JY8037-50E Citizen SkyHawk A-T Promaster 200mts …… DCMStore

JY8037-50E Citizen SkyHawk A-T Promaster 200mts …… DCMStore

hello everyone again welcome to DCMStore today is up to us do the technical analysis of this watch
citizen that is model JY8037-50E of the NaviHawk-AT family
this watch is a clock in totally on stainless steel with an ionized black very beautiful the black finish and the
belt we already said it’s a radio clock
checked in addition another of the functions that it has
this watch is the date in two zones time is digital
has also the time setting with the synchronized atomic time has a
adjustment of 43 cities or time zones Handles a perpetual calendar
in addition to a chronograph that measures a hundredth of a second with a capacity
24 hours It has two alarms the size of the box marks us at 48
millimeters plus it marks a 200 meter resistance
against water and handle a crystal anti reflective mineral in addition to a
internal rotating ring We will weigh to the extent of the strap
many customers ask us how much measure the strap we already know that the run is enough to
any normal size doll well here the strap is marking us
21 centimeters that means you have to take it on watchmaker once what
you want me to adjust the the strap we will now go to measure the
box if we are marked that in an average of 48 millimeters
and here we can see the 48 effectively
let’s measure with the crown many customers care about this fact
and it goes to 52 millimeters
the size of the box with the crown let’s make an approach to see
the functions of the clock here we can see that the time that marks
the big hands comes defining this schedule here for example
We are with Mexico and then here you have the functionality in this screen the
digital right side where you can see the time of another city that you want
program in this case is roman and with your schedule then is the skill that
You can see two cities on schedule main is marked by this digital
on the left side but if on the side left and on the right side we have a
second city that we can have the ability to see the onu this because it’s
in the time function let’s move on now to program the
calendar and this is where we’re going to see it
to move to the calendar here comes the call function then we have to pass
of time here let’s take out the crown once
we turn the calendar we go back to put and here will be the date then
and in the month the day the month number of day and day Monday
Tuesday obviously this is in English then it has the timer function
as well let’s go back to take out the crown once
we look towards the timer we put back and here we see where our timer is already
has a duration of 99 minutes starts to run
and it is obviously decreasing until the 99 minutes are over or where
we are there so we stop it and we reset it let’s move on now to the function of
calendar forgiveness of chronometer that is the one that follows
chr we once again pull the crown
we turn to the chronometer and go back to to put we start with the upper right button
and here are our seconds as they go advancing our tenth of a second and
as we mentioned one a limit of 24 hours we stop again
we restart but also the function
well here the top part and is stopping in this case the hand is the
w of that which is called the adjustment of the world time
then later comes alarm 1 and alarmed that they are totally
adjustable we return the crown I’m going to pass this alarm an alarm 2
we keep and well here is we the program let’s take out the crown two
Sometimes it’s where you start doing the programming of these functions there baa1
to ba2 and they are fixed and you are telling me if I want to turn on or off
there it is on let’s move on to the work it tells you where you want it and here
We can start to change the time with the turn of the time
like this a few minutes we rotate and start programming is very
simple does not have much we go back to insert the crown and it is already programmed
what is the the alarm number 2
and then comes here the function that call rx s we pull the crown again
once we go down and we put this function what it tells us
is when you want the watch to search for
atomic signal once a day what does this mean all watches
atomic programs have programs so that 2 in the morning automatically
look for the signal and synchronize the clock the closest atomic antenna in this
case of us who are in america is in fort collins colorado
it encompasses all of Canada all of us and all Mexico
if you want to schedule it at a time, it’s we pull back twice and
here is going to give you the schedules so that you can
adjust let’s move on to leave it in a function
time here we can see that it is a site without echo
drive marks us the cover comes the 200 meters resistance already verified
here all the functions and now we are going to move here on this left dial we can
see the load level handles 4 dashes right now it’s in number 2 then
it means that it lacks a little more expose it to light so that it has greater
load we can see here in the part of
below that says states a use europe china and japan which are the antennas the
five antennas looking for this watch or in the five areas where they seek the
clock synchronization if we we explain to the bottom button what is going to
to be the watch is to start looking for your closest antenna to start
coordinate yes now it ends and it is returned
another function of this top button is the light of the digital part if we see there
it turned on We have the rotating inner ring
where measurements for pilots come in fuel consumption either in pounds
gallons distances also kilometers etcetera with this button is when the one
can turn your inner ring to start that
type of measurements we also have what is the dial
top center where time is ticking of the utc is the central time humidity
is with which all watches are adjust and our day here of the part
right when you set the time in 24 hours we tell you if it’s day or night is all this can tell you
clock allow it to be turned around so that
balona the girl the level of detail here where this watch has its button
sure to open in the back as we already know there
come all the technical data of the watch comes its caliber and with that we can
locate if necessary this online
the instructions of the clock as already you know we are DCMStore.net we are
authorized dealers in mexico and your watch comes with an instruction and with
a five-year citizen’s guarantee Mexico
it also includes eco drive me in its box I’m going to let you go through here We send express shipments to all of Mexico
besides that we also have clients in all parts of the world we handle the
more secure payment methods at the worldwide we have more than 10 years of
experience Y
we want to thank you for having seen this video if you can give us a LIKE
how to sign up to the channel to see next publications thank you very much and


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