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LIC, Indian Oil and Bajaj Dominar The India’s Citizen Squad. 24 hours into their marcos inspired training. This morning our civilians will learn to master essential knots. A crucial lesson on outdoor survival Another day began for us.
We were taught about knots and ties Take the rope, and take it out from here. Done! If there is less rope, it prevents it from breaking. Post this we will learn figure of 8 Take the rope, encircle it, and take it out. The knots our trainer told you,
this will be helpful in water rafts IF you ever need to make a raft,
you need to tie it with 2 things, whether you need to transfer supplies or hook something up. In that situation, these knots will be beneficial Now we will learn the girth hitch Where is your head at? What command did I give you? You can get the same order again Rishabh, in which world are you right now? Which knot did I mention? Girth hitch sir
This is what girth hitch looks like? Ok Get up! Get up Get up!! Line up Line up Line India Citizen Squad
We have just received information that there has been a flash flood. There are people stranded across the water They are in urgent need of medical supplies, food, drinking water and they are cold. Your mission, get them the supplies. Right? Yes sir
When you cross, light a fire. Make a small shelter so that it is
a base where people get together. Understood!!
Red Team? Yes sir
You had an advantage..Yes sir Your advantage is that you will
reach this location on your bikes Blue team you will run to the location Ok team leaders for the mission. Red team Ashish I am Ashish Syangbo Tamang, Civil Engineer from Darjeeling Blue team Sonu
Sir I am Sonu Kumar, mountaineer, from Muzzafarnagar, UP Take control of your team Make sure that the mission is completed at the earliest You have ten minutes to collect
your store from the store room Yes sir
Ok go Guys, We have less information so we need to take more resources. So that we can make…
Something which can make fire… We all hurdled up together. and discussed about the
food and what we need to carry. What are the basics that we need. And Because it was across the river,
we needed to make a raft We should carry the first aid first. I’ll get all the first aid material we have available. Me and himanshu have decided that we will take care of the medical supplies. Where Sonu and Sunny will take care of building the tent and making shelter. While Muntazir and Rishabh will take care of the food supplies and the cooking bit. All the material like the ropes, some lights, torches, So we needed kerosene, we needed some fire woods So all that had to be taken

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