Just Money: Banking as if Society Mattered | MITx on edX | Course About Video

Just Money: Banking as if Society Mattered | MITx on edX | Course About Video

The global crisis of
2007-2008 demonstrated the fundamental
role the banks play in our global economic system
and in our society as a whole. Without functioning banks,
people lose their jobs, businesses shutter, and our
economies threaten to collapse. While the crisis highlighted the
ways in which failing banks can undermine our economy
and our society, in this course, Just Money
Banking as if Society Mattered, we’ll explore how banks can play
a positive role using finance as a tool to improve
our environment, increase the economic well-being
of community residents, and create a better
society for all. As intermediaries between
borrowers and lenders, banks are in a unique position
in the economy and in society. Some banks leverage
this position to improve the
environment and to address social and economic
inequalities. We call this just banking. Over the past 10 years,
we’ve worked with banks that fund social and
ecological projects and that bring financial
services and often the ultimate into education to those
who have been excluded. We’ve traveled around
the world and spoke to bankers of just
banks to bring you stories and examples of
banks that are trying to have a positive impact. This course will introduce you
to different models of just banking and how they finance
social and ecological businesses and movements. You will learn what it takes to
operate along the triple bottom line. How do you combine the
profitability with the mission? What does it take to
translate values into mission, into day-to-day operations? However, this course is more
than a technical exploration of just banking. Banking, at its core, is about
collectively moving capital into the future we envision. So whether you’re interested
in environmental change, social justice, inequality,
or even the community you live in, it’s important for
all of us, not only bankers, to understand how to use
banking as a tool for change. We designed this course for
a wide range of participants, and it does not require
a background in finance. Our participants include
undergraduate and graduate students, finance professional,
coworkers from just banking institutions, and lifelong
learners interested in economic and social change. In this course, you will
also have the opportunity to connect with your
fellow participants through in-person learning
communities exploring new pertinent and deepening
your understanding of how the material here
own experience. By the end of this
course, you will understand what just banking
is, what just banks do, and how just banks improve
the environment and society. But most importantly,
you’ll learn to use your own voice and your
own money to change the world. So join us in
11.405x Just Money– Banking as if Society Mattered.


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