Jure Sanguinis Italian Citizenship – Let’s make this EASIER!

Jure Sanguinis Italian Citizenship – Let’s make this EASIER!

Hey hey what’s up I’m Rafael Di Furia A.K.A. Rafi Di is me, back at it again, and let’s
get right into it. Firstly , I just want to say thank you so
much to the people who’ve shown support to what I’m doing here on YouTube. Who have taken the time to subscribe with
that notification bell turned on, and who have sent me messages and who I’ve interacted
with. You guys are amazing! Really, this comunity of people that have
come together in this whole Jure Sanguinis process thing, supporting each other. Excited for each other. I mean it’s really like an online family of
sorts, I know that sounds really strange, but the way that I see people celebrating
when another person get’s their successful application through. Even personally the feeling that I get when
another person posts with their first passport or their first Carta d’Identitá, I get joy! It has been so great since this time that
I’ve started making these videos on this whole subject of coming to Italy, Jure Sanguinis,
I’ve connected with so many amazing people from all over the place. Mainly the USA of course. Really, people, good people who want
to do the right thing. To do this whole immigration process the legal way. But let’s get back into something that I spoke
about in a video a while ago, “Why did I get started with these videos?” It’s because I’m passionate about this! This is exactly why I’ve mentioned before
I would love one day to create a non-profit organization that’s here for people that elligible
for the whole Jure Sanguinis, or eventually even spread out to other people who are elligible
to be here legally because I’m all about that legal migration. I think there can be more done. I’m not in this for financial gain, if I could
make my living somehow attached to this at some point I would love that. N one of these
videos that I’ve made, I’m not getting paid for any of it. This is all just a passion project. Those of you who have watched through my videos
know that this process took me a long time, literally more than half of my life, and I
get very frustrated with some of the situations that I see come up. I’m not talking about situations that might
come up with the comune or a consulate, that’s far from it. I’ve had offers from you guys offering to
hire me to help you with your process, and somebody sent me a message and called me a
guru on this subject, and I’m just a regular guy. I don’t want to offer the services that are
already out there. I’m not asking for any kind of financial help,
but if people want to donate to try help further things, I’ll never turn that down. But, where I want that to see that money go
is into building an organization. I’m looking for other people who are just
as passionate about this as I am, and who have and idea of how this system works and
what life in Italy is like, and how things are here… and how daily life is like and
the things that you go through. Because as I’ve said in so many of my videos
things are so different here, I’m just saying that your world will literally be turned on
it’s head, and that’s not a bad thing. It’s going to be the craziest most amazing
expierence of your life. Is it always going to be easy? NO. But is it going to be worth it? ABSOLUTELY! And I’m not going to say everybody is cut
out for this either. It takes somebody with a passion for this. Somebody who has this in their blood! And I
would love for us to be able to come together and work together to be able to create something. Something that helps out our brothers and
sisters out there. I hate hearing that term because it makes
me sound like a hippy in a Dashiki, but really when it comes down to it, we are! It’s this Italian “Famiglia” that is coming
together helping each other and that’s what I’ve seen in these groups of amazing people,
and I am always impressed with how people are helping each other. I’ve already seen how this can work in other
places, and I have the basic understanding of how to build the organization. It’s just figuring out the legal side of things,
figuring out the financing, because my dream is to create a system where it doesn’t cost anything. I would love to be able to work with Italian
politicians to be able to create a fast-track. Clearly when this whole process was originally
created for Jure Sanguinis, this was at a time in Italian history when there was this
mass migration away from the country and the government wanted to make an attractive way
of bringing people back home. This idea already exists, and the framework
is already there, we’re already making this happen. Hell, I’m here, I already officially have
my documents. I would love to be able to work with Italian
lawmakers and politicians to see this process become even easier. The Jure Sanguinis process seems to be a lot
of work for the consulates and municipalities out there. I would love to see some sort of new office
created out there that is able to only focus on this, seeing that stress being alleviated
from those offices so they can run more efficiently and have an organization dedicated specifically
to this process, and even getting into Jure Matrimonii and even expanding further beyond
that at some point. Not even parallel to the system, but within
the system to be able to process everything even more efficiently and even faster. And I’ve seen another process in another country
with a fast track that cranks out applications in less than a month. That means from the time you bring in your
documents, to the time you walk out with your documentation, less than a month. Just imagine for those of us who are even
waiting a year, two years, or hell even people that are maybe in South America having to wait 20 years. Can you imagine 20 years just for your first
meeting? Can you imagine that? Please, if you’re out there and you feel the
same way that I do, please contact me. My information is down in the more info section
below. I really think this needs to happen. Maybe I’m alone on this. But if you agree with this, even at the very
least if you could give this video a like and share this video on your social media,
on your facebook with your friends. If somehow the right people can get contacted
and all of the things are set in motion I think this can happen. I really believe it. I know there are a lot of people who don’t
believe in this system and don’t think it can work, but I think it can. I look forward to connecting with more of
you and I really hope to help as many people out there as possible, and as always and even
more so than usual if you have anything to add this is an open conversation absolutely
open conversation and feel free to leave any comments down in the YouTube comment section
below, or if you prefer to speak in private feel free to contact me over social media
or by email, and as always I’m Rafael Di Furia A.K.A. Rafi Di is me and I’ll see y’all next time. Later 🙂


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    OMG it's Whitney

    I love your videos. I love the idea of making a nonprofit organization and the fast track to citizenship. The bones of jure sanguinis are good but there are things that could make it easier and less stressful on the applicants and the government officials at the consulates/comunes. I have an idea I'm going to throw at your but in messenger.. I'm paranoid someone would steal it lol

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    Jennifer Florio

    I would start with a comunes that is already running efficiently and who are turning over applications quickly, maybe they can get word back to someone who needs to hear what we're asking for. I've also heard of some struggling towns in Italy that would love for us to come home to their regions and bring youth, vitality and money with us. When I'm finally recognized I'd love to go home. I'm a year and a few months into my process and personally the struggle for me is obtaining 3 generations of documentation without name spelling errors. This seems to be a common struggle.

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    The non profit is such a great idea! I would love to help in any way. I live in the US and I'm just in the process of gathering documentation for JS for my boyfriend. We were looking into this process a year ago and gave up the idea because we didn't think we could get his ancestors' Italian birth certificates. Having a support group such as the Facebook Dual citizenship group has been absolutely invaluable.

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    Nicola Delsud

    You said well. The original idea of ​​the current "jure sanguinis" law without "generational limits" was born with the intention of not losing links with Italians forced to emigrate. But now it seems that for many descendants of Italians, especially from certain geographical areas, the goal is only and exclusively the "passport", Italian passport I mean, and that do not really feel any empathy with us (as opposed to you being the perfect example of "Italian" empathy). Let's clarify, I do not judge anyone and these people legally exploit, I hope, what the Italian law allows. But it is in "our" interest to grant citizenship so easily to people who will get a "privilege" in terms of freedom of movement, job opportunities, etc. etc. without giving anything in return? I do not know, I have followed some stories of descendants of Italians, coming from different countries, and what has left me perplexed are not the criticisms of Italy and Italians (I know perfectly the defects of our country and I could mention even worse than those listened to) but in many of these people, not in all, I do not want to generalize, the lack of "feeling of belonging", I do not know if I'm expressing well (Sorry, I have no opportunities to use English every day and I'm helping with Google Translator ….). Can I ask your opinion? It is right to grant Italian citizenship without generational limits without asking for anything in return, not even a small Italian language exam, or an oath of loyalty to the Constitution, which is required by foreigners who, right or wrong, in the most different ways roots in Italy and hope to find a better future together with the natives? (For fairness I send my message also in Italian)

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    Mark Licciardo

    Just a basic tracking website that all the Consulates can plug into would be a great start. A benefit to both sides.
    Just imagine the reduction of emails to the Consulate along.
    And Aplicants can actually know where they are in the process.

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    Dear rafi how do Italians pay taxes? Do they use a tax expert like Greece who knows the tax laws, or use a computer program like in the USA? Would like a video.

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    Marcus Aurelius

    Are there any conditions that must be met for Jure Sanguinis? My Grandfather and Grandmother on my mother’s side were naturalized before they had my mother. I think I read somewhere that this doesn’t make me eligible for Jure Sanguinis. Can you confirm?

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    Dominic Russoli

    I’m expecting my citizenship in the next few months (according to my connection at the Embassy) and we’re looking to retire to the lake Garda region Are you familiar with that area? If so what do you think of that region? Are you far away from there? Thanks! Love your videos! Dominic

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    Gabriel Calderón

    Here's hoping I get it. Thanks for the info in the meantime. Such an organization is a great idea

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    Elizabeth Naa

    Hi Amico, Pls make a video on working from home in Italy, cus am unemployed I can speak a bit of Italian. Can you help

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    Shannon S

    Hi Rafael! I wish I had found your channel sooner. I got accepted for citizenship at the Miami consulate in February of this year and was told a 2 year wait MAX… and to not contact them before they contact me (unless having to change my address- which I will have to do & am unsure how, but that is another question) So I am contacting you to ask your personal story- what consulate did you use and how long did they tell you your wait time was? What was the next step after just getting accepted as an Italian citizen? Also, what are they actually doing for 2 years before I get officially accepted? Can I speed this up in any way? AND once I get accepted can I fly to Italy to get my passport or should I make an appointment thru Miami and have to wait even longer to get that holy grail of a passport? I am very anxious and would like to move forward asap but my future plans are in complete standstill..

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