Living Smart in Brantford

Smart living describes much of what we rely upon in our city. It’s quality healthcare,
education and safety. Our city is a safe city, a healthy city, a
vibrant city with a lot happening! A smart living
city features environments, services and opportunities for everyone such as arts,culture, sports
and recreation to name a few. It promotes diversity, recognizes its heritage and its
current and past leaders. It celebrates its accomplishments and
embraces the future with optimism and courage. (pause)
Our city needs to continue to recognize our diverse population. As you know, most large
communities are faced with an aging population – a population made up of people of various
cultures, backgrounds and faiths -a population at different stages of life. As a result we
will have to continue to be an inclusive community. It other words everyone must be given opportunities
with housing needs, access to education, training and retraining programs, and healthcare to
ensure high quality living for all! Get involved. Volunteer to be part of Smart Brantford. Share
your thoughts and ideas. Are you in?

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