Learners talking about Citizen Maths

The main thing is that it helps you to understand
that you can do something that you perhaps think you’ve been unable to in the past. Citizen
Maths is a free open online course, primarily targeted at self-motivated adults who want
to improve their grasp of maths at Level 2. The approach is that of looking at how adults
can actually apply maths in their daily lives – like cooking, mixing, painting, or even
redecorating. They’re doing maths without doing maths, if I could say that. Like me,
you’ll probably be frustrated at the length of time your mobile phone battery lasts. In
the videos, they explain real-life situations for when you’re answering your questions.
They have an introduction and a review summary at the end, once you’ve answered your question.
For someone like me, I struggle with maths a lot. It’s been simplified to my way of understanding.
And mathematics can be thought of as the study of patterns. And in the natural world, in
plants and in animals, we often see patterns as well. It was just like having a tutor in
my home, working at my pace, at my level. And the more I progressed, the more confident
I felt able of my own abilities. I thought the format was very attractive, and I thought
the, you know, the interface and the way it was set up was very easy to use. The topics
covered are real-life topics, so that people can actually get a grasp of maths. Oh, it’s
definitely what I’ve been looking for. Because when I do a lot of maths, I feel like it gets
overloaded in my brain. With this, I can just, if I feel like it’s too much, I can just come
off it, take a break, and go back on it. In class, you can’t do that. When you’re sitting
in the classroom, the lecturer hasn’t got all of that time of day to obviously pay attention
to you as an individual. So, you can always go back to Citizen Maths online. You just
have that one-on-one guidance. So the question is, which of the pumps is most likely to be
the source of the contamination? Maths used to be a battle for me. It no longer is. It’s
now a challenge. I get emotional sometimes, because I want to learn that thing, and I
don’t know, where do I get that information? Now, Citizen Maths, for me, that’s one of
the tools that I was looking for. I think, if you get it, you will never forget it. I
love Citizen Maths. Depending on who you are as a learner, there’s between 25 and 50 or
60 total of study hours. Citizen Maths was created by Calderdale College, the Institute
of Education, and the awarding body OCR. It’s been funded by the Ufi Charitable Trust.

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