Law Abiding Citizen — Review #JPMN

Law Abiding Citizen — Review #JPMN

Starring Gerald Butler, Jamie Foxx, and an
excellent support cast – Citizen is the story of Clyde Shelton, played by Butler who is
a regular family man who witnesses his wife and daughter brutally murdered in front of
his eyes during a home invasion in the opening scene of the film. Jamie Foxx is Nick Rice,
the greedy lawyer who decides not to take Shelton’s case to court because the evidence
against the criminals isn’t strong enough. Fast forward 10 years, where Shelton, now
wealthy and very well educated in the justice system, has prepared his ultimate revenge
against the criminal that went free, and nearly everyone involved in the justice department
that he felt betrayed them. This is a fast-moving, engaging, exciting, and engrossing thriller
from start to finish. Initially, the audience sides with Shelton – a man who lost everything,
and watched his family’s murdered go free. As the film progresses however, we see Shelton’s
true intent: the desires of a man with unlimited resources and time to plan the ultimate revenge…
with absolutely nothing to lose. And for me… I absolutely loved rooting for his character…
the guy who actually decides to get his bloody revenge on the people that wronged him. Sure
– an eye for an eye isn’t typical protagonist material… but this allows for some absolutely
shockingly violent and entertaining scenes in a film where it none of this bloodshed
and murder really feels out of place. And that’s why the first half of this film is
fresh and brilliant piece of cinema I thoroughly enjoyed… but by the half-way point of the
film, our characters start taking actions that make them less and less likable… resulting
in a film without any true protagonists. It maintains it’s fast-pace and flashy editing…
but I found myself pulling more for the blood and violence in the final act, instead of
the characters. Granted, that is not necessarily a bad thing, but I felt the film did slide
a bit in the final hour. Butler is outstanding in the lead role here, as Foxx just sorts
of looks on and reacts to what’s going on around him… but the film ends with a good
message, and doesn’t cop out, so I have to give it points there. That’s what I thought
about Law Abiding Citizen – now lets see what you had to say in the YouTube comments: cayseena Very thrilling movie, how the family
got murdered oh so sad but loved it was one of my favorite movies the characters keep
you guessing the whole way through 9/10 MrWeeklyGeek A cool movie. I was expecting
a high-action shooting movie but instead i got a suspense-filled gore fest. 6-10 Okay now that we’ve heard both sides, lets
rank “Law Abiding Citizen” on the rate-o-matic… a Great and an Awesome! I really enjoyed every
part about this film, but when the main protagonist you’re rooting for starts murdering innocents…
you find yourself watching a film just for the explosions at that point, I had to score
it an 8. You folks almost unanimously really enjoyed this film, many praising the edge-of-your
seat thrills, and Butler’s outstanding portrayal of Shelton – you scored it a “9”.


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    I agree that the end of this movie was a horrible let down. To have the out if nowhere tip come in that let them beat Clyde's character really took away from it. And yes I was rooting for him the whole way.

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    Dr. G.S.

    It was a great movie,i was on clydes side all the way…but where did u see inocents get killed? Everyone of them deserved it. The ending was awfull..i would have had the girl get killed so the final lesson to foxx by clyde…clyde is my hero,the kills were awesome,even tho the mayor survived. 9.5 of 10

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    Mudson Jones

    I think they ruined everything they were trying to build up in this movie with the ending. 'Murica strikes again, and the 'good' guys win. I really loved how Gerards character had everything figured out, like some supernatural being. They tear that down completely by him being figured out just like that, from some quick lucky message from Sarah. It just seems like they take Gerards character, his entire mastermind, and then just throw it right in the shitter. He should have 'won' but by dying.

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    Kongmeng Xiong

    Did you watch the movie, it wasn't for revenge………Everything was for a point. Clyde (I'm going to use the movie names) was wrongly betrayed during the case. His murderers did not serve justice. The system was broken. All the killings in the movie was for a cause and that cause was NOT for revenge, it was to change the system! Let's start with the people who wronged Clyde like the judge and the attorney who defended the murderers. They died because they deserved to. They are people in power who swore to put justice where is deserves and they did not do that. That was why they were killed. Now let's talk about the innocent people that Clyde killed. The crew members of Nick's team and Jonas. They died because it was a necessary evil. Clyde knew all along from the beginning that Nick was the person to change the justice system. I am sure he research Nick's life from birth all the way to where he is now. A person like Clyde would do that. I'm assuming he saw that Nick worked to become a lawyer to change the system – he even said it himself in the movie that he "wanted to change this system" but instead the system was the one who changed him. It was during the funeral. Also at the funeral Nick finally reflected on his mistake, that "he was one who brought this upon all of them", because he did not put Morby (the murderer) on trial. The right thing was to trial him for the murder of Clyde's family, Clyde himself said he would've been able to live his life if Nick had done that. You see, every killing was not for revenge it was for a purpose and that purpose was to bring Nick back to the old Nick who wanted to change the system. You can watch it again when the crew member died, Clyde was sad, Gary Grey did not just show the scenes of him sighing in his cell for no reason. But it had to be done to push Nick. The person who changed the most in this movie was Nick from the beginning to the end. He now does not make deals with murderers and is now focused on serving justice where it needs to be served. Now killing the mayor and the other representatives was to completely set a clean slate for a new and better justice to give birth. But Nick caught it in time and was able to prevent it. Killing them would've for sure set a whole new system in place but Clyde's job was already done – he has changed Nick! From all the deaths of his friends, he was able to self-reflect on him and his job. He was able to go back and be that person who wanted to change the system in the beginning. And when Clyde saw that, he was happy. All his efforts were finally creating an outcome that was RIGHT. Even though the bomb was moved and did not kill the mayor and the others, Nick is now going to change everything. He has been promoted and is now going to change the justice system for good. Everything that Clyde worked so hard for 10 years, all those killings, is going to finally going to be worth it. That was why the end scene he was so calm – because knew that Nick was going now serve justice to those who deserves them. He clearly knows that from him planning all of this, he will have to serve justice himself which is why I respect him so much. He sacrificed himself, his feelings, his life, everything to fix a system that was badly corrupted. Those who cannot see this is doomed to argue with me. This movie does not show revenge, it shows a man's determined will and sacrifice to change a system who wronged him.Props to Gary Grey for directing this wonderful film! One of my favorites, I can't tell you (who ever is reading this) how many times I have re-watched this movie!

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    i gave this film an 8 to 9, BUT then the ending happened and it destroyed everything that worked to well for how gerards char was acting, that ending rpaed his chars iq to badly, i cna;'t watch the endign anymore, soon as they figure out where he was working from i turn it off and just like other moives that ended wrong i cut it off at the ackles to not have to watch it get destoyed again, i kn ow the end sadly, if it hadn't ended the way it did i could fully agree to high scores, but DAMN!!! ugh

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    PowerLifting 101

    Am i the only one that took this movie not seriously and made it way more enjoyable. Everything he did was hilarious like asking for a bed

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