Linda’s Story, Getting A Diagnosis And Keeping Active – Alzheimer’s Society

Took me about two years for my diagnosis.
I hand a MRI scan and that’s when it was definitely diagnosed as vascular dementia. I was in a
quite low state of mind at that time because I thought, I don’t know if I want to talk
to anybody about it and when you do talk to people they want to start controlling your
life and want to start doing things for you that you know you can still do. The consultant referred the Alzheimer’s Society
to me and they come and visit. They do art classes, they do the memory café’s they do
choir and I did laugh because I felt, I said I can’t sing to save my life, I said I have
never sung and I said art? I’m just no good at art I can’t even do a straight line, but
she said do come to the memory café’s and that how I started with the Alzheimer’s group.
So I went to the choir and I just loved it, I really really loved it. Even though I can’t
sing I don’t care now. If you spend time with people with dementia
they not help you finish your sentence but they give you time to finish your sentence.
It’s like a community and we give each other support as well as out carers. I know that
my husband as my supporter he gets a lot of care he knows where to go if there’s a problem.
They make it like a safe haven for us. I never think now why me? I think I have got a better
life now I do much more through the Alzheimer’s Society I do things I would never have done
before. I’ve got much more a higher quality of life
now, than what I would have had If I hadn’t belonged to the Alzheimer’s Society. It’s
not all doom and gloom, you know, a lot of us can live for quite a few years and have
a really good quality of life. So just by having that knowledge will help us and help
people to remember that we are a person, underneath all this we’re still a person.

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