Luna prepares for the upcoming Estrella Del Sur Ladies Society Ball | TKB (With Eng Subs)

That looks great on you, dear. You’re going to be the most
beautiful girl at the ball! I know! But this isn’t final yet, Lola. I also have other
dresses in mind. I’m still trying to decide. Oh my god! Oh! Wait! How about we try to
score an invite for Elias? To the ball?! My god, Luna!
Are you serious?! What’s the matter
with you?! Only the most prestigious
families of The Province of
Estrella del Sur are invited
to the ball! So?! Elias is part of
our family! – Geez!
– Luna, Luna… Don’t tease your grandmother… …like that. She might suffer
a heart attack. Whatever. Mom! What’s the use of you being the chairwoman of the ball,
right? You have access to
the guest list. So, come on. You decide. Just because I’m chairwoman, doesn’t mean that
I can just do anything. There’s a committee. Okay, fine. I get it.
Blah, blah, blah. I can’t believe the people
at that ball are such snobs! Hello?! Anyone should be able to party with whomever they like! Equality! Haven’t you
heard of that?! And, by the way, Lola… I think you should agree! Lolo wasn’t a snob
back then, remember? I mean… He married you. – Luna!
– And you weren’t part of a prestigious family. Luna! I beg your pardon?! I came from
a decent family, Luna! Lola… I’m not saying that you didn’t
come from a decent family. I just mean that Lolo met you when you were just
a beauty queen, and– I would have you know that our family was included in Subido’s 400 list! We came from old money! We were not nouveau riche! Okay! But everyone knows that, right?
They know that Lola was… – …just a beauty queen–
– Luna? You know your Lola
has always been sensitive about
her background. So why would you bring it up? Okay, um…
Anyway… Back to the topic. So, Mom… Elias? Come on? How come when
you’re interacting with Elias, you’re nice and
you treat him well? But when you’re interacting
with other people, – like Emma…
– Ugh! You always bully
and hurt her? Equality does not
discriminate, Luna. Whatever. You two are impossible. Nanny! Grab my gown and let’s go!

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