Kulwinder Singh: Ready for the U.S. Citizenship Interview!

Kulwinder Singh: Ready for the U.S. Citizenship Interview!

GOOD NEWS! KULWINDER PASSED HIS INTERVIEW MAY 16! please raise your right hand do you
promise to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth
yes I do put down your hand what did you promise I promise to tell the truth
very good please sit down thank you okay so I’m going to ask you explain how
you are eligible to become a u.s. citizen
I have been a permanent resident for five years years
show me your green card your driver’s license and photo ID a okay what is your
current legal name Kulwinder Singh spell your last name S – I – N – G – H
that’s all you and gh okay good is the name on your green card the same as your
legal name Yes what is your date of birth at Birth April 3, 1979
what date should you become a legal permanent resident September 1, 2013 What is your country of birth India what is your country of nationality are you
requesting an accommodation because of a disability
no okay is your current home address in Milpitas or San Jose In San Jose
okay is some in San Jose do you have a previous home address yes
what is your previous home address and Milpitas how long have
you lived in San Jose three years how long did you live
in Milpitas 2 years good how do you support yourself I work
where do you work in the Oakland and Oakland what is the name of the company
PTS Progressive Transportation Systems what is your job there and I’m truck
driver okay how long have you been a truck driver end of our five year five
years so you have a special license for truck drivers yes,
“A Class” very good I’m gonna ask you oh excuse me do you have any other “side
jobs” or do you work for Uber or do you do any other talk about
okay great have you ever taken any trips outside the United States in the past
five years how many trips have you taken seven
how many total days did you spend outside of 142okay tell me about
your last trip when did you leave and on May 8th 2018 now when did you return to
May 26th 2008 where did you go India are all your trips to India just all
depend on you are any of your trips longer than 180 days no okay good
I’m gonna ask you about your marital history what is your current marital
status and how many times have you been married one day what is the date of your
marriage November 5 2013 is your wife a US citizen no okay
were you or your wife married before yeah I am married
in India my wife there do you owe you Oh, you married but only one wife
you okay so you married in India and then you come to the United States but
you only have one mile okay good do you have any children
just one children what is your daughter’s name
Oh very beautiful is she a US citizen Yes, she was born in a US city. she was born in the United States’s okay and what is your child’s country of birth Oh United
States excuse me does she live together with you so good to me who else lives
with you in your house in your house my mom my dad my brother okay who
petitioned for you to come to live in the United slider okay your dad is he an
American citizen no he has a green card okay good
have you ever claimed to be a US citizen have you ever voted in in the United
States elections did you vote when you lived in India okay
do you have any title of nobility in a foreign country
no have you ever been declared legally incompetent so what is legally
incompetent I’m sorry what is a mental institution (or) a mental hospital like a not
mentally no are you sick are you healthy okay have you ever failed to file your
taxes no do you pay your taxes every year just do you pay your taxes with
your wife she is already working my wife okay very good is your wife working or not working? wife is working do you belong to any groups or
organizations look do is there a truck drivers Union no no okay good
have you ever been a member of the Communist Party
no what is communism communism is North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, and China try it’s the governments–government
parties—of China Vietnam North Korea and Cuba very good
have you ever been a member of a totalitarian party no okay have you ever
been a terrorist what is a terrorist in terrorists attacked the United States (in) 2001 terrorists attacked in India – yeah yeah
It was terrible okay have you ever advocated the overthrow of
any government by force or violence no have you ever persecuted anybody because
of their race religion national origin member of a particular social group or
political position no have you participated in genocide what is
genocide genocide is to kill many many people because they’re different than
you have you killed many many people okay have you ever tortured somebody what torture have you ever hurt somebody
to get information okay good have you ever tried to kill somebody because it
killed somebody have you ever badly hurt anybody no okay
have you ever tried to stop somebody from practicing their religion
okay have you were you in the Army in India no have you ever been a member of
a gang no okay have you ever been arrested
what is arrested go in the jail get going jail have you ever committed a
crime no what is to commit a crime is it is it to keep the Law or is it to break
the Law break the law okay have you ever been a habitual drunkard
no what is a habitual drunkard too much alcohol every day
okay good have you ever sold or smuggled illegal drugs have you ever been married
to more than one person at the same time did you marry your wife to get a special
immigration benefit no have you ever helped somebody enter the United States
illegally no have you ever illegally gambled no what is illegal gambling in
to play the cards and not pay government the taxes that’s
perfect okay good to you have you ever been deported
no what is deported and kicked out and go back to my country yeah have you have you
ever lied to the US government to get public benefits
what are public benefits like medical and okay yeah so to get free Medicare
free food in the free rental home yes
okay do you support the US Constitution Yes what is the US Constitution do you
Supreme Law of the land of the United States do you support the government–the form
of government–of the United States what is the form of government is it
communism or is it democracy democracy good do you understand the full oath of
allegiance to the United States yes what is an oath a promise
yeah what is allegiance loyalty yes so do you promise to to support the United
States with the oath of allegiance Yes if the law requires that are you willing
to bear arms in the US Army Yes what is to bear arms carry a gun in the US Army yes okay if the law requires it are you willing to
perform noncombatant services for the US Army just what is noncombatant I help without using a gun Are you willing to help the government
during a national emergency Yes do you promise everything you say is
true Yes I’m gonna ask you ten questions okay oh excuse me
I should give you a writing test but first okay citizens can vote okay this one citizens okay perfect okay
good now uh what stops the branch of
government from becoming too powerful check and Balances name one branch
or part of the government Congress We elect a US senator for how many years
six if the both the President and Vice excuse me if both the president and vice
president can no longer serve who becomes president The Speaker of the House
okay who is the commander in chief of the military the president under our
Constitution some powers belong to the federal government what is one power of
the federal government to print money under our Constitution some powers belong to the
states what is one power the states give a driver’s license who was the Governor
of California now Gaven Newsom and what are two major political parties in
the United States Republican and Democratic okay what movement tried to end racial
discrimination civil right movement yeah good job okay do you have any advice for people
who are studying for their citizenship test
yes okay what is your advice advising the school too much practice teacher is
very good and all that I’m very good at the practice any question yeah okay
can you say Hello to your family Hello everybody
Punjabi okay thank you so much! GOOD NEWS! KULWINDER PASSED HIS INTERVIEW MAY 16!


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    Nang Sam Phoo

    Great teacher, great program, great class!
    I watched this clip and learn a lot. Sound ,and subtitle of conversation is so clear and helpful to remember.
    I passed my interview, today. Thank you so much.

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    Shruti Inamdar

    I learn a lot from your videos . I pass my interview today . The officer was very nice . She just ask civic questions and review my application it was so easy . Thank u for the videos

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    Akash Lubana

    hi actually i wanted to become U.S Citizen for a long time but don t know how please help me i m a european citizen

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