Malta Citizenship Program

What is the immigration status of the Malta Citizenship program
in the EU? Since Malta’s membership of the EU since 2004,
Maltese nationals are able to move freely within the European borders, live, invest,
do business and work in any European member state. What is the standing of the Malta citizenship program under European law? Besides the contribution and investment requirements,
The Malta Citizenship program also requires a genuine connection of the applicant for a least one
year before the grant of nationality. This has resulted in the European Commission pronouncing
itself in approval of the Malta Citizenship programme back in February 2014. What mobility benefits does one enjoy as a
Maltese citizen ? As a Maltese citizen, one does not require
a visa when travelling to over 166 countries, including Canada and the US. Since Malta is
part of Schengen, Maltese residents are able to travel freely writhing the schengen area. What health benefits do Maltese citizens enjoy? Malta offers a high quality medical health
system that is available free to Maltese nationals. The Maltese medical system has been ranked
in the top 5 in the world by the World Health Organisation. What’s the education system like? Here are a number of private schools as well
as a respect public school system, with a long tertiary education tradition at the University
of Malta. English is the language of instruction at all schools and international schools in
Malta prepare students for internationally recognised qualifications under the Bacellaurite
system or the English system. How efficient is the process of obtaining
citizenship by investment in Malta? The processing time is capped at a maximum
of 4 months. That means that within 4 months of applying for citizenship, one already knows
the outcome. The contribution and investments only need
to be made upon receipt of this in principle approval. Also, throughout the application process,
the applicant is given a residence card within 1-3 weeks and enjoys schengen freedom of movement
until he receives his passport. Who is an applicant allowed to include in
a family application? One can include The spouse, parents of the
main applicant or the spouse who are older than 55 and financially dependent on the main
applicant and form part of he household. One can also include children under the age of
18 as well as unmarried children between the age of 18-26 who are dependent on the main

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