Kulwinder Singh Talks About His Citizenship Interview

Mr Singh, I heard that you have some good news. What happened today? Yeah, I passed today my Citizenship test. Can you . . . can you tell us a little bit about your interview? Yes Like . . . what happened is . . . the lady (USCIS officer) told me “You (have) the same name as another guy who came here and the same case and got deported.” “Your name, and everything, matches.” So the problem is that somebody else had your same name. Yes, same name. But he was deported. Yes But you have never been deported. Yeah They asked you many questions about that. Yeah But (it) was not you. No (it wasn’t me. I have never been deported). Were the questions easy? Yes, easy questions. Did they ask you about any (vocabulary) meaning? (Example: What is “claim”?) No. No any meaning (questions), only YES or NO questions. Did they ask you the civics questions first? Yes, they asked the civics questions first. Do you remember what your dictation sentence is? In the writing? Yeah Alaska is the largest state. Okay, very good Thank you very much! Congratulations! Thank you, teacher! www.usctizenpod.com

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