Le RSI Mantis et l’Interdiction Quantum • Star Citizen 3.7

Hey everyone, welcome on this new Ship review video ! Today we’re gonna talk about “The Mantis” A brand new ship made by RSI Added in the latest patch 3.7 This is gonna be kind of quick this time because it has only one purpose: a new kind of gameplay Let’s get to it already with the aesthetic aspect
We can recognize RSI’s design at first sight even if it’s way more polished than a
Constellation or an Aurora It’s clearly the new direction of RSI
in terms of design, that has been reworked and as we see this little guy, the Constellation really feels old and needs a rework about textures and shapes Concerning its purpose, this is a real “Interdiction” ship He’s been made to catch other ships and
pull them out of quantum to stop them This is a solitary ship with no cargo but has its own living part with the minimum required: bed, toilets and a kitchen Let’s take a look inside We’ll see how it works, let’s have a ride I must tell you guys, I have a personnal issue
with most RSI’s ships except the Aurora obviously is this ramp that is not really conveniant… At least, we’ve got a button this time
which is nice but as you can see, I still have to jump
so I don’t think it’s quite finished yet However, it’s fine when you’re on the ground but when it comes to get out in EVA, this is a different story Once you’re inside everything is very sober not very flourished except these two decorative screens Here is the restroom I have to mention that these are the first Japanese toilets ! I think this is probably the first time we have “realistic” toilets maybe ? And we can sit properly on them… The bed, obviously with a screen that’s not actually working This is all about the living part let’s get to the pilot’s seat First thing we can appreciate is the visibility. Just a little thing about that most of RSI’s ships has too many huge struts everywhere the Mantis is the first one that has a wide, neat cockpit I love it We’re gonna lift off and see how it goes in the air “Atmospheric flight” First great positive point it has a great manoeuvrability and very fast I went especially on ArcCorp to show you the astmospheric aspect as it’s the best place for that The lift and rolls are great it makes him very agile in various environment even if its gameplay is exclusively based in space I don’t think it’s very necessary for this ship but we’ll see that later, during this video I’m gonna boost now it’ll heat very quickly like most of ships as you can see, it goes at 500 m/s maximum it moves ! in comparison, the P72-Archimede is going at 400 m/s without afterburner* P72-Archimede, a very small luxury competitive meanwhile our Mantis is actually going
easily at 350 m/s This shows a current lack of balance between ships
in my opinion the fastest ships seems alright but there’s a problem with the smallest ones like the Razor, which is absolutely ridiculous The Mantis feels pretty well balanced though A very small negative detail: the headlights, we barelly see something unless you’re very close but when you’re too close, it’s too late already ! Here you go, nice. That was planned anyway I can now show you another problem about the Mantis It’s very, very, very fragile, concretly too
much I swept on a building though but it can quickly happen There’s another major problem the main thruster AND reverse thruster are only on this engine and some of the other thrusters are on this engine These are just connected to the ship by this little part which is very pretty but once again, ultra fragile A single minor choc can break your engines I still have one left but I’m good to go repairing my ship… Let’s try that As you can see, it seems fine actually but this is obviously not as precise (Coupled mode) as if we still had our second engine Here we go again, this is all messed up now… I managed to stabilized Good, I’m gonna repair the ship and I give you a rendez-vous in space ! “Spatial flight” Ok so, I am now around the R&R station ARC-L1 We’re gonna fly around and test a few things I’m gonna stick to the red limit as I’m not gonna do anything sportive we are just gonna stay with a slow limiter Like I told you before, the roll axis is great The pitch is acceptable Honestly for its size, this is a very good ship its agility is one of its greatest advantage I’m gonna try to get a bit faster to see its reactions Beware the antennas that can be deadly Let’s get through this… Boosting a little bit Strafes are nice Same about the turn around To be honest, this is better than expected for that kind of ship Dangerous antennas here… I really approve this ship in space the coolers needs to be changed due to overheating but
it has a great feeling Alrighty then, I think we are done for that part “Weapons and components” Here we are now in the arena commander for practical reasons We are gonna have a technical tour of what this little guy has to offer First things first, everything comes in size 1 We could think he’d get some size 2 components but it doesn’t unfortunatly everything comes in size 1 The slots are similar to the gladius: a power plant, Two shields and two coolers. Let’s begin The power plant is a Regulus which is the most common and also a nice one even if you can find a better one the market About the coolers he got the Bracer, not the most efficients considering that you’ll generate A LOT of heat with your QED Same about the shields, common but far from the best and not adapted as you’re flimsy keep in mind that actually the shields are not covering the whole ships and you only have 6800 hp knowing that the Gladius has a bit less but is much more powerfull in any way I would suggest you to change them quickly for a Forcewall and a Shimmer so you can get a decent regen with a correct amount of hp You can also get different shields, it’s always up to you, either if you prefer to be more tanky and burst opponent Or based on regen if you want to poke your ennemy There’s only two fixed weapons size 3 with the brand new laser canon FL-33 that came within the patch 3.7. these will balance its weakness by offering you a 3500m long range which is great and well balanced for its positioning and will allow you to assist your team mates meanwhile you stay safe behind them even if you will always remain in danger due to its negative aspects Obviously, it’ll be complicated to be helpful due its fixed weapons due to the range and even if you got these two good weapons Don’t consider this ship as a fighter though It’s absolutely pointless to engage a fight with this ship unless you just want to bow it up This is probably its biggest negative aspect but we will see that at the end of the video not that he doesn’t belong in fighting but you always remain in danger everytime you’re using your interdiction Anyway, we will talk about it later switching your weapons wont change anytime There’s also 4 missiles but once again,
we will pass on this… One last thing: I wish he had a quantum size 2 to intercept an eventual escaping target even if this is not really necessary but a third shield would have been much more appreciated Would have been nice to fill its lack of defenses Let’s finally dive into the main purpose of the gameplay “Interdiction” Here we are, in the middle of nowhere lost in deep space after an interception I will show you now where and how to make it works Take in consideration that I’m doing this video on my own I wont probably catch anyone but let’s do that It’s quite easy ! Let’s imagine: you want to get someone who’s going on Daymar from Port Olisar Just place yourself half way by taking the same path and stop your engines at the right moment and you’ll be able to stop your target by pulling him out of quantum You must be on the same roads
the “main roads” that everyone are using The area of interdiction is approximatively around 20km You must get all the chances on your side Now we’re at the right place, this will be simple You’ll have to turn on your QED Which is the “Quantum Enforcement Mechanic” manually with item 2.0 There’s no keybindind for that feature yet
but it should be available sooner or later Turning ON will open your interdiction generator
at the back of your ship Now you have two options Snare and Dampener (excuse me for my accent) Charging and releasing a snare will pull out of quantum every ship caught in it and they wont be able to use their quantum for a short period of time Dampening someone is very usefull if you already caught a target and dont want to let him go without stopping other ships that are currently in quantum travel Using only the snare will allow your target to escape, especially if they have an EMP The best thing to do when you finally caught someone is to quickly launch your Dampener,
that is instant by the way Don’t forget that using your QED is illegal
in areas covered by UEE I highly recommend to reduce your shields and even turn off your weapons because it drains a lot of energy like I mentionned
in the components part You must cool your ship down
just after launching a snare Another important point about the gameplay: make sure to play with someone else someone who can handle bad situations because you’re not gonna make it on your own You’ll be too exposed with your Mantis after an interdiction, don’t take any risks Let’s have a look to how it works, which is very simple Make sure you first activated your QED in your weapons (Like EMP’s), then turn it on and it’ll start charging It is now charging It takes only a few seconds As you can see in the cockpit, we’re surrounded by these pretty effect which means your snare is ready Then you’ll juste have
to press on iniate when it’s charged The interdiction is now working Now that it has been released, keep in mind your snare will be active as long as you remain here Your interdiction area will be
around 20km like I mentionned before It may sounds very small but trust me,
it’s large enough to catch someone Once your snare is placed,
you’ll juste have to cancel this option and from now on, you’ll have an approximatively
3min cooldown Now that the snare feature has finished its cooldown, I’m gonna show you the Dampener It’s instant It’s only gonna “dampen” the present ships hostiles and friendly targets, even your crew, with an effect of 20km as well Some number are still approximative but as it’s a recent ship,
it’s kinda hard to find a lot of informations Like my previous review about the Banu Defender, I’ll pin in the commentary section the modifications about specific details
concerning the Mantis Your knowledge, informations and feedback about the Mantis will be welcome Many of you gave me a lot feedback and it’s been very interesting for this previous one “Conclusion” Here we are, back on ArcCorps’s rooftops
to conclude this video Besides the negative parts of this little Mantis I’ll mention its positive aspects like the
introducing interdiction gameplay which is interesting It’ll bring some new aspects in Star Citizen, especially gameplay-wise at a large scale We had the opportunity to try this out with a few friends and this is working very well Unfortunately, the ship itself is its own weakness and is useless without its role, to be honest You cant defend yourself,
you can’t face your targets as you’re too fragile The biggest problem is an overall weakness… This is why you must
absolutely play with a crew Interdiction is its ONLY purpose and I’m afraid it wont be enough to have fun doing this all the time as a member of a group or corporation This is gonna be very repetitive waiting alone in your ship until you catch somebody Looking at your mates doing the whole job I consider it more likely this as a PNJ ship It’s important to have cops in the verse, don’t get me wrong, this gameplay belongs to the game it doesn’t really make sense when
we see these avenger or cutlass though Now that we’ve got this one, it’s gonna be quite interesting to be interrupted in quantum by this one This ship has clearly a place into mercenaries, police, security or any other kind of corporations They’ll probably need one or two RSI Mantis I really have a problem with its fragile aspect, even if it’s really pretty and slick We knew the first interdiction ship was coming when they announced it We speculated and expected a small, bulky ship like the Terapin because a team might keep him alive You must be able to defend yourself as you are able to catch bigger ships than you This is how it must be, even if it doesn’t have a great capacity of damages Your team must protect you but
it’ll be hard if you’re way too flimsy They can’t constantly protect you at all cost as they’ll have a different task: apprehend the target(s) We made a test with one light fighter,
imagine if there’s multiple hostiles even if you have good guardians besides you:
you’re already gone forever I’d rather have a solid ship with the same role than a fast and agile one like it is actually This is the actual issue: you’re fast, which is nice, you can also escape a situations but escaping far from your team mates
is definitely a very bad idea Being alone is worse than being close to your allies This choice of design doesn’t really seem to fit with the concept of an interdiction ship If you’re still interested in it, go ahead and spoil yourself The price is 150 USD without taxes and there’s actually an upgrade package from an Aurora to a Mantis but I dont get it as it’s not
a great solo ship on a daily basis I’d recommend you to go for a Cutlass, Freelancer or an Avenger Titan but definitely not a Mantis which is not polyvalent compare to those ones, especially if you only have a starter Aurora I think we’ve seen everything about the Mantis Last few words: Many of you guys gave me feedback about this new format, I’m really glad you like it This is a special format, an “almost live” review
but I try to improve myself everytime I mostly improvise while I’m recording the video and the ship has only been released yesterday I only had the chance to try it out and make some tests for a short period of time Once again, don’t hesitate to send me feedbacks and complete my review about the Mantis I read all of you, I’ll pin the modifications I’d have forgotten or eventually if I made some mistakes I also invite you to use my referral code
if you dont have an account yet every informations are just down below
in the description I also added Erkul’s website which is a DPS calculator where you can see all the components and build templates for all of the existant ships Thanks everyone for watching this video
and see you next time, Terada off Tcho’ !

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