McCain: Citizens United Worst SCOTUS Decision Ever

citizens united uh… according to john
mccain though worst superior court decision that’s what he said it was so um… for
those of you who’ve been living under a rock where they cave and who don’t know
what citizens united is it’s a visit from court cases where the
supreme court are ruled that uh… money equal speech and therefore
our look political action committees are are rather our corporations and
unions and than anyone else can uh… donate unlimited amounts into
these super packed right uh… which means that now ari elections are
completely and attorney bought knives is one of jenks um… uh… passions i mean right he’s working
tirelessly to fight against this he started a a separate pakad wolfpack uh… he’s working with uh… various
leaders uh… stinging in congress and in academia and race activists to try to get this out horrible decision
overturned with a constitutional amendment i want to do a quick uh… recap who is contributor are super packs high
so because right now something let me just
say that you know the idea that money to thoroughly used to be locate at the
beginning of our country of somebody had an idea and they wanted
to get the idea how they needed money to go put to a printing press to print this
things to get their leaflets out so that so they needed somebody would give the
money so they can get their message out well now that kind of has been turned on
its theory because now that what the supreme court is saying is
that yes um… the guy who gives you money for your printing press that money equals speech right so if i
have a dollar that dollar equal speech but if somebody
has a hundred dollars now he has a hundred more uh… attacked by the time to hav a hundred
more speech than i do in our in our political process and that’s what’s wrong with its not
equaled that everybody gets the equal speech right and so that’s the big
problem here and now because their ability but sit there controlling
government without this now imagine how much more they’re going to be
controlling government right so basically uh… in in senate and at what and
congressional races uh… the person with more money when
sonya four percent of the time ninety four percent so it doesn’t matter who
has a better idea it doesn’t matter who the who cares more about the country all
that matters is who has more money on rare occasions that have more money
loses by this prize situation when when the differential is that starts but i think you need to take one side
with a tremendous amount of money goes i would what a lot less it’s over oss especially in art and the
digital age route where you know the airwaves of the internet is flooded with
uh… very misleading ads whoever has more money whoever misleads more usually wins did this this uh… this decision by the
strip the beds comport as a is that there is a predecessors in uh… because justice kennedy who i thought was a
fairly rational visual person wrote in his opinion that not only does it not corrupt the
political process but it doesn’t even give the appearance of corrupting the
political process which is unbelievable be at the end of two
hundred yes go ahead people and said is that it is a case that all sides are are running around the tea party members
and and uh… and doctor five people uh… the regular forty seven percent
urs yes and i never centers nobody likes this idea of rebel citizen
for rich people yet so what do you know government citizens united is like the
replacement rats of politics everybody can come together if he gets that you’re
right and it’s amazing that it got pushed
through under some really weird i think i don’t
i can see just aliya voting for it i can see roberts going okay because their
corporate tools but again that kennedy it’s like a really you don’t see the problem with this and
uh… they date i guess they don’t see the bomb with this so we’ll come john mccain came out today and he’s
making a big is making a lot of noise about it right yeah so john can you look
at the key is that he’s a bit of a crazy person so i think he’s he’s a crazy
military faulty things we should yet to wage war all others are all there
is a problem we can start with the missile in the dawn layout sun dot com dot frontpage really decide
this like him however he is a very principled person
in certain areas and this is one of them and assistant this commitment to campaign
finance has been pretty strongly he passed up if i go about to get it passed yesterday
finance reform and attorney he is still very much uh…
uh… impassioned by this particular issue and he cannot visit was a worst
supreme court decision ever so so when you have to rely on the guy who picks
era pale and to be our vice president if you rely on that guy to be the voice
of reason that’s how bad it our politics yet and you know i’m actually
disappointed what is another area where this point with with that president
obama because he’s done really nothing to uh… address this issue citizens
united says that it campaign finance he he he mentioned a a few times how i
feel like we’re running out of politics but you know if he accepts money like
everyone else and in fact physically quite a master at yet although in his
defense he does get money uh… in a smaller amounts for more
people which is better that just getting off of
one corporation whose buys that he did that he was that he did raise the
mostly from wall street just doesn’t make it any candidate previous to best
route to so and then you wonder why we did we get to fl is bank reform which is
what happened we got dodds frank which doesn’t really solve the problem that environments there’s a problem says
what says that it might politics because uh… the money goes egos to uh…
controlled the politicians who favor their corporate donors or the border any
donors for that matter rather than the constituent write this
so obvious

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