Jothy Nair’s Third Citizenship Interview

Please raise your right hand. Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Yes I do. Put down your hand. What did you promise? I promise I will tell the truth. Please sit down. (Watch Jothy’s other Citizenship videos! Why are you here today? I am applying for citizenship and I came for the interview. Are you ready to show me your Green Card, your driver’s license, and (photo) ID (example: passport). Explain how you are eligible to become a US citizen. I have been here for five years residency. How many years have you had your Green Card. Five years What is your legal name? Jothy Gopinath Nair What is your date of birth? 22-11-1955 (November 11, 1955) What is your country of origin? India Are you requesting accommodation because of a disability? No Where do you reside? Do you reside in San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas , or Fremont? Milpitas Who lives with you? he My husband and my daughter, Have you lived anywhere else in the past five years? No What is your source of income? No, I’m retired. (Her daughter supports her). Have you taken any trips outside the United States in the past five years? Yes, four times. When was the last time you left? I left in June 9 and came back November 9. This year (2018). How many days were you outside of the United States? 102 (days) Which country did you go to? India What is your marital status? Married Is your husband US citizen? No When did you get married? 20th of July 1974 Do you have any children? Yes How many children do you have? I have only one daughter. is she a US citizen? Yes And do you live with her? Yes Have you ever claimed to be a US citizen? No y Have you ever voted in the United States? No What is vote? Selecting my candidate Exactly Do you file your taxes every year? Yes Do you belong to any groups or organizations? No Have you ever been a member of the Communist Party? No, I haven’t. What is the Communist Party? The government (party) of China, North Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba Have you ever been a terrorist? No What is terrorism? They are using weapons and killing the people. Have you ever sold or given weapons to another person? No Have you ever been a member of the your country’s military? No Have you ever been arrested or
committed a crime? No What is to commit a crime? (A crime is) something I do kill people. Other ways… Do you keep the law or break the law break the law? Break the law. But do you obey the law? I keep the law. It (crime) means break the law. Have you ever been a habitual drunkard? No (wrong question) What is habitual drunkard? Drinking (alcohol) every day more quantity. Have you ever sold or given illegal drugs to anybody? No What are illegal drugs? Illegal drugs like heroin…. Heroin… Cocaine…. Opium Have you ever been deported? No What is deported? They send (return me) to my country. Yes exactly Do you support the Constitution in the form of government of the United States? Yes What is the Constitution? It sets up the government. Yes the Constitution sets up the government. Are you willing to take the full Oath of Allegiance to the United States? Yes (wrong question) Are you willing to bear arms? Yes What is bear arms? To protect our government. To take arms (weapons) up…Defense. Are you willing to perform noncombatant services for the US Armed Forces? Yes What is noncombatant? Without weapons Are you willing to help the government during a national emergency? Yes Do you promise everything you say is
true? Yes

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