Luke Bryan Reveals What Makes Him Country

Luke Bryan Reveals What Makes Him Country

-Last time we were here, you helped me out
and we did a bit called, “I don’t know how
to pronounce –” or “I don’t know how to say
‘gyro.'” -Gy-ro, “yearo.”
-Gyro. Now I know. -You still, even after
we did that — -We still don’t know
how to say it. -You still second-guess it.
-You do. ’cause it’s spelled G-Y-R-O.
-It just — -No.
-It throws your brain. -It really does — It’s…
-And our brains really aren’t capable of anything.
-[ Laughs ] Yeah. But yeah — but anyways, if you
want to see it on — look for it on YouTube.
It’s how to pronounce “gyro,” and it’s really funny. But I
think of you all the time. — -Every time I see the cart,
I’m like, “Jimmy.” [ Laughter ]
-Good, I’m glad. ♪ Somewhere out there ♪
-Yeah, I’m a little — I’m Fievel.
-I’m Fievel as well. Two Fievels.
-They don’t know who Fievel is. -No, no, no, that’s all right.
We’ll have to re-release that. Let’s talk about the record,
man. I want to talk about this. Congrats on this.
It’s out today. And “What Makes You Country.”
What does that mean? -Oh.
-What makes you country? -Well, you know, um, can we
start with you or me? Me first. Listen to me talk.
[ Laughter ] I mean, it’s pretty much —
-Yeah, that makes — that makes you country.
-That’s the stamp right there. Right there on the forehead,
boom, he’s country. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You’re definitely country, yeah. -Especially when I’m walking
around New York City, and I’m like, oh, yeah, I’ll
have thesketti,not spaghetti. You know, Mama called it,
“get on in the house. the sketti’s ready.” Sketti.
-Is that right? The sketti. -Didn’t have enough time to say
“spaghetti.” -Yeah. I don’t know. I might
have a little country in me. -Yeah, see, I mean, every time
I — so I got a — every time I’m around Jimmy, he
has to brag on his pickup truck. [ Laughter ]
-That’s right. I love my truck. -It’s like your favorite thing
in the world. -It really is awesome, yeah.
I mean… -So what percent country would
you say that makes you, based on your love
for your pickup truck? [ Laughter ] Is it 5 — do you get 5%? -Oh, I get more than 5%. Yeah.
-Oh. -0 mean, some of the best songs
in country music are written about trucks.
-I know. I’ve written — I’ve written 90% of them. [ Laughter ] -I’m talking to the man! [ Laughter,
cheers and applause ] Oh, man.
I love my truck so much. -What Jimmy is to fishing,
catching a fish, you know… -What are you doing for
the holidays? Anything fun? -Oh, gosh, it’s just — it’s
Christmas mayhem around — -It’s happening.
-We get all the family in. -Yeah?
-We get all the fights out, you know, all the fighting.
-Out of the way. Just get it out of the way.
-Right off, try the first day. -First five minutes.
-All the fights. Clear all the air.
-[ Laughs ] -Look, you go through it, too.
-I’m Irish. Absolutely, yeah. [ Laughter ]
-Whoo, yeah. -Yeah, we — we’re going to —
we’re just kind of settling in to our house. This will be our
second Christmas in our house. And we get the family in,
but yeah, we have a good time. We do, you know, after all
the — after all the turkey and all that —
-Thanksgiving. -So I started a few years back,
my mother and I, we kinda said, let’s do chili dogs
on Christmas Eve. And my mother, like, it’s
a thing, because she wants to go shop — like she’s turning
into an all-day event because it used to be, well,
it’s always been, “Luke, it’s 11 now. We’ve got to
go do our chili dog shopping.” She takes me to the grocery
store and it’s literally — it’s her time to have with me
and we buy all of the — She has this chili recipe that
she spends so much time on it and I think, you know —
-So that’s a special, beautiful thing.
-Some of her cigarette ashes land in it.
[ Laughter ] Sorry, Mama.
[ Laughter ] -That’s the secret ingredient.
You gave it away! -She’s in there, and the
cigarette, and she’s like… “Oh, oh!” She’s like,
“Did anybody see that?” -Yeah, yeah, no.
-Stir it up. -Keep stirring.
No one will even know. -But the buns have to be
the buns that — they’re not the buns
that — they’re the buns that are split —
-Split in the middle? -…on the middle.
-Yeah, yes, of course. And then what we do is we take
the chili — we put the chili in a bowl, and you cover
the chili dog up completely. You cover the hot dog
completely up with chili. -Yeah.
-And you take oyster crackers. -Wow.
-Yeah, the little saltines. -Oh, yeah, I’m in. I’m in.
-Oh, they’re called scramble dogs.
-Yeah. I’m in! -It’s silly.
-See, I would love that stuff. -Now, the next morning,
Christmas morning, around the tree, you’re
not happy about what happened. -No, no, no, of course not.
Yeah, of course not. [ Laughter ] -I can’t believe
I just said that. -I know. There’s so much I have
to — I don’t have enough time to talk to you but I want to say
congrats on “American Idol.” -Oh, it’s…
-You’re one of the new judges on “American Idol.”
[ Cheers and applause ] -Thank you. Thank you.
-I’ll be watching. -You know, it’s really,
you know, when you — when you take on something like
that, you don’t know — you got to — you got to do
contracts and stuff, and they’re like,
they’re serious about it. -Oh, it’s major.
-Yeah, and you’re like, you may get there and be like, “oh,
my God, this is miserable.” -Yeah.
-But it’s truly like watching these kids
and this young talent come in and watching them start
singing, and you’re like, “how have you not been
discovered yet?” That’s what always is amazing
for me. It’s like… -Yeah.
-With all the, you know, YouTubes and socials and stuff,
these kids come out of… -Nowhere.
-…these places and you’re like…and, um…
-That’s great. -It’s amazing. And getting to
work with Lionel and Katy, I mean, Lionel —
-I love Lionel Richie, man. Oh, my God. We love —
-It doesn’t get any better. -Yeah, and Katy, too. It’s fun.
-And Katy, everybody — you know, Katy, I tell you
what’s interesting about it is we all dissect the talent
pretty similarly, and Katy’s like, I mean,
Katy’s on — I mean, we’re — we’re trying to
find an American idol. It’s pretty daunting.
-Yeah, good. -Because if we don’t find one,
then it was our fault, right? -[ Laughs ] No, yeah. You’ll
find one, you’ll find one. And you’ll help them, too.
’cause we love when you perform. We do. We love you so much.
And I actually have a clip of one of your performances.
-Oh, goodness. -Recently. Do you know what I’m
talking about? -No. I have no idea.
-Yeah, you do. Yeah, you do. Watch this. This is good. This is what happens when you go
see Luke Bryan in concert. -♪ I’ve been a little crazy
seeing you ♪ [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughter ] -My fly was down! [ Laughs ] [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ]
-[ Laughs ] Dude, what happened? Buddy, I love the dance moves.
-Yeah. The dance move,
you’re doing the dance move — -Yeah, I’m doing the shake
and the fly is spreading out. [ Laughter ]
And I look at the front row, and all the girls are like…
And one girl’s like… and I’m like…
-What does that mean? Check, please? Yeah —
-Well, she’s — Whatever it meant,
I knew the fly was down. -X-y-z, man.
-I was like — and all my years, never — I’ve fallen off stages.
Forgot words. Said the wrong city.
-But never did that. -First time, fly down.
-I’ve said the wrong city before, but that was —
-And it was like — I had a shirt, like, this
jacket, like you perform, and you — I looked down
at my jacket or something that I had on was taking all of
the paint off my guitar. Like, I’m like, “oh, my God, my
jacket’s destroying my guitar.” So I ran off, did a wardrobe
change and through that, just forgot one — one small
de– not small. You know what I mean.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. [ Cheers and applause ]
-You said it. [ Laughs ]
-One minor — -One giant detail. -[ Laughs ] -One better than average detail.
-[ Laughs ] -You Googled it, too.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. Luke Bryan, “What Makes You
Country” is available now. Today it’s out.
[ Cheers and applause ] You know, I thought we’d have
a little fun. Just a toast. -Nice!
-Just a toast for you. -Oh, yeah.
-And Mom. This is from Crif Dog here
in New York City. It’s one of the best chili dogs
I ever had. -Hey, that is — It looks —
-It’s delicious. -It’s ready to rock.
-Yep. Luke Bryan, everybody.


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    Dixie Ford

    We do BBQ on Christmas Eve dinner lol we're country and we talk southern and live in the country LIVIN COUNTRY β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ€ πŸ‘΅πŸ‘΄πŸ‘©πŸ‘¨πŸ‘§πŸ‘¦πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎπŸ‡πŸš£πŸŠπŸ‹οΈπŸοΈπŸŽοΈπŸ€ΌπŸ€ΈπŸ‘£πŸ’₯πŸ•πŸΊπŸ¦ŒπŸŽπŸƒπŸ„πŸ–πŸ¦ƒπŸΎπŸ“πŸ¦†πŸŠπŸ’πŸŸπŸ”πŸŸπŸ₯“πŸ—πŸ–πŸŒ­πŸ‰

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    Dawn DiPierro

    Now, this country man is the love of my life! Luke Bryan is my EVERYTHING and my all time favorite. Just love him!

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    Cheyenne Katsma

    He is country. He as a person and his family life if you read up on it at all…. Just because his music lately has been leaning more toward the pop country side doesn't mean that him as a person is not country

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    Ashley Rhodes

    I honestly could listen to him talk all day long 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  24. Post

    Don't know why everyone hates…What ever category, his music is great in my opinion. Anything I watch, his performances or interviews, I catch myself with a silly grin on my face. And he is damn sexy, if I could take his ass home!

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    Virtual Horizon

    If anyone here besides me was lucky enough to witness that fly drop and fall down laughing, you know just how hilarious it was to see Luke doing his moves, and out of nowhere, looks at his crotch and quickly zips up his fly and shouts it out. I saw it all and i hope someone else here did too. Fucking hilarious. Woulda been a hell of a lot better if he didn't know it.

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    Kimi Cyprowski

    I ❀️Luke Bryan get to see him in Concert June 30th he is so Hot and do down to Earth

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  36. Post
    Debbie Pearce

    He's a real honest person. A great singer. I could listen to him talk & sing all day . He has a beautiful wife & great kids. God bless for raising his nephews

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    The Reynolds

    Luke Bryan might have a country twang, but his music is straight trash. Simple drivel with a half-assed hip-hop back beat. I hope he chokes on a urinal cake.

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    debi sybesma

    just took my gran'daughter to see luke…..we managed to get close enough to see the whiteness of his teeth CLOSE!!!!. he popped a top and flung beer as far as it would go…..which included….us. told my gran'daughter…."it's the ONLY time in your LIFE!!!!… will EVER be happy/excited…..about havin' beer thrown on you….." thank-you mr. luke for a night we shall never forget….EVER!!!!!

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    Taylor Howser

    Iove old country I like it more than modern country and Luke Bryan's music, however I do like it too. What I like the most about Luke Bryan's is he is most definitely a country a
    Person and while the music might not be country the lyrics most definitely are

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    No Name

    Wearing skinny jeans along with $3,000 boots to fish in a stocked pond is country I guess. When you have to talk about how country you are every time you open your mouth, chances are, you ain’t country.

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    B-dog Smittyman

    Being the king of country is what makes him country, he passed up George strait and hank Williams wanna be candy asses a long time ago and took over as the new king of country, and anyone who hates on the king Luke is just jealous of him and they are jealous that his music IS country and they just can’t accept the fact that he is the new definition of country and he is the new king of country, don’t let these jealous ass haters bring you down luke, just because you are not classic country or β€œoutlaw” country doesn’t mean you’re not country at all, you are the all time king of country and you are an all time country legend, you are better than any other country singer out there (new and old) keep doing what you do and keep being the all time king of country, and I personally think that all the other country singers could learn a thing or two from you about being country πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

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  55. Post

    Luke is so funny!!!!!!
    Handsome, talented, good hearted man!

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    Jacob Wright

    I want to go bass fishin so bad with Luke Bryan and probably out fish him haha please jimmy make it happen lets go fishin

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    Debra Bmorgan

    Love Luke he is just the most sweetest loving down to earth country boy, Between him and Blake Shelton they are just the most amazing country singers and there personality is out of this world,,There humor is so incredibly awesome, Love the bothβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ€ŸπŸ€ŸπŸ’―πŸ’―

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    Edward Hurlburt

    I'd say it's his Apple Bottom skinny jeans, his sultry Bert from Sesame Street voice and his " hey, I'm singing about beers, dirt roads, sitting down by the river, speakers go boom boom boom, 13 year old girl attention-grabbing songs" …. country???…lol…..ok… maybe Millennial country. Or just music to drink my Bud Light sitting on the lake with a group of people on my pontoon boat kind of music.

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    Chuck Norris 2020

    Nice try Luke…You wont reunite the left and the right. There will be war, mark my words. The sooner we get Commies out of this country and send them to the countries they love so much, the better.

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    McKenna!!!! C

    If you like his music download Spotify and you can make your own playlist with as many songs by him as you want or what ever songs you want my favorite app ever so if you like his music as much as I do this is the perfect app!!

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    K-Cup Coffee Karaoke 🎀 Fast Food Review

    Luke should play Elvis in the biopic with Tom Hanks cuz he has his looks and smile

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