Living in Spain: pros and cons

Living in Spain: pros and cons

hey amigos que tal Stuart here from
Spain speaks today I want to speak about some of the pros and some of the cons of
living in Spain for people that are thinking of coming to live in this
country we’ll go through some of those advantages and disadvantages I hope you
stick around ok so some of the pros and cons of living in Spain I’ll start with
the pros and hopefully there’ll be more pros than cons right now we’ll have to
weigh it up so the first pro of living in this country
now I’ll just tell you a little bit about myself I came to Spain eighteen
years ago to live I first came to Spain in 1991 on holiday I came back two or
three years in a row and basically I liked Spain to be able to be living here
for so long obviously you have to like it there’s a
couple of other factors as well but in general I like this country so the pros
of living in Spain now obviously for most people the biggest pro is going to
be the weather for me it isn’t necessarily a factor because I come from
a place with good weather and whether is a something that I can’t deny
is not an attractive point about living in Spain
of course there’s places with better weather that others the dread for
example is not the best place in the world weather-wise it’s very hot the
summer quite cold in the winter but in general the Sun shines and it allows you
to do a lot of outdoor activities rain is not going to be one of those things
that affects your day to day so that’s weather now the pro of living
in Spain is the historical value of living in a country like this the
culture the history behind it there’s a lot of very very interesting places to
visit too many to name in this video but all over the country
you have great historical and cultural value another Pro of living in Spain let me
think another pro of living as Fame is the
people the people in general are very very friendly I haven’t had a problem
Spanish people have a philosophy which is live and then live and more or less
they adhere to that of course you can have some problems with some people I
mean that happens everywhere don’t get me wrong but in general the Spanish
population or Spanish people and not really in your face it takes a while to
get used to don’t get me wrong it’s not going to be something that you
immediately get used to takes a little while but once you get to know Spanish
people they are a friendly Bunch okay now let’s talk about some of the
cause our biggest con about living in Spain is
the economy when I first came here the economy was booming of course it turned
out to be a huge bubble which subsequently exploded and left the
economy in an extremely bad condition from another employment point of view
that’s another point as well when it comes to looking for work very very
difficult to find work in Spain unless you want to teach English if you want to
teach English you shouldn’t have a problem depends on where you going to
live of course but if you wanted to get into the mainstream Spanish economy very
very difficult to find a job because they’re always going to choose a Spanish
person over you because of the language and basically because of that reason
then you wouldn’t expect anything else if you went to the UK as a foreigner
you’d expect UK people to be given jobs first or at least a lot of people do and
it’s no different here so in that sense
the economy work all of those things not that easy
the second disadvantage will con about living here is that in the majority of
cases you’re going to be living in a city in a flat you’re not going to have
a back yard you’re not going to have much access to nature the only time you
got to be able to get into nature is if you on the weekends you go into the
countryside is if you live in Madrid if you live in Barcelona it’s very urban
living of course if you live in a place like le camp de Malaga you could
probably live in a house with a nice garden or the swimming pool etc but in a
big city that’s not going to be the case now another positive aspect for me is
the cost of living cost of living in Spain is quite reasonable keep in mind
that salaries are not all that high as well but I find with the salary that I
earn I live reasonably well I don’t have any problems
I wouldn’t say that I’m the hardest-working person around but more
or less from that point of view it’s okay another pro of living in Spain is the
food culture that they have here Spanish people love to eat and drink and the
food is very very good it’s very varied it it in varies from region to region
the traditional dishes go a lot further than pea and Spanish omelet
again the word variety is something if you’re a foodie or if you like to eat
you’ll never be disappointed in this country and that goes for drinking as
well drinking alcohol in Spain has fantastic wines it has good beer it has
a good social life surrounding those things as well so all of the bars and
restaurants provide great social activity another advantage of living in
Spain is that there’s no violence associated with alcohol I’ve spoken
about that in previous vlogs there’s no violence people don’t go crazy when they
drink too much alcohol they don’t look for fights I’ve never had a fight here
in Spain I’ve never seen what I have seen a couple of fights but nothing
nothing nothing serious so from that point of view fantastic
another advantage here is the health system the health system is completely
public and it works okay you can normally get an appointment to
see a doctor fairly easily doesn’t cost you anything
medicines are also quite cheap and accessible so from that point of view
it’s also quite good hospitals are in reasonable condition doctors are good so
have got a good I haven’t got a bad word to say about the health system here it’s
Fame especially compared to some of the other countries in the world I know that
the states for example has a problem with its health system somebody pointed
out to me the other day in one of the comments so as far as health goes here
in Spain can’t complain a negative side related to that is that
it’s expensive I’m self-employed and I’m pay every month for the privilege of
using the health system something like 270 euros that doesn’t matter whether I
earn a thousand or 2,000 euros or 500 euros that is what I have to pay two
hundred and seventy euros for that privilege it also means that I’ll get a
little bit of a pension when I retire hopefully as well although that is also
debatable whether that is whether that system will still be in place in 20 or
30 years time when I do retire but for the moment I’ve got hope and so yes and
that’s the downside of the cost of this system
another negative point about Spain is the corruption now
I’ll specify the corruption in the sense that corruption doesn’t affect people’s
day-to-day in that corruption is it at a political
level and set all political level since our municipal Adson it’s at state and
it’s also at a federal level as well corruption it’s even crept into the
Spanish royal family over the last few years as well corruption scandals so
you’re going to have to live with corruption if you come to Spain I said
it doesn’t really affect your day-to-day well it does but not directly and what I
mean by that is that for example if you get stopped by the police for any reason
you can’t give them a bribe and hope that the problem will go away I mean
that doesn’t exist but it does affect you indirectly in the sense that so many
politicians have stolen money that the country struggles to find its strength
economically as a result and that’s obviously something that you have to
keep in mind when you come here as well so if you’ve got a problem with with that then obviously Spain is not
the country for you another disadvantage about living here is the bureaucracy Spain is an extremely bureaucratic
country you have no idea how bureaucratic it is until you get here
and one of the ironies is that there’s so many civil servants that you would
think that it would be an efficient system but it’s not so then correct they
create paperwork for the sake of creating paperwork a lot of the times
and to get basic things done it can be a nightmare it has improved when I first
came here eighteen years ago even to get a residence card was a bureaucratic
nightmare but all of that has been changed and it’s a little bit easier so
you don’t have to stand in queues for as long as you used to so from that point
of view things have improved but for a lot of basic things you need to go to a
cash thought and a hashed thought is a middleman that you pay to do bureaucratic things
so if you want to get your driver’s license renewed if you want to change
the ownership of a vehicle for example you have to go to one of these hair
stores in fact even for my residency I go to a house thought because they know
exactly what to do you pay a fee not only about 50 euros and they sort it all
out for you now they probably have some type of connection in the system they
know somebody that they maybe they give money to in order to get these things
done quickly I have no idea but if you want to do these things on your own be
prepared for queues be prepared for long waits be prepared for bureaucratic
inefficiency and frustration so keep that in mind as well that is also a
negative aspect another positive point of living in Spain is the infrastructure the infrastructure in this country is
very very good the road system if you live in there if you live in a city like
Madrid or Barcelona you have a fantastic metro system and public transport system
something that we don’t have in Australia for example so yours is you
know what I’m talking about when you try to take a bus in a city like Perth it’s
an absolute nightmare that doesn’t happen in Spain the buses work really
well the metro system works well there’s a train system which is also quite good
if you have a car like me the roads are good the roads can take you everywhere
and they’re always in good condition the airports are fantastic the train
stations are very modern Spain has spent a lot of money on infrastructure or
they’ve been given a lot of money to spend on infrastructure over the years
so it’s fantastic here negative another negative about living
here is that if you want to buy property again I’ve spoken about this in previous
vlogs but if you want to buy property here in Spain it can be a bit of a
nightmare a lot of people have lost money and the legal system is also
pretty bad so if you get caught up in that legal system or if somebody steals
your money if if a real estate promoter steals your money good luck getting it
back so do your due diligence so be careful with that so basically that’s it
nothing else really springs to mind so those are my pros and cons of living
here I’ll probably do another video when I
think of some more but those are the main ones for the time being so I’ll
sign off hasta luego if you have any questions or comments just leave them in
the section below and I’ll see you on the next vlog have a good day bye you


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    Odd comment here….but just yesterday, for the first time ever, Wife and I were talking about the possibility of retiring in Spain. We are 44 and 38 years old, and will fully retire in a year from the US military.

    And this video just shows up today in my feed…#5 video scrolling down.


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    Marvin Escriva

    there is also a big difference between living north or south spain, navarra euskadi asturias, castilla y leon galicia, and some part of madrid uses to be a bit tough people wether you compare with the rest of country if you guys want to see all the money stolen from politicians you need to look up you guys can watch it in English option too, its really disappointing how fucked up is the country nowadays, the another big adventage to live in spain if you decide to live in Andalucia will be cheaper than the rest of the country and you pay for a beer and then they give a tapa for free, by the the way im spanish I know what im talking about, by the way im Spaniard living in UK unfortunately

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    Ignacio García Pérez

    A couple of corrections:

    1- Those ~280€ you pay are for social security, which means mostly unemployment and pension but NOT HEALTHCARE. Healthcare is funded via taxes.

    2- If you are paying ~280€ means you're not an employee but a freelance ("autónomo" in spanish). That is the minimum you're required to pay, and as a freelance you can choose how much to pay and most people choose the minimum. But then your pension will be the minimum also.

    Employees do not get to choose how much they pay but it is a fixed percentage of the salary (actual payment is split between employee and employer) and it is always higher than those ~280€, usually way higher.

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    Si le quitas el correctismo político de los progres y los inmigrantes indeseables, España es un país perfecto.

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    Pau Gual

    There is a point that is right
    .No country is perfect, but you have only referred to the area where Spanish is spoken, in Spain, Cuiatro, official languages, Catalan, Basque, Galician and Spanish or Spanish are spoken.

    Each language is a different culture after there are different regional autonomies,

    The Spaniards do not want to speak English? you know why? because Spain was an empire USA 75% was Spanish for 300 years, Alaska also Spanish, Mexico, Central America all of South America, Part of Africa, The Philippines Italy Holland and almost England, You would have to read about Spain.

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    Completetly agree with you im spanish i really liked your video.
    Everybody is welcome!!.
    Come ti spain guys!!!!!

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    Political corruption is everywhere, including UK, USA, Australia. Open you eyes. And it is quite often on even larger scale in those countries, because there's more to take. And UK for example is money laundering centre of the world due to the city and the tax heavens which still belong to the Crown. You think the politicians don't take their cut for allowing and harbouring that? If you consider that, Spain is probably not so bad…

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    Nadie Le Importa

    In Spain we are happy to receive new people from Europe and nice places like Australia who can bring real enrichment to this country.. Very wellcome dude!

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    Agustin Re

    Living in spain, pros: live great, eat great, dress great, transport great. Cons: none.
    I’m from Argentina and I don’t live in Spain but being there one week was just great.

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    you have to learn how to speak spanish without a heavy GB accent or do you do it on purpose for the vlog ?

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    I love how extremely accurately you pointed out things that work and doesn't work in Spain, my homeland, and I find it especially legit since you are an outsider and you see it from a foreign perspective. Congrats!.

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    I'm Spanish and I agree with you. Expecially with the corruption and the burocratic system.
    Respect to the construction of a building in Spain, for the permissions to construct you have to suborn them if you don't want to wait several years in the case that at the end they give you de permission.
    In the health service the government has drop the budget of the health service and In many hospital you have to wait a long time to get attended. So many people is going to private health.

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    Im wearing tights that I borrowed from your mum.

    I prefer the weather in Northern Europe. Good clean air, Snow in winter & not too hot.

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    Tor Samuel

    Awesome your pronunciation of the Spanish sound of "j" and sometimes "g", like in "gestor". Not all the foreigners pronounce it that good. Not even Latin Americans, who say it in a milder way. You say it like Spaniards do, scratchy, and I guess it is an influence from Arabic.

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    Mr. Master Key

    Talked about all the pros of living in Spain while driving, and didn't stop at a single traffic light. 🙈😃 To me that's one of the most obvious ones.

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    truth and common sense warrior

    After mega years of living in spain the one thing I can never get used to are the store hours. Most stores close beteew one and five. Some of the stores I actually love are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. I work during most of the day so if I need something from those shops, I have to go out of my way to get there. The other thing I dislike is the way spainards handle their trash. They are fucking idiots. There are msny ate too lazy to recycle or even bother opening the hatch to the trash container to put the trash inside. As far as management of their seas, lakes and rivers, they also get a very low mark. Immigration from muslim countries and or African countries, and gypsys from Romania,Kosovo, Bosnia etc. is way over the top. The fucking gypsys rob at will with total impunity. You say anything and you are called a racist. I've seen them rob blind people. I would love to see better controls over the influx of migrants.

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    Audio Pervert

    In reality, a lot of cons (british) live in Spain … It's cheaper, better weather and friendly people here…

  35. Post
    dominik pereira

    Spain is not only Madrid and Barcelona. Nature is a huge part of the everyday life. You might not have a big garden in a suburban area, but you have parks everywhere literally in every city there are so many parks. They are especially good for children&families and you´ll also see always groups of elders play cards or just relax in the parks.

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    Anabel Camacho

    Spain head peoples self governing social system 4 years since then humanness still feels . Capitalism destroy life.

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    Awis Qarni

    Hey guys, I've been given the opportunity to do my engineering degree in Spain under a scholarship. Anyone knows how good the education quality of Spain is? I'm still making up my mind about this. Should I take it?

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    Johan Fagerström

    Violence and crime in spain is quite fun for me. In spain i’m not afraid to be out when it’s dark… actually i’m never afraid of violence or crime in spain! But in sweden i always carrying something i can use as ”weapon” when it’s dark or evening… in the winter it gets dark about 3 o clock in the afternoon…. in the summer it goes down 11 in the evening… but the evening is still unsafe..

    And healthcare…. sweden says it got the best healthcare in the world…. but pretty much no-one can get the healthcare they need… cause they just say ”it’ll be okay, take some pain reducing pills” one month later he dies from cancer… that is sweden… in spain you actually get healthcare!!!

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    Gabriel Maurer

    Your timing is terrible, you speak very slowly and don't seem to have your ideas prepared. And you're driving down an empty road, not interesting whatsoever

  43. Post

    A bit fed up with that cliché of weather, always sunny and wonderful, the flamenco and all that sort of things. U know what is the best of Spain and no one talks about it? Variety, not only in food but in all terms. Im from Asturias in the North and i can ensure you here it rains a lot. Spain is known as "A nation of nations", every single region has its own characteristics, so if you come to Spain, just enjoy that variety. Of course, we have some things in common, we like party and to have fun, we like alcohol, we are friendly compared to many other countries and less violent. I could speak for ages but i think thats the main point.

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    Lo que dices acerca del trabajo no es cierto. Si hablas español tendrás las mismas posibilidades de ser contratado que un nativo. Incluso más si el trabajo es de cara al público en zonas turísticas

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    vienen por el norte señor Frodo

    con: in divorces women take almost all, you as man are nothing but shit. And a woman can say that you harrassed her without any single proof and you will be in serious trouble, if you evade jail doesnt matter becasue you lose your job and you will suffer social ostracism

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    Also should apply nationality for any country to prefer always their own people, but also nationality should never be given
    for different non european ethnicity like an abdul which i bet is a
    muslin, no civil jobs for different cults that not christian.
    Nationality is not only have a passport, when i see muslins saying they
    are british feels like vomit as all in them tells me they ARE NOT
    starting by the way they look, till the way they eat, behave, the cult
    they follow as islam is not even a religion doesn't fullfill the
    requests for that starting by no freedom of choice.

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    David Piles

    You are just saying bullshit, you don’t have idea of what you are saying. You ignorant, before talking you should inform yourself a little bit.

    Kinds regards sucker,
    By a spanish guy

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    magaly marin

    how is to live in Valencia or Alicante compare to Madrid . dothey have good public transportation as well…?

  52. Post
    Tony Logan

    It was kind of funny to hear you talk about corruption. What could be more corrupt than the UK, where the politicians have turned the whole country into a corrupt satellite orbiting the disgusting corruption and militarism of the US?

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    For Sure

    Are you crazy?, renewing your driver's license with a gestor?… Man, you dont even have to go to any public place.. every place where they do the medical exams for the license will renew it for you… on the fly… hell…

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    I'm Spanish living in Germany. If you think that Spain is very burocratic,you should try Germany. You would change your mind about Spain 😀

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    Of course generally the climate is better in Spain than in the UK, but the weather in Cantabria and the Basque Country in particular is on a par with the south of England. In some areas it's even worse.

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    Lince Tactical

    1 think about weather in Spain, weather is nice in the beach areas, if u came here in the north, is very cold.

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    Sir Wombateed

    Very good video, lad, spot on! Living here is really good, but bureaucracy is a pain in the ass; if you want to do any official exam or something like that, prepare to go from office to office and see a lot of bad faces and lazy asses.

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    Lucas Luraka

    After living in France, Dubai, Shanghai, Hong Kong…. I am moving to Spain! I fell in love when I first went there in 2014 🙂
    Great food, people, weather and nature…. what's not to like?

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    Alfred 2012

    I am half Spanish and I understand a lot of things you mentioned. However, after living in Northern Europe (UK, Sweden, Norway) as my wife is from there and I also have half my family in Sweden, you just cannot compare Spain to other places. I will never go back there its an effin' shitehole. Many tourists come with romantic views about Spain but for a lot of us working class people its a real shitehole. Yes, of course in Northern Europe its colder, higher taxes and expensive, but when it comes down to it, these countries are far more developed than Spain in every way. Also, I can tell you something you will not want to hear. Spanish people are racist. You have to be Spanish to understand what I mean.

  69. Post
    Carl Swanson

    I live down in Mexico, small town up in the mountains.. cheap, best of all no Gringos so I don't have to listen to the mindless bullshit they spew all day. Anything like that in Spain? Don't want to live in a big city, don't want to live on the beach, thinking same as here, up in the mountains, small towns, no Gringos… any suggestions?

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    Anatoly Smolyansky

    Stuart you been living for some 20 years in Spain. You must like it more than UK then 🙂

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    A Relative of mine: about 50 years ago a relative died in northern Spain. The governments etc, would not allow him buried in Spain as he was evangelical, and not catholic.
    Now we have strangers at our doors that are polar opposites to Christianity.

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    John De La Torre-Ugarte

    I’m actually moving to Barcelona in a week and a half by way of New York. Glad I found your YouTube channel.

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    Celtic Whisper

    Something that I have been told by friends who live in Spain, teaching English, is that part of their earnings is declared to the government, and part is given in an envelope directly to the employee. That seems to be pretty normal procedure even in large language academies.

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    Tony Peters

    Thank you for sharing. My family and I plan on visiting next week, but my wife isn’t to thrilled about the idea of moving there. We will see how our visit goes. Any advice on renting a car. I’ve driven in Belgium and Germany in the mid 90’s. We both have international drivers license.

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    Caz cazo

    Paperwork can be a nightmare Too much red tape I live in Melbourne I have been to Madrid many times but failed to make a living and I'm also a Spanish citizen and Australian citizen ,, best bet is to create residual income from Australia and live freely in Spain , in Spain I like the people( but don't trust anyone) the food the festivals and nightlife , the historic artistic culture , but there are people that can scam you truly con artist , going for your drivers licence is so difficult especially the test so one can easily fail and pay another fee to do it again it's all a business. , in Australia we have it easy ,, but there's this isolation to it , if I was very well situated financially I'll live in Spain but until then I will not live in Spain to lose or to suffer

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