Linda Chen’s Second Citizenship Interview

Linda Chen’s Second Citizenship Interview

Hi, this is Teacher Jennifer from US Citizenship Podcast. Every week we bring you practice interviews, quizzes, resources, and the latest news that help you get ready for your US Citizenship Interview. Today we’re going to listen to Linda Chen’s second practice interview. This time we didn’t use a script We simply went through her N-400 Application for Naturalization. Let’s get started. Please raise your right hand. Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Yes, I do Put down your hand. What did you just promise? I promise to tell the truth. Good, please have a seat. Please show me your Green Card, your driver’s license, and photo ID. Explain to me how you are eligible to become a US Citizen I have a been a legal permanent resident for five years. What is your full name? My full name is Li Hua Chen. Is the name on your Green Card the same as your legal name? Yes, it is.. Do you have any other names that you are known by? Yes, I use English name Linda. Linda? Is it only for your friends and for school? Yes, it is for friends and school. Do you use it on any legal documents? No. What is your date of birth? March 1st, 1966, What date did you become a legal permanent resident? January 18, 2012 What is your country of birth? Taiwan. And what is your country of nationality? Taiwan. Are you requesting any accommodations? No I’m not. Is your phone number correct on this form? Yes. Do you still live in Milpitas? Yes, I live in Milpitas. You live briefly in another place before you lived in Milpitas. Where did you live? I lived in Milpitas. We lived in the same city, but a different address. But I now I have been my current address for at least a five years. Are your parents American citizens? No, they are not. Are you Hispanic or Latino? I am Asian. Do you work? No, I don’t work. Do you go to school? Yes, I went to school at Milpitas Adult School last year. Now how do you support yourself? My husband–he set up his own company–and he supports me. Have you taken any trips outside the United States in the past five years? Yes, I have. Tell me about your trips. How many total days were you outside the United States? 182 days. And how many trips have you taken? I have taken six tips. Please tell me about your last trip. When did you leave and when did you come back? Yeah, my last trip. I left on November 24, 2016 And I returned her on December 17, 2016 Which countries did you visit? I went to Taiwan And how many total days on that trip were you outside? About 24 days What is your current marital status? I’m married. And is your husband an American citizen? He is not but today he is at his interview. Good luck! Good luck! Have you only been married one time? Yes, only one time. What was the date of your marriage? I was married on June 21st, 1992. How many children do you have? I have a three children How many children under 18 do you have? Only one. So he lives with you now? Yes, he lives with me. When is he going to become an American citizen? When I become American citizen, he will become an American citizen, too. We’re going to the additional questions. Have you ever claimed to be a US citizen? No Have you ever registered to vote? No, never. Did you vote in Taiwan? Yes! Sure! Have you ever owned in any federal state or local elections in the United States? No. Have you ever been declared legally incompetent or to confine to a mental institution? No What is legally incompetent? It means that you lose your mind. You cannot make a decision for yourself. Do you owe any federal state or local taxes? I pay my taxes every year. Do you file with your husband? Yes. Have you ever been a member of the Communist Party? No. Have you ever been a terrorist? No. What is a terrorist? A terrorist you may kill some people. They are crazy. They have a bomb or weapon to hurt people. Have you ever been involved with any of the following: Torturing or badly hurting a person? No Have you ever been part of a military unit? No. Did you ever work in a prison or jail? No. Did you ever give weapons to another person? No. Did you ever force a child under 15 to become a soldier? No. We’re now going to talk about crime in the United States. Have you ever been arrested or cited in the United States? No. Have you ever committed a crime? No. Have you ever been a habitual drunkard? No. Have you ever sold or smuggled illegal drugs or narcotics? No. Have you ever been married to two men at the same time? No! Your husband will be happy to hear that! Have you ever helped anyone enter or try to enter the United States illegally? No. Have you ever gambled illegally? No. Have you ever failed to support your dependents? No. Have you ever made a misrepresentation to obtain public benefits? No. Have you ever been deported from the United States? No. Did you join the military in Taiwan? No. Were you part of the military in the United States? No. Do you support the Constitution and the form of government of the United States? Yes, I do. Do you understand the full Oath of Allegiance to the United States? Yes. Are you willing to take the full Oath of Allegiance to the United States? Yes, I am. If the law requires it are you willing to bear arms on behalf of the United States? Yes. If the law requires it are you willing to perform, noncombatant services for the US Armed Forces? Yes, I am. If the law requires. It are you willing to perform work of national importance under civilian direction? Yes, I am. You passed all your civics test questions earlier and you were successful with your reading and your dictation. Congratulations!. You passed. Thank you so much. Thank you Thanks to the students and staff of Milpitas Adult School. A special thanks goes out to Linda Chen. Please visit us on the web at where you’ll find more Citizenship resources especially for the upcoming holidays of Halloween, Dias de los Muertos, and Veterans Day. While you’re there click our link to our YouTube channel, so you can check out our Audiograms: Citizenship lessons that are two minutes or less. Also where you can order our our citizenship book: US CITIZENSHIP BOOTCAMP Thanks for listening. I know you will be a great American citizen!


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