlfriend" and the "chemical/physcological dependence of adderall (usually spend all my money on it…take roughly 40-60mgxR daily)

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    Glynna Schmehl

    Hey, did you ever work with a psychopath and ever since you left that job, they keep showing up in the rest of your life pretending they don't know you?🤣

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    Jaaaj, I have depression and anxiety since birth… no matter how many goals in school I had, Job walking outside on fresh air for one month, Ive always been stressed and anxious… now have very little friends and I am more happy working at home woth free schedule just enjoying life and the small things it brings…. I will also try more carnivore as I noticed after many steaks the deep depresaion starts to step aside… just need to hold on there and no beers with friends. :/

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    Frances Bernard

    I am glad that anti-depressants work for some people. What about when they don't help someone depressed? Like for example a doctor with a high paying high status job, a nice home, a family, lots of friends to spend time with whenever he is not in a hospital who feels depressed and didn't get better when trying anti-depressants himself while working around so much death, suffering and anger in people related to the patients he is supposed to be treating with medicine in the ethics of the Hippocratic oath. What or whom do you think would be able to stop a suffering doctor like that who spent 10 years education and training after high school to become a doctor to do something meaningful from some day from using that assisted suicide kit he keeps in his office just in case one of his patients demands that kind of 'treatment that from time to time goes outdated and that he has to throw out anyway on himself?

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    Amy Holcomb

    Thin on advice. . . full of preaching. Who the fk is the intended audience? I was hoping for advice on helping my mother who has dementia and had a stroke.

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    Al Garnier

    Jordan is wrong once again! Happiness is just as real as any another human emotion. Most people are happiest, to the point of laughter at times, when ruminating the suffering or, misfortunes of others, especially the religious. Emotion is a bottleneck constricting the evolution of the human psyche.

    What needs to happen is already being successfully implemented in secular, social democratic country's like Denmark, Sweden, Japan, etc. where the greed of capitalism is strictly controlled by government regulation for the health and security of all citizens. Taxes are much higher and companys tow the line or, lose lucrative contracts. When it comes to the rights of all citizens, there are no corporate rights.
    Why should the burden of survival lay heavy on the shoulders of the working poor when the profits of their labor and crippling load go to the wealthy, who pay no taxes and pollute the enviornment.

    We need a better system, not another go at ancient ignorant religions and unaccountable governments. We need to take our heads out of our emotional asses and get "real" about humanity's future as a species instead of a victim of self-fulfilling prophecies of human extinction.
    It's strange how in religiously dominated countries the average citizen is struggling to survive and pay for health, education and basic fundamentals for their family while, in secular, moral humanist countries, they're living in heaven on earth.

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    Rich As F*ck

    take megadose vitamin D ffs. my lifelong depression got fixed right away. NOT JOKING. JUST TRYYYYY. This lecture is obsolete in this day and age🤔🤔🤔

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  42. Post

    Not everyone react to anti-antidepressant well. Some become suicidal. If it got worse, they should stop. Follow a good healthy diet instead.

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    Sea Bass

    In deep depression, people find everything impossible to do. But get a job, find friends and date! It’s easy! 😂😂 He just checked himself in rehab for anti anxiety pills addiction (benzodiazepine, Clonazepam, Klonopin).

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    Lester Diamond

    this comment thread is about a hundred times more interesting than the video. If you're a depressed man. I recommend turning Full Metal Jacket up nice and loud and watching the "Gunny Hartman names his maggots" segment and the marching/songs till the dialogue is burned into your memory. Then get off your ass, out in the fresh air and get some PT. Start taking large doses of vitamin D every day too. Even if you're not a Marine, even if you're just an average dude, I swear there is something about the idea of running with a group of guys in a unit that can inspire you. This is just the way men are wired. You can't tap into that sitting on your couch eating cold pizza and jerking off to porn. Also Terrence Popp is somebody you should be listening to if you're not already. He's a man who's come back from the edge and has a message for all of us.

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    doing housework like cleaning, washing and sorting out is a great starting point. then find out what your passions are or what makes life worth living for you. then try to become better at them with effort. find friends: either irl in school, uni or work, or online – everything does the job. establish a daily routine, wake up at a certain time, study or read at another time, DO you homework and so on… then get into dating, find a love partner – don't be afraid.

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    Alexandru Jitaru

    Tell me about this .. what the fk wee do about coruption Peterson ..?….. i whant to kill them .. please tell me why not

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    Bat YOK

    I watched this to feel better until min 3/4 when I realized I had at least 3 of the issues he mentioned. And Jordan Peterson said it's almost impossible to help a such person … Feeling better

  50. Post

    I get mixed feelings from this. What about us who really, actually don't have any goals in life. No purpose. Not in sense "nothing matters therefore I can do whatever I want", but in a sense that nothing excites me, I can't stand people, being around people and socializing. I have no real goal in life, I'm numb, I don't feel emotions, 99% of the time I'm just indifferent. Other 1% I'm worried about future because I most likely won't have it.

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  52. Post

    I think those thought work for most of people that are feeling sad and that life is meaningless. Those that are chronic sad, but depressed? Deeply depressed? People that tried everything? I don’t think it’s that simple.

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    Carol Strachan

    There is high functioning depression, where a person cannot stop doing the 3 things he's talking about. Then there's the "black dog" depression where you just cannot do ANYTHING. The black dog follows you about all the time and you cannot get rid of it. Antidepressants do help, but the black dog is always there in the background. He's seems to be believing that we are all the same. One size fits all. Get up off your backside and do something. That's simply not true. The black episodes are horrendous and take away all your capacity to function as a normal human being.

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    S R

    I’m sorry but he took Klonopin and is now in rehab. As someone who has been through worse than his family. Drugs ARE NOT the answer.

  57. Post

    The wisest man of our time, and I can barely manage to listen to his wisdom. It breaks my heart too much when I have to face how much of my life I've wasted. That being said, at least I can see the wisdom in his words and try a little bit at a time to follow them, unlike those who only see hatred in his teachings. I can't fathom how people can be so willfully ignorant that they would slander this intellectual giant, just because he speaks the truth. Some people don't want the truth, I guess…

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    We Own The Night

    Why this man always promoting chemical cocktails calls antidepressants? They are poison. It's better to die with depression than hooking up with junk pills for life, trust me, speaking with experience.

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  62. Post

    If you're depressed, why take a pill? Get a puppy. By that, I don't mean a chihuahua, or some other small dog. Get a shepherd, or collie pup, and commit to raising that puppy until it's a fully grown dog. You will be spending so much time keeping up with the dog, that you won't even know your problems exist.

  63. Post
    Stacy Jaye

    Jordan Peterson has entered rehab for help discontinuing Klonopin. He doesn't know what he's in for. It takes years to taper safely off benzodiazepines. stay tuned

  64. Post

    What if trying the drug makes the depression worse and you 'NECK' yourself before anyone can help!! Just wondering…. because I did that and I'm now having to talk through an angel!!!

  65. Post

    I have the deepest respect for dr. Peterson but I do have to say I don't believe taking a pill is the solution to people's problems.

  66. Post

    Often with depression (not sadness) there's a physical chemical imbalance. Antidepressants rebalance this for many people. Mental health is physical health after all. Folks with OCD, for example typically have a physical lack of serotonin receptors, thus taking serotonin boosters alleviate the symptoms of OCD and the linked anxiety.

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  68. Post

    If a job is so important in giving people a purpose, then the next decades' automation arms race are gonna create a social
    crisis of unprecedented scale.

  69. Post

    This is going to be a SUPER artificial answer to a very, very complex problem (depression), but I’m telling you….. START EXERCISING.. 1 day a week to start if it’s all you can do.. work up to 3 days a week.. increase intensity as you continue week to week.. keep yourself accountable to it.. exercise is a GREAT starting point to help dig your way out of depression because it not only puts you into a positive routine, but it strengthens your body and mind.. stick with it and after a month or so, you will love it.. it won’t fix everything damnit, but it will give you more energy and clear that shitty, nasty fog in your brain that you feel every day after work..

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    Stuart Scott

    A man – xy chromosomes – went into a doctor's office and said: "Doctor I feel like a pair of curtains." Doctor: "Pull yourself together!" And while I'm here: "Muslam is right about women."

  73. Post

    DUUUUUDDDDDDE I love this guy! He gets to the point! Actually offer simple straightforward answers and explains why in a way that just makes sense. JEEZ.

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    Richard Misel jr

    I have three no drug and booze problem. as for a job I'v been unemployed for 4 1/2 years and have not had even one job interview.

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  78. Post
    Alexandre Rezende

    Watching this man is hilarious. Everything is so simple to him, so black and white. Recipes that function with everyone, everywhere, everytime. As a psychology student that is almost graduate, it's unbeliavable watching a psychologist simplifies all the complexity of psyche like this. In a time when horrible jobs are one of the most depressing causes all around the world, his solution is "get a job!". lol

  79. Post
    Mossab Salih

    Well I just can’t. It’s too much. I lost all hope in myself. If I didn’t believe in god and religion I would commit suicide without hesitation. I can’t risk the afterlife by killing my self and going to hell according to my belief so all I can do is wait for my death. I hope I die in accident I’ll be happy from a religious point of view contrary to the popular belief.

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  84. Post
    The Intervention

    Managing our mental health involves respecting our shared humanity : we should NOT be seeking to ' cure ' being human .

    We should strive to face our emotional issues – dealing with them constructively , not sweeping matters under the rug because fear guilt and shame inhibit us : being positive doesnt mean being ' happy ' in a fake way pretending everything is ok .

    We do this so we dont cheat * ourselves* out of living and bring our authentic selves to the world , fostering mutually respectful relationships – NOT because we fear being an ' inconvenience ' or ' burden ' to others .

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  86. Post

    Up to 2:02. “If you don’t have a job there’s no reason to wake up.”

    This is exactly why I have been saying that our system is fucked. This is an illusion. Having a job does not cure depression. There is much much more to waking up in the morning than just going to fucking work. It gives you a false hope that you can make it out of poverty. And as we have seen before, making it out of poverty is not at all the cure for depression…

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    Catherine R

    Jordan Peterson: LOVE what he says!
    Studying Physical Exercise in Depression : superb YouTube by ‘FoundMyFit’: Exercise as a Treatment for Depression [Scientific Research]: you don’t necessarily need to understand all of it, to be able to take away the important message

  93. Post
    Big meat

    I read all these comments, watch videos, and have a therapist and I still can’t find a way to change myself. I also live in a great house with stability and a housekeeper. I feel alone, suicidal, and depressed. I have things that a lot of people want and need, but I still despise my life. I have no idea what’s wrong with me and I want to change. I feel like a shitty person for even being depressed because of how lucky I am to live in a stable family.

  94. Post

    Beware: dating while you are depressed can really backfire. You're likely to choose poor partners. I would advise you just to not take any risks in doing such things and brush up on the basics-aka what you want and what to avoid.

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    Oussama Atmani

    I just want people to understand that when he says if you have 3 of those problems (no job, no friends, no intimate relationship, additional mental health problems, drug abuse) you can't be helped, what he means isn't that you're completely hopeless and you'll necessarily sink in it until suicide is the only solution what he means is that you can't really be cured of depression at that point or make a significant progress in beating it but you can make significant progress in making you life better and getting rid of those problems, it doesn't mean that you can't do something about it, it just means that you need to work hard on achieving those goals first n I know it's especially hard for people with depression and life is hard enough without it but it's doable and it's your only option you don't need to rush it and overwhelm yourself too start with any small changes you can make and keep doing them even this would be a fight but it's winnable, then anti depressants can help if they do in your case.

  98. Post

    The thing is no body cares about you really they just sympathize with you then just stop giving a f

    So it's only you who should stand up for you

  99. Post

    I disagree, you aren’t obligated to grab a life preserver that has no guarantee of helping. That’s not how diseases work. You have the right to choose whether to live or die.

    That being said, HE as a CLINICIAN is obligated to help someone even if they don’t wanna be helped. Which sadly involves guilt driving sometimes. “Think how much this would hurt all these other people who don’t have to deal with what you’re dealing with.”

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