Life in Canada as an Immigrant – My experience of India to Canada & My PR Story – English Subtitle

Today I am sharing very real and honest my view about the life of canada It’s been 4 years i am in canada I will share my experience and thats only my view point if you are in canada please feel free to share your views Please watch this video till end because I will be sharing good and bad things about canada as per my experience so lets start with why we moved to canada My husband is a civil design engineer and his job is all about landscape designing and most of his projects was from US and Canada even in India when he used to work with MNC’s most of his projects were from US and canada and he used to go to US on business visa for 3 to 4 months After our marriage we came to canada for 1 year we were in calagary for August 2008 – September 2009 and my husband liked the working culture and environment of canada even after going back to canada when we were in Delhi he used to apply to international companies especially Canadian companies even he used to get job but things did not finalized because we didn’t had work permit or PR when any company hires from international location they don’t want to spend for your PR In 2013 there was special PR quota / seats were opened especially for civil engineers that time we applied for PR whenever you have to apply for PR you must go to good consultant but we did all the paper work all by ourselves that was very stressful and hectic I remember we didn’t even spoke for 2 months as after work he used to be busy with the PR documentation There is a very good website of canada which has all the criteria and document specifications whenever you need to apply for PR I will leave all important websites in description box you can go and check there It was very time taking to apply visa but in march 2014 actually feb 2014 our last processing was done medical and police verification and april 2014 we received our passport with PR visa generally people get excited after receiving PR and they fly down to canada without any plans but we decided to wait for next 3-4 months my husband used to apply for jobs in canada we only knew 2 of my husband’s colleague in edmonton and also we were aware of calgary so he started looking for job in edmonton and calgary he actually applied for more than 100 companies but we always knew he needs 1 interview as all his experience was from US and Canada thats why it was easy and helpful for him to get job otherwise if you don’t have working experience it’s lil difficult to get job because when i came here my experience is into HR but i don’t have any canadian exp neither canadian degree so even after trying a lot i could not get job in my own field anyways we will speak about that later so my husband got job in Aug 2014 and we came to canada in Sept – 2014 your PR visa is valid for 1 year from the date your medical is done like our medical was done on march 2014 so our visa was valid till march 2015 if you don’t enter in canada before that visa expires and you have to apply for renewal Coming to the time when we entered canada After entering canada you must apply for all important documentation For PR card you generally apply at your port of entry in the airport but in case you haven’t you must apply online as soon as you enter canada we came to Alberta , so I am telling you about processing in Alberta Healthcare in Alberta is the best when you come on PR or work permit you get alberta healthcare card as soon as you enter Alberta Healthcare is completely free When you visit doctor or have surgery or for hospital room its completely free if you have a health care card so as soon as we entered Alberta we first applied for social security No then we applied for health care card and within 2 weeks or 10 days you will receive your health card In British Columbia and Ontario it takes 3 months time to get the health card so if you are coming to British columbia or ontario you should carry medical insurance from India or you should het insurance after entering canada because if you don’t have insurance medical is v expensive in canada After that comes Rental when we started to look for apartments we thought getting an apartment near to office will be a good choice but my husband’s office was in downtown which is always an expensive place If you stay away from the main city you get low amount rental apartments but when you stay in downtown – center of the city rental is expensive same thing happened with us our rent apartment was expensive but we thought as we are new in the city also my daughter was just 2 years old so we thought staying near the office will be safe and thats why we choose to stay in downtown which was expensive there was no option left as when you don’t have anyone in the city like even if you have relatives and friends how long you can stay in their home you have to get a rental thats why whatever was available we decided to rent that After that started our real struggle when we entered the apartment it was empty there was no furniture we used to sleep on blankets and whenever you migrate to new country even if you have a job you can’t spend a lot of money we can’t afford to spend a lot so we decided to buy second hand furnitures that too very basic like bed some table chair kitchen appliances and some other kitchen stuff we already got from India and whatever basic stuff thats required in beginning like bathroom stuffs , cleaning stuffs Groceries we did all the shopping from walmart as thats a reasonable superstore in canada where you will get everything related to home and groveries in affordable price as compared to other stores so if you are new to canada always shop from walmart And when you are new to the country you should try to spend less at least for first few months you should shop for minimal things too much shopping is not a smart idea Next step was my daughter’s daycare As a parent we are always worried how our kids will adjust in the new country new environment trust me guys i was also very tensed as this was her first international move language is different , people are different Apart from us, she won’t see any familiar faces But trust me kids can adjust very fast Luckily i got daycare for her very near to our apartment I could not get half day option so we choose full time and within 1 week she adjusted in daycare she cried initially for few days but soon she started enjoying in fact when i used to go to pick her up she used to refuse to come back home as she enjoyed a lot in day care Here day cares are very nice, they take good care of your child, good activities and learning for your kids which helps a lot in child’s development Now coming to day care fees yes it is expensive But when you are new in canada you can apply for subsidy, which is basically a part of the day care fees is paid by government depending on your family income There is a first 3 months criteria of looking for work that you can apply for subsidy and then as per your family income they pay you some part of the day care fees Around 800 CAD was the fee of day care and i used to get 450 CAD as a subsidy If your family income is more than their criteria you will get less subsidy and if your family income is less of course you will receive more subsidy secondly when you come to canada on PR you get chid care benefit monthly we used to get 300 – 400 CAD again depending on your family income this amount increases or decreases If both husband and wife are working with good salary you will get less child care and vice versa But definitely whatever you get is very helpful initially when yesha also got adjusted and started day care then started my own struggle In india , after graduation I am continuously working but suddenly you move to a country where you don’t have any friends or family even India timings are so different from canada you cant even call india at the day time as when its day in canada its night in india That time is very frustrating and depressing I completely agree as i have faced that situation

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