Life is in Action! PEOPLE are ALREADY changing the world. – Good News 90 (English subtitles)

During the Republic Day of Bashkortostan,
the republican youth multinational holiday “Let’s join hands, friends!” was held
as a large-scale mass cultural event. The holiday united the most
various nations of the Republic. A colorful programme with the participation
of both professional and amateur performers and creative teams of the Republic as well as
from abroad was presented to the audience. The ALLATRA TV project participants interviewed
the festival participants within the framework of “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN” project, and they
also presented a CD with the first film “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN.
THE CHOICE”. to everyone. Susanna, BSU student, Georgian culture: My name
is Susanna. We represent the Georgian culture. Our ensemble “Sikvaruli” is an ensemble of Georgian
and Caucasian dances. We perform at the BSU. Friendship, love – we all laugh the
same way, we smile the same way. Well, this is probably the most sincere love: when
you worry about a person, when you take care of him, when you live not only for
yourself, but for other people. We wish you to smile more
often and to know what love is. Galina Kirillova,the head of the Chuvash national
folk-ethnographic ensemble “Narspi”, Chuvash culture: My name is Galina Kirillova. I am the head of the Chuvash national
folk-ethnographic ensemble “Narspi” We are united by the love to the folk song,
the love to our folk art, dance, songs. Such young and friendly people come to us.
We have a very friendly team, we cooperate. We hold events, anniversary celebrations of
each team, we celebrate each other’s birthday. Probably, these traditions unite the team even stronger.
I wish everybody friendship, happiness and love. Yusupov Kakysh, BSU student, the Turkmenistan
culture: My name is Yusupov Kakysh. I represent Turkmenistan,
the culture of Turkmenistan. All people are united not particularly by a certain holiday,
but a holiday in general, it unites all people by itself. Performing friendly together, as well as,
laughter, songs, dances unite all people. People are united by unity. Common unity.
Of course, Angel should prevail. I would like to wish everyone happiness,
peace and unity. Thank you very much. Alfia, BSMU student, participant of the
Nugaibak folk song ensemble, Bashkir culture: Our ensemble is called “Nugaybak”,
It is an ensemble of the folk song. We are the students of the Bashkir State Medical
University and we represent the Bashkir culture. We rejoice in every day, rejoice in the fact that we
live on the Earth at all, that we are all as one. Unconditional love means that you
do not demand anything in return and you just feel good because
you have this wonderful feeling. Since we are medical students,
we wish everybody good health, happiness, family well-being
and peace on the Earth. Ulugbek, USPTU student, culture of Tajikistan: Hello!
Today, we, students from the Petroleum University and the Medical University, are representing
the culture of our Tajik diaspora. All people are united, of course, by culture.
Here we are: Bashkortostan, Tajikistan, Tatarstan – we all have the same roots as a whole, so the
whole culture seems to be our own, very similar. In each person there must be kindness, respect for each
other, despite the nation, the people, the culture. And thanks to this, all nations will be
friends and organize such marvelous holidays. Ayrat, BSPU student, Tatar culture: We represent
Tatar culture. We are united in spiritual values. Tamara, BSPU student, Tatar culture: In order
to have complete balance, spiritual strength, you’d better choose an Angel. Sabina, BSPU student,
Tatar culture: To love each other. Respect each other.
Sabina People, love people. Tamara I wish peace
in the whole world. Sergey (Nikolaev, Ukraine): A literary-musical meeting
was organized by the regional national-cultural society of Belarusians “Holas Radzimy” in the Nikolaev
central city library named after Kropyvnytskyi. Sergey (Nikolaev, Ukraine):
As a part of the meeting, an exhibition of books and
printed mass media of Belarus, products of folk art,
made in Belarusian folk style is held. The members of the folk music ensemble
“Rodnyе napievy” perform folk lyric songs, there are the compositions by
Belarusian poets and writers. The event is accompanied by songs
recordings of Belarusian performers, as well as videos about the Republic of Belarus.
And now I give the floor to our reporter Igor. Igor (Nikolaev, Ukraine): We are in
the Kropyvnytskyi central city library. Today’s event,
today’s holiday has just finished. We will now talk to the participants
and guests of the event. Today’s event gave us the opportunity to get to know the
culture of Belarus and learn its traditions closer. What do you think, what else can contribute
to the unification of all people? Tatyana Demennikova, the Chairman of the regional
society of Belarusians: Well, these are such events: the more cultures of other nations
a person knows, the richer he is. It was amicable, it was nice when people of
different nations attended our holiday today, a holiday of Belarusian culture. It is
a great pleasure, and such events unite. Valentina, “Rodnyya napevy” Ensemble: People should
be kinder, love each other, respect each other, and be soulful.
And the common song should unite us. Lolita Kaimarazova (Nikolaev, Ukraine): I think,
first of all, this is a kind attitude to each other. Because we are all people, regardless
of nationality, we have a lot in common. We are all people of this earth, we have a heart,
we have common feelings, we feel the same way. Because, regardless of nationality,
we are people first of all. Igor (Nikolaev, Ukraine): Over the years, such an understanding has come that the main
holiday is inside, it is an inner state. Can you share, what is the
inner spiritual holiday for you? Lolita Kaimarazova (Nikolaev, Ukraine): The inner
spiritual holiday is a state of such appeasement, spirituality, love, flight,
it is a state of soul. Igor(Nikolaev, Ukraine): How important is unification
and ability of a neighbour to give a helping hand? Tatyana Demennikova, chairman of Belarusian regional
society: It is necessary to help each other, because this is important. One person will not be able to cope with the
trouble, and must be supported in joy too. And it is necessary to unite, to live
in harmony, to have peace all the time. It is wonderful when
all people are friends. Lolita Kaimarazova (Nikolaev, Ukraine): The activities
of our organization are aimed at unification. The ethnic diasporas of our region
united to have a friendship, to represent the culture of their people
in unity, to bring peace, love and light. We have to look deep into. Naturally, we should fill our lives with
kind deeds and confront global problems. Igor (Nikolaev, Ukraine): What would you like to wish
to all viewers who will watch our ALLATRA TV channel? Lolita Kaimarazova (Nikolaev, Ukraine): First
of all, I would like to wish to find this state of holiday in yourself and
stay in it as long as possible. To open love in yourself, to open light in
yourself and carry this light to people. Tatyana Demennikova, chairman of Belarusian regional
society: I wish happiness, peace and good to all people. Sergey (Nikolaev, Ukraine): The warmth and
sincerity of the meeting allow all those present to dive into the atmosphere of the Belarusian
culture and feel how close and related it is. Such events erase all boundaries,
bringing people together. Once again, they show how we are
all alike and that we are all one. Dmitry Shelest, Radio “Samara”
radio host: Communication continues as a part of the programme
“Meetings with Interesting People”. Our guests today are representatives of the unique youth
Allatra movement. This is Lyudmila, Natalia, Alexander. At the beginning
of the programme, if you were here at 107.9 Fm, they let
us know what we’re going to talk about. Lyudmila (Pavlodar, Ukraine): AllatRa International
Public Movement is a voluntary association of people whose participants live
in different countries. They are of different
nationalities and religions. And with their own resources in their
spare time, having joined their forces, they created a platform where they implement
projects leading to the unification of all people. Dmitry Shelest, Radio “Samara” radio
host: One of your projects is “GOOD NEWS”. Tell me about it,
what kind of good news is it? Lyudmila (Pavlodar, Ukraine): These are
storylines about goodness, humanness, mutual help and support among people. It’s possible to listen
to good news which would make everyone happy and would fill everyone
up with positivity. This is what the “GOOD
NEWS” programme tells about. The “UNIVERSAL GRAIN” project participants
have created the film called “THE CHOICE”. This video is about the brightest understandings
and personal revelations of the people from various countries of the world on the topic of
human choice and its leading role in one’s life. Personally,
I was very inspired by this film. Just imagine – the most ordinary people
stepped across their fear and pride and asked passers-by
about God and Love. Most of all I was impressed that people
answered without any embarrassment. They answered such very
personal questions. You know, everyone was talking about the same..They
spoke different languages and used various words but the meaning was the same – that God is One and
Its small part – a Soul is present in every person. And God is Love!
And that is what unites us all. Dmitry Shelest, radio newsreader “Samara”:
People try, do something really good, something positive, which is
really lacking in our world today. As for me, these very projects that
are implemented by the ALLATRA movement are truly actual and
relevant these days. Irina Norenko, “Samara” radio manager: The more
people that can share a part of their heart or Soul we have on air, the more we will be able
to show that it is possible to think, live and create in such way and it is
possible indeed present your knowledge, your heart and respect
for the others. Tatiana (Kharkiv, Ukraine): AllatRa International
Public Movement participants from Kazan city have organized “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN.
Part I. THE CHOICE” video screening on the TV-channel
“The first city (Kazan)”. This film will be broadcasted for the citizens of the
city by separate parts on the TV-channel during a week. This is the second TV-channel in
Kazan that performs “THE CHOICE” film. The first channel, which was happy to host the
screening of the film, was the TV channel “The AIR 24” and which broadcasted
it last autumn. It is not just a video but a
unique social research conducted by AllatRa International Public Movement participants
based on the keys of the primordial knowledge. The film contains deep insights on the topic of
human choice, its dominant role in a person’s life, which determines his future. People from all over the world share their
innermost feelings about the spiritual Truth. The film will tell viewers, what is the main choice
that humanity and each person are facing today. An example of such a unique study shows that working
together is the basis for uniting all people on the planet. Tamara (Kazan, Russian Federation): I am very
grateful to our television that it has accepted and begun to show this wonderful
“THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN” film, which now unites millions
of people around the globe. Ilgizar (Kazan, Russian Federation): There is also
an opportunity for other people to get to know about “THE UNIVERSAL GRAIN” programme and, thanks to
this, come to the Knowledge, get in touch with it. Ilshat (Kazan, Russian Federation): Spiritual
warmth, spiritual unification is easy. People are looking for it,
but they don’t talk much about it. Tamara (Kazan, Russia): Become the participants of
the ALLATRA movement. You will not lose anything. You will find plenty of friends, plenty of love,
plenty of Knowledge, and life will become much better. As it is said in
the book “AllatRa”: “A messenger is capable of
communicating the Truth to many people – friends, relatives,
acquaintances, and strangers. He is able to induce the desire in them to tell the
Truth to their circles, and they can tell others. And so the message will fly around the
world like a falcon in its swift flight”. In the cities of Volgograd and Volzhsky,
videos about the book “AllatRa” and about the alive conversation
“Consciousness and Personality. From the inevitably dead
to the eternally Alive”. were launched by the volunteers of ALLATRA IPM
on LED screens of large shopping centers. “In the world, they only teach intellect,
memory, and knowledge that comes from logic. Whereas when cognizing the Truth, one must master
an elevated stage of self-perfection, awareness, and understanding of those deepest spiritual
feelings that emanate from the Soul. After all, the spiritual experience
lies beyond the boundaries of the mind…” (From the book “AllatRa”). During this time, many residents and guests of the
cities had an opportunity to see the information about “ALLATRA”.
This is how “ALLATRA” created the atmosphere of holiday
and kindness in two cities at once. “The genuine spiritual side of a
human being in relation to society is manifested in his sincere intention and
selfless action for the good of society. Once united in such an intention, people will
be able to achieve more and create conditions to form an entirely new civilisation – humanity that
will be guided by the essence of the Word “AllatRa”.. Svetlana (Kiev, Ukraine): In the Fastiv city (Ukraine)
presentation of the books by Anastasia Novykh took place for the first time. A special, sublime state of
Spirit was felt that day, thanks to the release on the eve of
a new programme – “The Call of Mahdi” with the participation of Igor
Mikhailovich Danilov on ALLATRA TV. Preparation for the presentation united the
participants of ALLATRA International Public Movement in a sincere desire to share the primordial
Knowledge with the residents of the city. The meeting was held in the Fastiv
State Museum of Local History. The museum management, realizing the importance of
reviving spiritual and moral values ​​in society and uniting people all over the world, were
pleased to provide a room for the presentation. Tatyana Anatolievna Dakal, the Director of the
Museum of Local History (Fastiv, Ukraine): We came to this world not by chance,
but in order to love, to do good. And today we have guests from ALLATRA
International Public Movement, who will present the
books by Anastasia Novykh. Elena (Fastiv, Ukraine): It is simply
impossible not to share these books, because they are filled with
love, joy and kindness. Zoryana (Fastiv, Ukraine): I started reading “Sensei
I”. And I started reading all the other books. Then “AllatRa.” And it has
completely changed my worldview. Vadim (Fastiv, Ukraine): Human has a dual nature:
that is, he has both Spiritual and animal nature. All the thoughts that come
to us are not our thoughts. People who have read books and who have
begun to put this Knowledge into practice, they are just surprised how
everything’s changing in their life. The information that is given in these
books will not leave anyone indifferent. Marina (Fastiv, Ukraine): We would like to present
to you the book “AllatRa” by Anastasia Novykh in a more detailed way. Elena (Fastiv, Ukraine): This book is very unusual
in every all senses because It talks to everybody about his innermost.
It answers everyone’s personal questions. It also has fundamental keys to know
the visible and invisible worlds. It is the foundation of
the primordial knowledge, which helps everyone to know oneself
and achieve his maximum development. Marina (Fastiv, Ukraine): The book
“AllatRa” contains the Knowledge, which helps to see the Universal
grain in all religions. Elena (Fastiv,
Ukraine): It inspires people to create. And the proof of this is the projects implemented
by people from different countries of the world. ALLATRA International Public Movement
activity was highlighted at the presentation, which is already an example of a
creative and constructive society today where everyone wants to live, and there are
no divisions, all people are united in God. International volunteer projects of
the movement were also presented, such as ALLATRA TV Internet television, “The Universal
Grain” fundamental social research project, the “Good is where
you are” newspaper, the informational and analytical
portal “AllatRa Geocenter”. During the presentation, the programmes
with Igor Mikhailovich Danilov were shown, such as “Consciousness and Personality. From
the Inevitably Dead to the Eternally Alive”, “FREEDOM FROM BEAST’S
DICTATORSHIP WITHIN YOURSELF”. At the end of the presentation, a set of the books
by Anastasia Novykh was donated to the library of the Fastiv State Local History Museum, as well as,
three sets were donated to the Fastov city library. Alexandra Sergeevna Manger, the Director of the Fastiv
City Library (Fastiv, Ukraine): Thank you so much for the invitation
and for the books. And I promise that they will take their
worthy place among the funds of our library. The atmosphere of love and
kindness was felt around. The guests of the event sincerely shared their feelings
and insights that they acquired during the meeting. The spirit of unity was felt
a lot among all those present. People internally felt the Truth
transmitted through the books and videos. Vasily Alexandrovich Mazurenko, the Chairman of the
Board of Elders of the Fastiv Cossacks (Fastiv, Ukraine): I hear you, and my Soul rejoices. If we go together
to this world, to the future and make it beautiful, happy — this is our life. Then we, as God’s people,
must do this. That’s the only way. Thank you! Tatyana Aleksandrovna Boris (Fastiv, Ukraine): I am very
grateful that I got a chance to visit your presentation. I am very grateful to those people who spoke
and expressed the same opinion as mine. I want to share it. Here are these people. I want
to be with you. I want more of this information. I learned so much. It is very good that you convey all
this to us. I would like a larger audience to be here. I would like more of all this, I would like to
convey this knowledge to people of our generation. I am sincerely grateful. Zoya Galushchenko, poetess, area studies specialist
(Fastiv, Ukraine): Our nation is able to unite and to do good for each other. That’s why I believe
your movement is the movement of the future. And I’d like it taught us
to understand ourselves, to come to God in the sense that we are not
slaves but we are people in Lord’s image. Certainly kindness, a good attitude and understanding
to each other is what saves the world. Thank you. The preparation process for the presentation
united the movement participants and gave the possibility to feel
an experience of unity in Spirit. There is confidence and knowledge that
Love, Peace, Unity begin with a human. When such people unite in Truth they are able to
do many good things for society transformation and for the spreading of
the Primordial Knowledge. Natalia (Fastiv, Ukraine): I’ve learnt
about this presentation from Facebook. I had read the books before and I was very
glad indeed to meet with like-minded people. Vera (Fastiv, Ukraine): Thanks to the
presentation I joined the movement. A feeling of gratitude, sincerity and comprehensive
joy appeared because of the fact that I’m not alone. Vadim (Fastiv, Ukraine): I’ve found the answers to
all my questions in the books by Anastasia Novykh. It has become much easier to live. I begin to
understand – what I do, what I live for, why I’m here. Igor (Fastiv, Ukraine): Everything fell into place.
Kindness and love are above all in this world. Natalia (Fastiv, Ukraine): A lot
of awareness comes after reading. You get answers to all your
questions in this life. Vadim (Fastiv, Ukraine): When a good deed is being
done, then there are usually a lot of obstacles, you have to step over
your consciousness, which opposes you, which says that you don’t need
to do this, that it is useless or not necessary. And when you step over it, when a presentation takes
place, you see that there are people who need it, you see their eyes – you see in fact it is not
so. So, you realise that it was not in vain. Therefore, it’s quite important
to make presentations, because people who want to get to know
the Knowledge, they can to know here. When they come, they listen and see with their
own eyes those people who are engaged in this, who carry this
Knowledge to people. That is, they came at the call of the Soul,
and they do it all selflessly and for people. Natalia (Fastiv, Ukraine): The more
good and responsible people we have, the sooner we will live in a
better and positive society. There is a common global goal for all people
— to know, to comprehend and to come to God. And everyone does it in their own way.
This is the real goal of all mankind. Igor (Fastiv, Ukraine): Love and
kindness are the most important things that unite all of us regardless
of religions and languages. What can each of us
do to unite people? Igor (Fastiv, Ukraine): First of
all everyone should change oneself. If you change yourself
– the world will change. Vadim (Fastiv, Ukraine): It turns
out, that one person can do a lot. One person is lit up, then another one and
one more, after those three – more people, it’s a kind of geometric progression.
It’s spreading all over the world. Now there is a tendency to expand
the good throughout the planet. Igor (Fastiv, Ukraine): I think,
there should be more positive information, then there will be a recovery of our
entire society. Humanness is above all. And the most important thing
on this planet is to be Human. Natalia (Fastiv, Ukraine): The most important
thing is to take responsibility for your life and generate more
of this positivity. Vera (Fastiv, Ukraine): To bring a
grain of goodness into this world. And, as they say,
a flame will ignite from a sparkle. And to share your love,
your kindness with everyone, with your nearest and dearest, with your
neighbor, and so it will go along the chain. Oleg, Almaty, Kazakhstan: The media are
already making a significant contribution to the spiritual and moral development of our
society, covering creative and good events. The presentation of the books
by Anastasia Novykh in Fastiv was attended by journalists
of the local Fastiv-TV, in the weekly news release of which there was a
story about this significant event for the city. It should be noted that this event was covered
by the media in a positive and creative way. GN reporter: The movement activity is aimed at revival
and popularization of moral and spiritual values, mutual assistance, friendship and love among
people regardless of their place of residence, nationality or religion. TV reporter: Millions of people all over the world strive
to implement their skills for the benefit of society are united by the knowledge contained
in the books by Anastasia Novykh. It was very joyful that people shared the
information about the presentation with each other in social networks. It was also posted
on the pages of Fastiv city library, Fastiv State Local History Museum,the edition
“Nash gorodok” and the city council. Citiboxes with information about the
books by Anastasiia Novykh had been placed for three months in
the center of Fastiv; The books are now available for reading in the libraries
of the city, as well as on website Information about the presentation and books
by Anastasia Novykh as well as the programmes with participation of Igor
Mikhailovich Danilov were published in the popular Fastiv
magazine “Nash Gorodok”. This has given a number of people to
come to know the Primordial Knowledge, that gives a chance to gain true
freedom for every Personality. Oleg, Almaty, Kazakhstan: As it
is said in the book “Allatra”: “The personal contribution of each person to the
common cause of spiritual and moral transformation of society is very important. One can say that every, even the most
seemingly simple and “insignificant” thing done for the purpose of
disseminating the Truth, in the end, one way or another, affects the global
situation in society and forms its future”. Ogulnur, The AllatRa movement participant
(Turkey): Hello, dear friends. I am shooting this video in
the Kartal district of Istanbul in honour of the Navruz holiday that
celebrates the awakening of nature. This holiday always reminds me of the awakening
of the Soul and the awakening of the human Soul to eternal spring, to eternal
love, to eternal bliss. Therefore,
in connection with this holiday, I wish all of you the awakening of
the Soul as bliss, as love for Allah. Memed,The AllatRa movement particapant (Turkey):
Hello, I am Mohammed Ceylan, I live in Istanbul. I am the AllatRa movement particapant.
March 21 is the holiday of spring, Navruz. On this occasion, I would like to tell you the
following. Navruz is a holiday of spring and Love. Navruz is not for
separation, but for unity. Not for quarrels and hatred, but for
Love and brotherly friendship of people. People in history have been talking and writing about
this for centuries. But these were just words. This spring I congratulate you on the holiday of
Navruz so that these words finally come true. No one loves us as much
as our Creator (Allah). Yusuf, The AllatRa movement particapant (Turkey):
I also congratulate all of you on Navruz holiday. I have a small greeting for you. Navruz is a holiday
of peace and freedom, equality and justice. For all the people, I wish
joy, happiness and love. And love is most importantly. I believe
that love is the most important thing. I congratulate everyone
with the holiday of Navruz. I’d like to give
my appreciation, gratitude and best wishes to the entire
AllatRa movement for the kindness. Almira, The AllatRa movement participant
(Kazakhstan): Hello, dear friends. I congratulate you on
the holiday of Navruz. The holiday of mutual understanding
and friendship between nations. Indeed, this holiday is celebrated by representatives
of more than 130 nationalities in Kazakhstan. Emine, The AllatRa movement participant
(Uzbekistan): Since the ancient times, Navruz has been considered a celebration of
the victory of a good spirit over an evil one Ksenia, The AllatRa movement participant (Kyrgyzstan):
It’s a holiday of spring, of a new day. Nadezhda, The AllatRa movement
participant (Uzbekistan): Omar Khayyam, Beruni and Firdousi
wrote about this holiday. Almira, the AllatRa movement participant (Kazakhstan):
Navruz is the holiday that unites people. Erast, the AllatRa movement participant
(Uzbekistan): Congratulations to everyone on the spring holiday of Navruz.
We wish you all joy, happiness and love! Congratulation from Uzbekistan: This holiday unites
all the people with love and kindness in each other. Representatives of the Kyrgyz Cultural Center: In
Navruz, a person comes closer to another person. Because for centuries
they have lived together, especially the people from Central
Asia, the Far and the Middle East. They are all considered to be our friends. Therefore,
today we heartily celebrate the holiday of Navruz. Congratulations from Uzbekistan: Congratulations
to all with Navruz! Navruz Holiday! We congratulate the people of Uzbekistan and
the whole world on the holiday of Navruz! “On behalf of the
entire Uzbek people, we congratulate all the people with all
our hearts on the holiday of Navruz!” May peace and prosperity
be in your countries too! Let there be many such holidays.
May every Navruz be like that! Representatives of the
Kyrgyz Cultural Center: Congratulations to all the
compatriots on the holiday of Navruz! Urmat, the AllatRa movement participant (Kyrgyzstan):
Congratulations to everyone on the holiday of Navruz! Congratulations from Kirgistan: May
Allah give grace in every heart! Ksenia, the AllatRa movement participant (Kyrgyzstan):
And so that everyone can find this inner happiness, so that everyone can
live with God inside. Vladislav, the AllatRa movement participant
(Ukraine): “Navruz bayramınız mübarək”. That is the exact way the congratulation
on the day of spring Navruz sounds like. Today ALLATRA TV has been invited to
the celebration of the Navruz holiday, organized by diplomatic missions
of various countries of the world. And we invite you to
attend this event with us. Bahodir Ibragimov Yuldashevich, First Secretary-Consul
of the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Ukraine Navruz is a very ancient holiday.
It’s already several centuries old. For us, the Central Asian
nations, it is a New year. Therefore, we have tried to organize this
holiday in Ukraine together with the embassies of our brotherly countries, our friends,
the Embassy of Afghanistan and Azerbaijan. We love Ukraine very much. We work here. And thanks to the fact that you
are here, that we have friends like you, not only our embassies are always opened to you, but
our hearts and our souls are always opened to You. You see, in diplomacy,
there is such a thing as “soft power”. That’s what we’re doing now, that’s soft power.
That is, we are bringing nations closer together, and we are trying to unite everyone around
so that we can be friends, visit each other, and have such beautiful
events more often. Anna: And I wish there would be
Navruz every day, which means… And I wish there would be Navruz every
day, as Alisher Navoi said. Teya: What do you think unites all people on the internal
level regardless of our nationalities and religions? Sardar Mohammad Rahman Oglu, Ambassador
Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Ukraine:
You see, the most important thing that unites us is humanity, love,
nature, fun and music. That is that all of us,
all of the mankind have in common, whether you are in Ukraine or in
Latin America, Afghanistan or China. People are all the same everywhere,
they love the same, they feel the same. Something bad is also bad in Afghanistan, it is also
bad in Ukraine, it is also bad in Latin America. Something good, such as love or something
beautiful — it’s beautiful everywhere. Therefore, we try to find
common ground between people. So the main thing that we
have in common is love. And when we talk about peace,
when we talk about the New year, when we talk about some holiday,
their essence is to live in a good way. When we celebrate Navruz, we give people the message
that we want to live well, we want to live in peace, we want to live in Love. Therefore, I think that Navruz or the New Year –
these are all reasons for people to live well. What do you think each of us can do, for example, You,
so that the good in your heart will win forever? Liu Zhi, student, China: I think that in the first
place, despite us having different traditions, we should respect the
other ones as well. We need to respect their traditions,
their appearance, their faith. Secondly, I believe that we
need to have more understanding to realize how these traditions are united.
Because unification is good. Unification is very
good for cooperation. Teya: Today we celebrate such a wonderful holiday
Navruz. This is the victory of good forces. In your opinion, what can each person do to
ensure that the good inside him will win forever? Holboboev Fayzullo Samadovich, Ambassador
Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Tajikistan in Ukraine: I think
that it is Navruz that we bring to other countries. Today, eight countries have united and held the
Navruz holiday in Kiev, in the capital of Ukraine. This is very gratifying since this holiday is the
brightest holiday, a holiday of good, a holiday of fun, a holiday that unites everyone. This holiday can help to bring nations
together through culture, through traditions, through customs and to unite and strengthen
the friendship between our countries. Of course, being here, you see all the peoples
of different nationalities are walking, looking, getting acquainted, rejoicing, having fun. I think they
will return to their homes with great impressions. And this piece of good that will become
a part of everyone can develop us further in the direction of peace on
Earth and prosperity. Thanks. Teya: Tell me, what do You think
unites all people on Earth internally? Holboboev Fayzullo Samatovich : Internally,
of course, first of all – it is kindness. The kindness that came to us primarily
through the environment, our mother, family, it is all the environment. The
environment where everyone always has fun and there is kindness around —
this will be instilled in everyone. Teya: Grain represents the sprouts
of the best qualities in a human. What does a candle mean
as a symbol of Navruz? Holboboev Fayzullo Samadovich: Navruz has several
symbols, because if you noticed on our table, we always have “haftsin”, “haftshin”. This
means seven products that begin with “s”, and seven products that start with “sh.” In
this case, candle is “sham”, it is eternity. Since Navruz was transmitted
to us from Zoroastrianism (first of all, these are fire worshipers),
because it is a symbol of eternity, life. Therefore, I think candle
represents eternity, fire and soul. Maria, a volunteer from the national university
“Ostroh Academy”: It seems to me that there is goodness in every human, and it just needs to
be found. Just look at these beautiful cards. Nowhere you will see any dark colors –
joy, light is everywhere. In my opinion, even if each person
comes to such a holiday as this one, at least some kind of hope will light up. That
should be enough to become a little better. Teya: What unites internally all the
people, regardless of nationality? Maria, a volunteer from the national university “Ostroh
Academy”: I think, first of all, we are all humans, and we feel each other, regardless of nationality, of
what you like or don’t like. You can feel another person. If you feel that he is kind to
you, you will be kind to him. It seems to me that kindness in particular unites
us. And in fact, these holidays are made for us. So that we could unite. And look, I
would say it is like a mosaic of culture. Teya: Thank you! And what would
you like to wish all people? Maria, a volunteer from the national university “Ostroh
Academy”: I could wish you to visit such events more often and meet people and enrich your
worldview and of course, to become better! Galymzhan Nurakhmetov, a representative
of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Ukraine: I wish this holiday brings a lot of new things
to the people on this holiday of spring, the day of the spring equinox. So that everyone would
like to create something good, something positive. So that the feeling of celebration would have
touched everyone in this life with such a feeling and something new would happen in life and everyone
would develop and everyone would feel great! Azer Hudiev, Ambassador Extraordinary and
Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Azerbaijan in Ukraine: Indeed, Navruz has been one of the
brightest holidays from the time immemorial, where good triumphs over evil indeed, this is
personification of the rebirth of new life, of spring. Therefore, even in the countries where Navruz is
widely celebrated, for example in Azerbaijan, traditionally those who were in a
quarrel, reconcile on the day of Navruz. Therefore, it is really a holiday of reconciliation, a
holiday of goodness. It is a bright and positive holiday! Teya: Thank you very much! Azer Khudiyev: Thank You! Teya: What unites us internally,
regardless of nationality? Azer Khudiyev: I think that we, all people, are
United by love and stability in the world. The thing is that people come to this planet in
order to create good, peace, everything else – this is the creative work of people. But in fact,,
there is a lot of goodness and love in every person, and I think that it is during the Navruz
period this starts to revive more and more. I wish peace, a peaceful sky above
and good to all people in the world! Anna: What unites all people
in the world internally? Hale Adhami, Iranian dancer, teacher,
choreographer: A feeling, music and dancing are the only things everyone understands
no matter what language he speaks. Everyone understands what music is,
everyone feels, everyone sees movements, and everyone understands and
communicates in this way. Milad Kokhpayazade, Iranian musician: My sister
believes that this is an art and humanity as well. And a conscience can unite people
so that they can be always together. Milad Kokhpayazade, Iranian musician: The candle has
always been placed because it is a sign of light, it is a sign of kindness, it is a day,
it is a new day. That’s why it was placed. Hale Adhami, Iranian dancer, teacher,
choreographer: May this new year be good for you. May your heart would be filled with light forever.
And no matter what happens in your life, no matter what thoughts come to you, always
remember that life is happening today. Milad Kokhpayazade, Iranian musician:
Since Navruz means a new day and there is such a rhyme in
Persian (reads in Persian), that means, every day you have
would be a new day or Navruz. I want to wish everyone to have every day like a new
day with new successes, with new happiness, hold on! Mina Kokhpayazade, Iranian musician: I hope that
the life of the nations of the whole world, and in particular, the people of Iran
and Iranians, in all parts of the planet, will always be filled with
serenity, hope and love. Happy New Year and I hope this year
will be a good one for everybody. Anna: Thank you!
We are so happy to be here. Mina Kokhpayazade,
Iranian musician: Thank you very much! Natalia Dragunova, architect, interior designer,
master of traditional Ebru techniques: And if people really try to make some kind of pleasant
things to each other. As a master of Ebru, I draw, people watch, rejoice,
they like these drawings. They look at these bright colors, which
inspire them, perhaps, to have good thoughts, and I consider this is
my contribution today. And if every person, the same kind of person
who baked some sweets, some kind of goodies and other people tasted them, that person also shared,
say, his such kind of mood, his own kind of goodies. And other people enjoyed it either.
Well, I think so! Teya: What do you think
unites all people internally? Anapya, Kyrgyzstan: Probably it’s the feeling
that the New year is coming, that it’s a holiday, that there is brotherhood, that all these
nationalities celebrate this holiday on the same day. Perhaps this is the feeling of
brotherhood, the feeling of love. Teya: Thank you!
Anapya, Kyrgyzstan: You are welcome! Teya: Navruz is such a wonderful holiday, it
represents the good and spring, the victory of good. What do you think every person can do to ensure
that the good and the spring reign in him forever? Anapya, Kyrgyzstan: It is likely to love everyone,
absolutely everyone, and treat everyone well, always give good, give warmth, radiate warmth. As
much warmth you give, so much you will get back. Apyshov Meerimbek Berdibekovich, Counselor of
the Embassy of the Kyrgyz Republic in Ukraine: I believe that we are united by kindness,
friendship, solidarity and love, the preservation of our traditions and our culture.
I want to quote our great writer Chingiz Aitmatov, he said, that the most difficult thing for a
human is to remain a human being every day. I think that our basis is in
our human relationship.Thanks! Teya: Thank you! Almira, the AllatRa movement particapant,
Kazakhstan: Our main task is to unite, to unite us as people who
have nothing to divvy up. The unification of people who actually
profess one religion, the religion of love. A fragment of the film “Consciousness and Personality.
From the inevitably dead to the eternally Alive”. “For example, in the Central Asian countries,
where the religion of Islam is professed, the holiday of Navruz Bayram is celebrated, meaning,
the New Year’s Day. It is one of the oldest holidays. It is celebrated on the night
before the day of vernal equinox. The interesting fact is that this holiday is
celebrated annually in honour of resurrection from under the earth of the Good spirit bringing
light, and of the defeat of the Evil spirit. It is almost like modern Easter. It is interesting that some of the main attributes
of the table are candles, mirror, and coloured eggs. All of them have
symbolic meaning, and this meaning is connected with the
spiritual interpretation of these symbols. So, for example,
a candle is the inner light of a person, his or her vital force, while an egg symbolises
a birth of the person’s spiritual life. And the holiday of Navruz Bayram was celebrated as
early as the golden age of the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism which preceded
both Christianity and Islam”.

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