KYRGYZSTAN: My first day in country’s capital – Bishkek

She came to India in 2018 and she liked it very much finally, I have reached Manas Airport This is the international airport of Bishkek I have to go to my hostel from airport I’m going to use public transport to reach my hostel I was told that taxis are quite cheap in this city The person who was sitting beside me in the flight told me about this But still, I’m going to use the public transport here mini buses are called Marshrutkas He’s going to tell me how am I going to reach my destination my hostel situated at Jibek Jolu I’m going to rush to catch the Marshrutka Let me share this with you you may fell into a taxi trap Even in settings like New York in the USA so avoid people Approaching you for a taxi for eg, this gentleman is coming to ask me for a taxi Avoid such people and always go to the proper taxi stands Otherwise, the best option is public transport It is cheap as well as reliable I’m also happy to inform you that Internet Wi-Fi is freely available at this airport After switching on the Internet Wi-Fi I found… “Manas free Wi-Fi – 1” and I selected it Now I have started receiving many notifications You can exchange US dollars, Euro, Ruble and Tenge at this airport I found this shop just now but there might be some more at this airport There are lots of ATMs here. Use whichever you want I just withdrew 10,000 Soms from one of the ATMs These all are Indian students Then told me that you have to pay extra charges to print the ATM receipt that’s Why I didn’t do that They have also recommended ATMs from Demir and Optima banks If you want you also get the benefits of these services Finally, its time to get out of the airport building It’s cold. I think it’s time to wear a jacket. There is the Marshrutka, #380 This will take to my hostel Located on Jibek Zholu And behind me is the Manas international airport There are a lot of Indian students here Summer going to Osh, some are going to Bishkek I am struggling to get the Marshrutka I read somewhere on the Internet and also guided by the airport staff That this is the bus which will take me to my destination so 380 is the best to reach the city centre from the airport I’m not able to understand him I think like Indian students have booked the whole bus Guys, where are you going! I have to go to this place now there is a change in my plan Actually that bus has been booked by Indian students and now people like me are left on our own We would have paid 40 Som to reach the city centre Now all of us are going to find another Marshrutka I have reached Bishkek city I took Marshrutka, number 380 It dropped us here I’m not sure about this place But there are a few students with me who have been living in this country for three-four years They know Russian Here are those guys Now my plan is to hire a car I mean a taxi there are many taxi services here like Yandex I can see my breath! that means It’s cold here The Indian students whom I met at the airport are now helping me get a taxi Because they know Russian My watch is not showing proper time it’s around 9 PM this is my hostel But for the first time in my life I will be sleeping on these beds Instead of bunk beds And now let me introduce you with… my two new friends There is so much of positive energy in this room he is Alex from Russia and he is from Ghana I’m so happy to begin my trip with so positive people and I’m just happy INDIA IS GOOD We were going on talking But then I was also hungry So I had to stop them and go to someplace to buy food Now Ben is going to take me to the nearest store I bought these things from the store I bought all the stuff in 275 som which is almost equivalent to 275 Indian rupees It’s raining. but thanks to go pro. I can use it in rain My hostel staff helped me with the information Actually, I want to buy a mobile Sim So I asked them which would be the best place They told me to visit Osh Bazaar Now I’m going to Osh Bazar And I am almost there it is around 1.5 km away from my hostel Here are all the stores at one place O, Beeline & Megacom It’s 5:30 PM and I have bought the Sim The famous Osh Bazar is just behind it There is also a mall adjacent to it I bought a SIM from this shop This is Megacom This Sim cost me 80 som I got 20 GB of internet data 12GB day, 8GB night 500 minutes free on their own network It has a validity of seven days I can recharge it again after seven days This was the cheapest plan I found here even beeline offered a similar plan But while I was struggling to choose a particular plan as everything was written in Russian I was not able to understand anything Even the staff was not able to understand English then A local came to help me out Let me introduce the person I was confused with the tariff They have a different rate in the day and different in the night Calling rate from Megacom to Megacom is different and Megacom to other companies is different It’s not like our country Where Jio is offering everything for free But she came to my rescue and suggested a particular plan She can speak well in English Because she stayed in the US for one year So now we are going to check public transport This is a musical instrument She plays it she represented Kyrgyzstan in Surajkund Mela (India) So she came to India in 2018 and she liked it I’ll share her experiences later on now we are going to use public transport now this is something important 10 som in such Marshrutkas 8 som on a big bus like the yellow one Fare is paid while leaving the bus Thanks Ajar. You helped me a lot She has gone to her place She suggested this place to visit I’ll tell you more about this place in sometime Let me count how much money I have I gave him a bill of 50 Som He returned the change and now I have to count them let me count Not able to understand anything How can they mix meat in the water! The menu was in Russian and I was not able to understand anything even Google translate didn’t help I don’t know what this soup is made up of

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