Learn French – How to Greet People in French

salute general Ingrid hi everybody I’m
Ingrid welcome to French part 101.com your concert component the fastest
easiest and most fun way to learn French in the last lesson we learned how to be
grateful to people by saying message in this lesson we’ll learn some of the
other most common greetings used in France musica are you ready
a lousy party let’s start the most use informal greeting is salut salut salut
means hi hello or goodbye we use it when we meet but also when we leave we should
only use this reading with friends and family and now let’s continue by
discussing the formal way to greet people the one you are probably used to
hearing is usual boom Jules literally Bonjour means good day however
we may also interpret it as good morning or good afternoon as a rule of thumb we
can use module only during the day time for morning until evening during the
evening we say bonsoir boom suave suave is French for evening
so bonsoir means good evening Boudreaux and bonsoir are used when we meet
someone but when we live we don’t say them again in this formal situation
French people use au revoir au au voir all of our means goodbye finally in
French we have an expression meaning see you soon that can be considered both
formal and informal abdel – ah done – now you can greet people in many
different ways in French let’s review them all again when meeting someone
informally with a salute when meeting someone formally we say bonjour or
bonsoir when living in a formal situation of voix when leaving no matter
whether it’s form or informal situation I belong to it’s
easy isn’t it now it’s time for Ingrid’s insights informal situation French
people commonly greet each other by shaking hands on the other hand if we
meet someone we are really friend with we kiss each other on both cheeks don’t
be afraid to do it with your French friends it’s normal
during the next lesson we learn the meaning of the phrase
parlez-vous anglais do you already know it we’ll be waiting to talk about it
with you in our next the concept on community lesson I jump you

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