Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt & Margot Robbie on ‘Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood’ | MTV News

Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt & Margot Robbie on ‘Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood’ | MTV News

– Okay, biggest movie
controversy of all time? Could Jack have fit on that
door at the end of ‘Titanic’? – Oh my gosh, I thought it. I remember balling my eyes out when I was, a girl.
– I have no comment. (laughs) – That’s telling, I think. – That is the biggest controversy. – Ever. – In modern cinema. History. – [Brad] Could you? Could
you have squeezed in there? (laughs) – No comment, Brad. – Did you mentioned it at the time, were you like, “Should we
make the door smaller, so I– – Like I said, I have no comment. (laughs) – It’s movie magic, my friends. – This movie is amazing. It’s, you probably heard this before, but it is definitely a love letter to movies, movie-going, movie making, the unsung heroes that make movies. – Television, LA. – There’s a lot there. But what I really wanna
do with you guys is, ’cause I feel like all four
of us are big movie fans, is let’s revel in our love
of movies for a second, okay? – Yeah. – What’s the movie that you grew up with that made you obsessed with movies? What was the first movie that.
– Ooh. – Got you obsessed? – ‘East of Eden’. – All right, James Dean. – Well, the first film
that I remember seeing was the black and white
original ‘King Kong’ with my dad downtown and bursting into tears, and falling in love with
movies at that point, but when I, you know,
got to become an actor was watching that very
vulnerable James Dean in ‘East of Eden’, who would just, blew me away–
– [Josh] Yeah. – Blew me away. – The first movie I remember
being my favorite movie that I watched like 50 times over, was ‘Robin Hood: Men in Tights’ and, (laughs) I was like five and it was, kind of inappropriate of a movie for a five year old to watch everyday. – That’s really funny.
– But I loved it. – That’s really funny. For me, it was the drive-in, we would see films at the drive-in, early age, and it was, it was
the ones that made me cry, ‘Guargantuan’, ‘Guargantuans’? ‘Guargantuans’.
– [Josh] Oh. It was a good guargantuan,
bad guargantuan. – Don’t remember it. – It’s.
(laughs) Only Quentin would know about it. And the good one has to sacrifice himself to take out the bad one. Tears, and then I went straight from that to Butch And Sundance, then the ending, tears again. – There’s a great moment in the film, where your character Sharon sees her face and name on a poster, on a marquee, and on this big screen. Do you remember that moment for you guys, when the first time you saw your name, or face, and was that a big moment? – I do, it was ‘Parenthood’ and on the Warner Brothers lot, there was a big poster of me, and I stood there for hours, and I had my mother take a picture. (laughs) – “Sir, you’re gonna have to leave.” – Good on you for admitting that. (laughs) – There was a poster of
‘Pan Am’ in Times Square, and I remember like, I just gotten to America
and now I’m in Times Square, and I’m like 30 feet high up there, and I was so, and I
remember asking someone to take a picture of me. I was like, “Could you
take a picture of me, like I’m gonna stand right here.” And they kept cropping out the poster, and I kept having to be like, “No I need it, I need
that, all of that in there, that’s the point of the picture.” And they’re like, “Why?” And I was like, “I just
need it in there, please.” (laughs) – That’s sweet, that’s
a little Sharon Tate– – Yeah.
– Going to see your own film. – Is there a classic
movie that you would be sad to admit right now you’ve never seen? – ‘Gone With The Wind’. – What?
– You’ve never seen ‘Gone With The Wind’?
– I’ve never seen ‘Gone With The Wind’ either. – Are you serious? – I got–
– You guys have never seen– – Oh my God.
– You have an excuse, (laughs)
I don’t have an excuse. (laughs) ‘Gone With The Wind’ or ‘Sound
of Music’, I’ve never seen. – I have never seen ‘Sound of Music’. – What? (laughs) – I figured, have you seen it? – Like a thousand times! I remember when we did
‘Wolf of Wall Street’, you would get angry at me all the time, any time I’d mention
any movie I hadn’t seen. He’d be like, “How have you
not seen ‘Citizen Kane’? (laughs)
How can you work in this industry and not
have seen ‘Citizen Kane’? I’m like, “I just got in this industry. You’ve had more time to watch this stuff.” And I went home, and I’d
go watch ‘Citizen Kane’, and watch all the movies, he’s like, “You have to see this,
you have to see this.” – I figured I’ve gone this long, why start now? I’m going all the way. I refuse to see it.
– I’ve never seen ‘Star Wars’. – What? – And I kind of don’t watch it now, just because it infuriates people so much. Like, “How? How have you not watch
any, any ‘Star Wars’?” And I just kinda wanna see
how long I can make it. – Let’s go deep, some big
movie-going existential or profound controversies over the years. And one that struck me watching the movie, Sharon puts her feet up,
her bare feet up on a seat, in a movie theater. – And they’re dirty. – I don’t even care if they’re dirty, man. (laughs) I mean. – Dirty feet. – Dirty feet. – Quentin likes some dirty feet. – How dare you dirty feet. (laughs) – But is that ever appropriate
in a movie theater, for someone’s bare feet
to be put on a seat? – In the 60’s it sure was, right? I mean, I wouldn’t know.
– I don’t know, it’s a good question. I did think about it, I was like, “Does this? I don’t wanna convey that
she’s rude or impolite because she’s neither of those things. – If you had the space, if
you don’t have neighbors close by, I’m gonna say.
– No one is seating in the front. – I’m gonna say it’s okay.
– Okay! – Maybe not shoes anyways, it’s not shoes.
– Right. – Just your feet.
– Right. – Larry David may have a problem with it. – But they were dirty. – They were dirty feet. – A couple other important
movie discussions, perennial movie arguments, True or false? Floyd from ‘True Romance’ is the greatest stoner
character of all time? – Absolutely true.
– Really? Thank you.
– Absolutely true. 1,000%, “Get cleaning products.”
– ‘Cause there’s been some good ones. – “Condescend me (bleep).” – “Condescend, I’ll (bleep) kill you.” – Godfather One.
– Written by Quentin Tarantino.
– Of course. – My favorite movie of all time. – [Josh] ‘True Romance’? – Really, is that right?
– I walked down the aisle to the ‘True Romance’ music.
– Come on, oh that’s a good guy.
– What? – Comic book movies, I was
saying it to Margot earlier, there is a connection in that, Margot’s next film, or upcoming
film is ‘Birds of Prey’, which was shot under of the title, correct me if I’m wrong, Fox Force Five. – Correct.
– Do you guys know what Fox Force Five is, do you remember? – No. – Fox Force Five, you tell them, Margot.
– Guys! In ‘Pulp Fiction,’
– Ah. – When Uma and John Travolta having their five dollar milkshake, she’s explaining the pilot that she, which I think in real life Uma had done, I think that dialogue
was based of the fact– – That she’d done a pilot like that. – She’d done a pilot like that. And then he turned into dialogue, and then she talks about, Fox Force Five. (laughs)
And it’s like a whole scene. But, in our movie there’s
five prominent women, and, like everything we
always throw reference to like, oh Tarantino moments that we pray to like inject into the film. So it felt fitting, and then, also I asked
Quentin, I was like, “Would you mind if we
used the working title, Fox Force Five?” And he was like, he thought
it was really funny. – Does it have a little
bit of the anarchic subversive Tarantino
spirit in ‘Birds of Prey’? – I mean, yes, the spirit’s
definitely there, yeah. – Leo, on this group is the only one that’s eluded comic book movies. You’ve done your time as
Vanisher, congratulations. – Thank you. – Your role was amazing in ‘Deadpool 2’. – Thank you very much. – Oh yeah, I was like,
what are you talking about? That was really funny, actually. – Is that it for you? Have you capped out, have you topped out? – I think I’ve taken it
as far as I can take it. (laughs) – It’s kinda mic drop that, that was a good scene. Ryan Reynolds came up with it. A part that I could fill. – It’s very funny. – I’m completely lost in everything that’s being talked about. (laughs) – You’re so Rick Dalton right now. – Oblivious Rick Dalton. (laughs) – Oh my God, Leo’s still in character. (laughs) – By the way. – I carry my characters a year after. – Last thing for you, there’s an epic kind of
a brain freeze moment for your character in this film, where he’s just like melts down, and he can’t get through it. Did that remind you of
any particular moments of your career’s work, like you just could
not get through a scene for what ever reason? – [Leo, Brad, Margot] Yeah. (laughs) – Yeah. A few of them come to mind. – Definitely, so many come to mind. – I think we’ve all had those, and they’re the worst. They’re the nightmare of going
to school in your underwear. (laughs) The real live version of it. – And just can’t get out of your own head. – You got a 100 people on the set. – Yes. – And you’re, everyone wants to move on to the next or go home, you have a co-star who’s
already done theirs, and done it well, and they’re waiting on you. – I once had to do a scene where I had to be speaking Lingala, and there was also like stunt stuff happening at the same time, so it was really crucial, and I just couldn’t speak. I couldn’t like, I was like, and I practiced this for so many months, and I cannot get my mouth
around this language right now, and I kept messing it up. – It’s usually has to do with
being incredibly exhausted, I remember doing on ‘The Aviator’ a massive dialogue sequence, and I then I just had
two lines the next day, that was my whole day, and I couldn’t, literally
couldn’t say those words. Of course Scorsese was
just sitting there waiting, like 40 takes later like, “Oh my God!” I could not say these two lines. – Did it make the movie?
– It did.


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    Not seeing Gone With the Wind is unforgivable. You have to see it. To this day, it's still the biggest movie ever made. It sold the most tickets than any other movie in history, still holds the record. It had all of the super stars of the golden age of Hollywood… and the movie was great. You have to be kidding me, man.

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    Leonardo was just sitting at the next table tonight vaping away on Brando Island. He's as hot as he is in the movies.

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    Paro Chatterjee

    Margot is a ray of sunshine who fits well between Leo's thoughtful seriousness and Brad's laid-back coolness.

    The dynamics are definitely similar to her Sharon Tate who provides the infusion of bright happy energy between Rick and Cliff's stories in the movie. Quentin managed to create such a formidable trio. Man is a little zany but he knows his shit.

    PS : I can't imagine Jlaw instead of Margot here. Thank goodness it didn't happen.

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    Joe Remriez

    I was in💓 love💓 with 💋💓 MARGOT💗 ROBBIE 💓💋 then I find out she's a😬 tranny😲 chick with a😝😲😝😬😂 dick 😂 damn I was fool 😝 I thought 💞she was the most💞 beautiful woman on Earth💞 I was wrong 😥😝😲😬😂💔

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    Людмила пухальская

    Лео оделся прилично на передачу, а Бред совсем уже расслабился,

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    Alana Hooley

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019) film Available my.su/bando?tfx

    Nice story, a little bit slow but I'm fine with that. I would recomend it to everyone, masterpiece by Brand Pitt and Dicaprio.

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    The interviewer was so good that to me he was the real star of this interview. They all seemed to be having fun, hire the lad to do all the interviews, MTV News pls.

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    that's one way to look at it

    Sooo it finally happened.
    Brad Pitt is not good looking anymore.
    At least I think so. I know, I know others here will think differently. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    Bojana Knezevic

    Yes Margot 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤣 same
    ‘Oh my you lost your arms in battle… but you grew some nice boobs’ ‘Blinkin…

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    Bidhan Chandra Saha Roy

    I love Leo as Jack sooooooooooo much.He is a very incredible men and very honest person.He will always exist only in my heart , dreams and in my memory 😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😍😍.

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    Interesting the way they're promoting Margot in interviews as a starring character when her role in the film isn't even big. She only did like three scenes and those are comedic.

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    ɴᴀᴛʜᴀɴ ʙʀᴜʜ

    Gosh so surreal to see Margot sitting next to Leo and Brad. Still think about her being on neighbours whenever I see her come up.

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    You know, these bare (dirty) feet are a metapher for the hippie-time, it was nature against convention, and from a beautiful woman..Shoes? On the seat? No, that wouldn't have been acceptable..

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    So refreshing to see an interviewer with interesting, and worth-their-while questions! Makes it a whole lot better when they're enjoying answering the questions

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    Jerry L.

    Some people may not know that Brad was the first choice to play Jack Dawson in Titanic. James Cameron didn't want a big star like Brad and wanted an up and comer and had recently seen Romeo and Juliet with Leo and it was all over. Brad would have commanded 15 Million for the role while they got Leo for 1 million and a back end deal. The back end deal made Leo over 50 million off Titanic.

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    Leslie Horwinkle

    Ha ha, the theater was empty in ……TX, I was wearing flip flops, so last week, I put my dirty feet on the seat back.

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    Zsuzsa Farkas

    I love it that Margot Robbie seems very comfortable around the boys and they seem to be absolutely easy going, that really makes me feel like, they have a good work relationship between them.

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    martina martini

    Titanic was too expensive and they knew they wouldn't be able to make a sequel to top it so they made sure they killed off the main character so there couldn't be a sequel!

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    I agree with Margot about infuriating Star Wars movies. Enjoyed these 3 in Once Upon a Time – Leo and Brad were outstanding.

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    go figure

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    Tamás Nyapi

    Perhaps never seeing Star Wars before should disallow people being in this industry. Maybe people should not be allowed to be part of this industry on the first place without watching at least 10 times the old trilogy. So it sinks.

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