Kulwinder Singh’s Fifth Practice Citizenship Interview

Kulwinder Singh’s Fifth Practice Citizenship Interview

do you promise to tell the truth the
whole truth and nothing but the truth just put down your hand what do you
promise I’ve almost done too good please have a seat. explain how you
are eligible to become a u.s. citizen I have been a permanent resident for 5 years
five years what is your date of permanent residence
September 1, 2013 what is your country of nationality India how do you
financially support yourself I work and what is your job just and on driving
driving okay have you spent any days outside the United States in the past 5
years yes how many trips? 7 trips. and then how many days 140–no, 142 days
tell me about your last trip when did you leave or when did you come back I
my last trip was May 8, 2018 and come back and done by May 26 2018 II okay very good why did you go to India you’re like in
the marriage of my friend okay do you have did you go to any other countries
are you only going to enjoy only India okay very good
what is your current marital status I am married and how many children do
you I have 1 child have you ever claimed to be a
US citizen no have you ever voted in the United States have you ever been
declared legally incompetent no do you pay your taxes every year Yes Are you a
communist no what is communism China man not cool
yeah China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba government’s it’s not the people the
governments of China Vietnam North Korea and Cuba all right have you ever been a
terrorist no what is terrorism what is terrorism? terrorist attacked the United States have you ever hurt or killed a person on
purpose No have you ever participated in a rebel group militia or army have you
ever been arrested have you ever been in jail no okay have
you ever been a habitual drunkard no what what is a habitual drunkard
yeah no even that every day too much drinking okay good
how do you support the Constitution and the form of government of the United
States what is our form of government ? The Constitution is the supreme law pf the land in the United States so okay so we have a democracy we have a
constitution it is the supreme law yeah okay good
are you willing to take the full oath of allegiance to the United States
what is the allegiance leaders loyalty okay and if the law requires that are
you willing to bear arms for the United States just what is to bear arms yeah use a gun yeah so you carry a gun to
protect the country look on to you yeah
or do you carry a gun to protect the country you carry a gun to protect the
United States ok if the law requires that are you going to perform
noncombatant services in the armed services yes ok what is noncombatant I
I am helping without using a gun to perform work of national importance
of your civilian direction are you willing to jump yes ok so now I’m going
to ask you some civics questions how many US senators are there 100 the House
of Representatives has how many voting members 435 we elect a US
Representative for how many years would you if both the president and the vice
president can no longer serve who becomes president Speaker of the House
okay who signs bills to become long resident who vetoes bills I didn’t what
does the president’s cabinet do or device not going to do what are two
cabinet-level positions cabinet these shoes let me ask you again
okay what are two cabinet-level positions secretary Secretarty of Agriculture and Secretary of Defense how many justices are on the Supreme
Court nine and what is the name of the Speaker of the House of Representatives
now Nancy Pelosi congratulations Mr. Singh thank you very


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    Hayder Aldewan

    Also I have question about age are you 18yers old to 23 years old so when l came to U.S.A I was 23yers old so what did I well to say

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