Logan’s 2020 Citizen of the Year – Annette Bird

So my name’s Annette Bird I’m the president of Reptile
Rehabilitation Queensland So we rescue sick or injured reptiles Reptiles are not the cute
face of rehabilitation so not many people have an
affinity for reptiles I do and we have a lot of
carers that do The top reasons that they come in
are all human-related sadly so dogs, cats, cars and
habitat loss We get them to veterinary attention and then we put them into our
rehabilitation network for care until they can be released back
into the wild Hey darling She’s always angry not very thankful So my house is set up a
little bit differently to most houses in that the whole house is set up
for animal care Whatever comes in, we can house it The most complex reptiles that we get in
of course are those that can potentially kill us and that’s the venomous snakes so we have very strict protocols
with handling those guys and then the other dangerous animals
are of course the large goannas and we have one of those
here at the moment as well It’s a good feeling to be able
to help these guys and put them back out to
where they belong How are you? You in there? So the award that I recently won was Citizen of the Year which
was a massive honour What it means for wildlife carers
it puts us on the radar and kind of highlights the work that we actually do do
every single day People that are doing
good things out there put your name forward for
Citizen of the Year because the recognition will
help you in your cause

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