Meet 2 U.S. Citizens Detained at Airports: A Police Chief and a Lawyer Who Sued Trump Administration

Meet 2 U.S. Citizens Detained at Airports: A Police Chief and a Lawyer Who Sued Trump Administration

AMY GOODMAN: We turn now to what seems to
be a growing chorus of U.S. citizens sharing accounts of having been detained at airports
across the country since the start of the Trump administration. Boston-based civil rights attorney Iván Espinoza-Madrigal
says he was returning home on March 12th from a vacation in Portugal, when he was detained
at Boston’s Logan Airport. In an article in The Huffington Post, Espinoza-Madrigal,
who was born in Costa Rica, explains that he has lived in the U.S. for three decades,
became a citizen, oh, 20 years ago, in 1996. He writes, quote, “It is disempowering and
dehumanizing to have government officials question my citizenship and passport. My citizenship is not only a legal status;
it is deeply rooted in my identity. … If my personal experience at Logan is
any indication, airport inspections are now targeting not only Muslims, but other minorities—including
U.S. citizens—for ‘extreme vetting.'” A day later, the former police chief chief
of Greenville, North Carolina, says he was detained for over an hour by Customs and Border
Protection agents when he was flying into New York City’s JFK Airport after returning
from visiting his mother in Paris. In a Facebook post, he wrote he was a U.S.
citizen and had worked in law enforcement in the U.S. for nearly 30 years. Hassan Aden wrote that after his detention,
quote, “This country now feels cold, unwelcoming, and in the beginning stages of a country that
is isolating itself from the rest of the world and its own people in an unprecedented fashion.” Espinoza-Madrigal and Aden now join us, along
with many other citizens, including a U.S. Olympic medalist, a NASA scientist, the son
of a boxing legend, Muhammad Ali Jr., who have all been detained at airports across
the country since the start of the Trump administration. For more, we’re joined by Iván Espinoza-Madrigal
and Hassan Aden. Hassan Aden, let’s begin with you. You’re the former police chief of Greenville,
North Carolina. Talk about what happened to you at JFK. HASSAN ADEN: So, I had spent a weekend in
Paris celebrating my mom’s 80th birthday and returned back to the United States. I was looking forward to seeing my family
and, you know, getting back to work and doing my thing. And everything was business as usual. You know, I got off my flight, went through
the automated passport check, got my customs sheet printed out. And I walked up and handed my passport to
a CBP agent, who barely even looked up at me. He scanned my passport, looked at me, asked
me if I was traveling alone. I responded “yes.” And then he stood up and said, “Let’s take
a walk”—my first red flag that something was not—was not the same as always. I travel frequently. I travel internationally. I travel nationally weekly, multiple times. And I have never, ever been stopped by CBP. And this is not to say that I don’t support
and really appreciate the mission of CBP. They have a difficult job with lots of complexities. But the detention is the piece that I question,
and the length of the detention. So, I was taken back to a room, that was a
makeshift office that appeared to be some sort of a storage room. And for the next hour and a half, they held
my passport. I questioned whether I was being detained,
and the original officer that took me back there said, “No, this is not a detention.” There are lots of—lots of different arguments
about that. I was clearly not free to leave. And eventually I was released. It took about 90 minutes. And it took one very respectful and helpful
customs agent, or customs, yeah, agent, that she started her shift, and she took an interest
in my case, because what I imagine she saw was a lot of foreign nationals being brought
in and released in about five minutes after their passports were vetted, and I was just
sitting there for about 90 minutes. And finally, she helped me get my—whatever
the vetting was, done, and I was on my way. But really, the issue for me here is the policies
of CBP, and something has changed. As I have stated, I travel internationally
frequently. And it’s always been a welcoming home, something
that I always look toward when I get off my flight. Customs agents have always been polite, say,
“Welcome back to the United States. Welcome home.” Not the case. And this was the first time that I’ve traveled
internationally in 2017. AMY GOODMAN: They took your phone? HASSAN ADEN: No. AMY GOODMAN: You had your phone in your possession
at all times? HASSAN ADEN: I had my phone in my possession
at all times. However, I was restricted from using it. There were two signs that were very, very
clear in what they wanted you to do. One was remain seated at all times. And two, use of mobile devices and telephones
strictly prohibited—another sign that I was actually being detained. AMY GOODMAN: I want to bring in Iván Espinoza-Madrigal. Talk about your own experience. IVÁN ESPINOZA-MADRIGAL: Thank you, Amy. My experience was somewhat similar. I was returning home from a vacation in Portugal,
and I went through the passport control line, like usual. And the difference here is that instead of
asking me, you know, “Where were you? How long were you gone for? Are you bringing any fruit and vegetables?” what the officer did is that he looked at
me very suspiciously, as if I had done something wrong, and took my passport, left the kiosk
and proceeded to confer with a couple of other CBP officers, returned, asked me questions
like “Where did you get this passport? Who gave you this passport? Where does this passport come from?” clearly indicating that the authenticity of
my passport was at issue, that there was some notion that my passport may be fake or invalid
in some fashion, and questioning my citizenship and the fact that I have this U.S. passport. At that point, the passport was scanned through
the CBP system, clearly confirming my identify and that that passport was issued by the U.S.
Passport Agency in New York. And instead of releasing me at that time,
what the officer did was to escalate the matter by calling over another CBP officer to escort
me to a separate security room, where my vetting continued and where I was asked to produce
additional proof of identity so that they can confirm who I was. This is the first time that I traveled since
the inauguration, and it was the first time ever that I had been subjected to this type
of additional scrutiny and vetting. The last time I traveled was in January, right
before the inauguration. And I came in through the country perfectly
fine, like any other U.S. citizen. AMY GOODMAN: So, well, let me ask you something,
Iván. Your group sued President Trump this year
on behalf of the— IVÁN ESPINOZA-MADRIGAL: Yeah. AMY GOODMAN: —cities of Lawrence and Chelsea
in Massachusetts over the president’s executive order defunding sanctuary cities? IVÁN ESPINOZA-MADRIGAL: That’s right. We sued on February 8th. My organization was the first one in the country
to sue on behalf of sanctuary communities. We represent two heavily immigrant towns in
Massachusetts that are being threatened by the Trump administration for defunding based
under immigrant-friendly policies. And the lawsuit is the only one in the East
Coast at this time. This litigation was very important, because
we need to protect all families and children in our communities. And so, it’s very important for my organization
to be out there right now, at a time of significant federal uncertainty, protecting families. And to be treated as suspect at the airport
was incredibly, not just humiliating, but unpowering, when my job, day to day, is to
protect immigrant families. AMY GOODMAN: Last month, White House Press
Secretary Sean Spicer said the president wanted to “take the shackles off” the nation’s
immigration and customs agents. PRESS SECRETARY SEAN SPICER: The president
needed to give guidance, especially after what they went through in the last administration,
where there were so many carve-outs that ICE agents and CBP members didn’t—had to figure
out each individual, whether or not they fit in a particular category and they could adjudicate
that case. The president wanted to take the shackles
off individuals in these agencies and say, “You have a mission. There are laws that need to be followed. You should do your mission and follow the
law.” AMY GOODMAN: Hassan Aden, your thoughts on
what he’s saying? Do you see this—I mean, you’re law enforcement. Do you see this as an unshackling of law enforcement? HASSAN ADEN: Well, they took the shackles
off of CBP and placed them on others, U.S. citizens and others that are subjected to
this kind of conduct now. It is humiliating, as Iván stated. It is a position of—you know, it just—it
makes you extremely vulnerable, and you have no idea what is happening to you at the time
that it’s happening. The reason why I really wanted to bring this
up, and very publicly, was because there are so many people that are voiceless. Iván and I both have voices and platform,
and I think that it is our responsibility to shed light on this problem. AMY GOODMAN: And, Iván Espinoza-Madrigal,
do you think you were targeted because of the lawsuit? IVÁN ESPINOZA-MADRIGAL: I’m not sure. I don’t know what they were thinking. But what I know is that one of the greatest
strengths of this country is that we do not have classes of citizenship. All citizens have the same rights and privileges. And that was certainly not my experience at
the airport. So, for whatever reason it was, whether I
was targeted for my civil rights advocacy or based on the color of my skin and my identity,
it’s unconstitutional and un-American. AMY GOODMAN: And, Hassan Aden, you’re familiar
with databases that law enforcement use, as a former police chief. What database do you think you’re in? HASSAN ADEN: I’m not sure. I do think that—I believe—I was never
told that by CBP, but I believe it’s some sort of—what I was told was that my name
was used as an alias and that some database flagged it. So I believe it’s something to do with a
terrorist watchlist or fusion center. But what I do know is that one of three things
is going on with this database. One, either the database is— AMY GOODMAN: We have five seconds. HASSAN ADEN: There’s a problem with the
database and the policies behind it. It should not take 90 minutes to clear someone
holding a U.S. passport. AMY GOODMAN: Hassan Aden, former chief of
police of Greenville, North Carolina, detained at JFK. Iván Espinoza-Madrigal, with the Lawyers’
Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice, detained at Logan Airport in Boston. That does it for our broadcast. Happy birthday to Miriam Barnard!


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    Abraham Duran

    the problem is he's not a police he's a patrolman that gives them jurisdiction to do anything they want to with him cuz he agreed that they could do it Americans never agreed and law enforcement would never agree to the treatment any patrolman or the mistreatment of Americans maybe the patrolman need to become constitutional law enforcement so maybe they can do what they all dreamed of doing protecting the people and protecting this country against foreign and domestic enemy domestic enemy the mayor the city council and the other individuals that forced these young man and women out in our streets to violate the law and endanger their lives I'm pretty sure we can get some charges on those people and put them in jail

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    Abraham Duran

    if he was real enforcement then nobody could threaten his job if he was real law enforcement been him and the officers across our country to go out and arrest of Mayor and city council immediately because they have an obligation to the people and because the mayor in the city council are the ones responsible for our City's being in the way that they are I miss you so the public funds and miss you so their seats of power it is mandatory that they be arrested on counts of treason being Insurrection to the Constitution and being an Insurrection to the people and the people's vote in the people's voice

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    Abraham Duran

    he is a only has authority to detain you if you're on the list how many Americans are non-fraudulent less unless the TSA can prove that I am a terrorist like that Americans a terrorist you may not interfere with our rights to travel that is protected under federal law and and also a right guaranteed in the Constitution security guards need to do security work and leave the law enforcement in the patrol work to the real men and women who serve the people

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    Abraham Duran

    Wow you witness a crime if they're detaining you and not detaining foreigners that's considered a crime you witness the important foreigners into your country that were brought here to take your jobs in to usurp Authority by the People by vote that is what they've been doing across the country were there African or their Mexican or their European these people are here to replace you Americans these people have been sent they spoke about this in the 1980s but we did not think they were serious but I guess they are if you are local patrolman you have a responsibility to protect because what you witness you have a responsibility to ensure that each and every one are those individuals that you consider foreigners where do we check your commission is much higher than security you do have a right to monitor to videotape and to evaluate their activity against the American people if more patrolman knew that their first obligation is to the Constitution then they will see that there actually can be constitutional law enforcement and the responsibility to the Constitution supersedes any ordinance or statue let's do the red white and blue line across this country if you're in law enforcement and you want to fix this let's fix it let's turn you into constitutional law enforcement for the people

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    Abraham Duran

    security does not do background checks and security has no right to investigate you or to bet you that belongs to the FBI under the TSA protocol and that may only be done if you're requesting a badge to work on the airport outside that there are no background investigations in fact unless you're being investigated by the FBI these guys are impersonating his jurisdiction given to the FBI and not to them

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    Abraham Duran

    all the cities agreed to be complicit under the Constitution the Constitution creates all rules and regulations and procedures within the government including the import of immigrants or the import of US citizens and we as a people including immigrants do not respect the laws of the United States then we are not a people Trump is not the one who ordered this to be done I can assure you under Homeland Security there's a lot of laws that they have that should have kept this from happening how is this continuing to happen if cities are in opposition to the law because all states agreed it become part of the federal government and agreed to allow the Federal Constitution to be Supreme over their government that gives jurisdiction that alone gives jurisdiction for law enforcement from the federal government to enter end in to investigate the sea city with the city cannot be in opposition to any law rule or regulation of the federal government home rule means that you agreed to obey the Constitution into a by within the Constitution which is the law of the land

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    Abraham Duran

    I would agree with him we have to protect all families and children but the obligation under the Constitution guarantees only to the American people and only to the u.s. citizen there are no guarantees given to immigrants or undocumented immigrant or people who came into this country illegally the question is do we obey our laws or do we submit our laws and once we start supporting the law all we all not criminals if this is about a political agenda and this is determined based upon how many Spanish people are within our country than the law requires that you must speak English and all schools must be taught in English that is not a racist comment that is the law the reason is how are we going to feel safe only speaking English if a group of people who speak Spanish and English speak about killing us or robbing us we have to have the same protection as foreigners do you that's why the law must be complied with as an attorney of the United States you agreed to obey the contract you have just reached your contract by defending the opposition of your country and your order to be a officer of the Court your opinion is not needed and I do respect your position but again you have just violated your Oath by working in opposition to the federal government authorizes you to be able to be an attorney

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    Abraham Duran

    This movement across our country I noticed that they're always talking about their families their loved ones what happened to the love for Americans who allow you to live in their homes who allow you to work in their cities and interstates how is it possible are we speaking about the same families or have we divided our families that would be on American Americans open their doors to All Foreign but you must obey the laws

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    Abraham Duran

    this is Tony believes that his job is to protect immigrant families if he's practicing law in the United States and he took his old to the United States Constitution or to the States Constitution I did not see immigrant in that law it made no reference and he may have a job defending immigrants he may defend the people of America and only the people of America how does divide is happening in our country is these advocators who pretend to be on our side but are really advocating to be on the other side when will America have enough protection to protect itself when will the people stand up and protect each other

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    Abraham Duran

    you cannot be unshackling if they're open the law there immigration laws already in place in the removal of foreigners has always been a procedure in the United States and to bring them into a court is always been the legal method for the United States how is the United States or its officers in opposition to the law they can't create law they can only enforce the law

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    Abraham Duran

    This officer has to remember he has a dual commission one is to the Constitution and the other one is to the city when the cities in opposition to the Constitution he was activate his constitutional law enforcement Authority and enforce the law and public officials violating the people's constitutional rights guarantee

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    Abraham Duran

    all citizens have the same rights in this country but if your US citizen your subject to government oversight unfortunately Americans are not and not required to have an ID and not required to give the number of Americans that live in this country because that is protected under Homeland Security which is the people's Homeland Security which they're allowed to keep weapons for the protection of their country they are the militia they are the Minutemen their rights are protected under the law if more people protected American citizen rights than this country would be a lot better place anyone speaking about gun control if your public official elected official or appointed official you have violated your off your constitutional old requires you to be complicit a law does not allow you to practice law does not allow you to engage and practicing law so therefore you cannot define the constitution would be obedient to it interfering with the people's rights to weapons to protect their Liberties or their country is a violation of law all of the people have taken their oath of office when they said their Pledge of Allegiance that's what gives them the right to make citizen's arrest you should be careful how you treat the American people because they might treat you the same way

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    Abraham Duran

    civil rights and constitutional rights at two different thinks he's mixing the two but he needs to prove the Immigrant or being an immigrant is within the Constitution or within the codes it's within Homeland Security and immigrant is recognized as having rights but he must be complacent with the law he must come in the proper way that the government can oversee his action this attorney he doesn't seem to care about Americans he cares more about bringing more people so he can rise up the ranks as far as elections and one day be the president himself that's unconstitutional and a violation of all constitutional law

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    Abraham Duran

    that would be spying on America if you're just a security company you have no authority to know my name I want to know his name was that information given to you by law enforcement did they acquire a warrant to get that information a security you have no authority to have that information and there's nothing in the TSA protocol that would authorize you to happen be a security guard and remember the American stand strong together as one with one God one agenda to protect our Constitution and just support other Americans constitutional rights guaranteed

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    Abraham Duran

    There is no walking detainment unless their law enforcement they cannot detain you that's what the law states he's a security guard his jurisdiction is to observe not to interfere with all of these security guards have to be charged by Americans for interfering with their constitutional rights and all local patrolmen's you must protect the American people and their constitutional rights because you agreed when you signed your application that you would support the Constitution so you may not have an oath of office but your application does require you to be complicit with the laws of the land do your job officer and other officers do your job and you will see will have the country back when the City Mayors and City councils are put behind bars for racketeering and misappropriation of the people's money stop being a criminal and become part of the greatest nation anyone has ever seen troll man belong to the people not to the city

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    Grant Gullikson

    Being white isn't always an insurance to not to be harassed . I have grown up in this scum country all my life . I have lived in Europe a few times over my life because I have a lot of relationship there . My Father was born in Norway and he came to Canada as a young man of 19 . Then he came into Wisconsin in the 1920's , when my grandparents started passing away at the ages of 86 and 89 . My place of birth is Wisconsin to my father and mother who were farmers . In the last year I have had knocks on my Apt door questioning my place of birth and my american citizen ship . That's never happened to me ever in my whole life . I even served in the US Navy .And I have stuck my neck way out driving for a nice gentleman from Israel in his own country and in Europe because of his skin color and his nationality . He paid me very well. Iam first generation born here in the states . I used my blonde hair and blue eyes to drive different people around the world safely because of my Norwegian back ground people never ever questioned me flying in and out of places . Because I have never poised a threat to no one . It has always worked for me because also of my military background as a driver too . The European police have never harassed me ever . But this country's police harass me non stop because I am a free soul and with deep roots in the European community with friends and relationship's all over Europe . from most of the Scandinavian country's. If this American country feels so deeply about harassing me then they should give me a couple million dollars to have me go back to Europe to my parents country again to live the rest of my life around real people who actually care about me . Not like this god forsaken place !!!!

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    Wil Bradford

    If you are an undesirable, don't be surprised if you are checked out thoroughly..( if you have NO real AMERICAN HERITAGE, why DON'T you go back where you came from)
    Muslims need not apply.
    After 9/11 American CITIZENS NO longer want you brutal terrorist supporters in our country..

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    Wil Bradford

    These fake , sworn in citizens shouldn't have the same rights as Americans with HERITAGE..
    You haven't been here long enough to drink a cup of coffee, but you want to dictate to us how OUR COUNTRY Should BE…get OUT PARASITE intruders ..

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    Dylan Wang

    I was just wondering how come a white guy like him got detained in the airport – then find out yup there's too much color in his name. He'll be fine if he's Chad Green.

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    Gabriel Badwolf

    US citizens going through immigration/customs, “where did you get this passport!?”

    Meanwhile in Dublin with EU citizens: “you forgot to sign your passport, here have a pen” (yes that happened to me last year with my new Irish passport. Think that’s bad though I came home from America once and all they did was look at the colour of the outside of the passport 🤦‍♀️)

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    Abdul Majid

    This person name was problem Hassan I believe I doesn't come to me as supprise America has alway been racist society difference before they were not showing that they were rasicts now they are no supprise

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    Jasmine Jeanine

    Its a detention when they steal ur passport for 1.5hrs PERIOD!!! Its a violation of ur 4th amendent rights, since they seized ur "documents". and u cant call anyone, and u definitely cant leave unless you dont want to come home. If u have a passport, they cant say u arent a citizen unless there is PROOF! this detainment without ANY cause is totally against the 4th amendment.

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    Jasmine Jeanine

    u dont have to PROVE ur not guilty, THEY have to PROVE u are guilty. period!!! Unfortunately, most ppl comply, and dont know their rights and thus they get away with it. Its also prevalent within the police as well. "How do we know that u arent a felon" if u are armed. or "I dont know what u are" so what, PROVE I'm not able to carry a firearm dont seize the gun without probable cause on the off chance that it MIGHT be stolen or I MIGHT be anything. Cops arent allowed by LAW to demand ur ID unless ur a suspect or are driving, thus it doesnt matter what HE wants, or what will make him FEEL more "comfortable". I dont know if the cop is corrupt or not just like he doesnt know what I am, and frankly I dont tell ppl I dont know where I live PERIOD for security reasons. Its NOT about not complying its about cops violating my rights in the hopes that they can arrest me bc I have a warrant and thus help their careers. and of course they wont take MY word for anything, yet Im supposed to believe a cop which is legally allowed to lie while Im legally NOT allowed to lie. Hence my overall refrain ASK FOR A LAWYER.

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    Artie Bender

    Like this has never happened before the Trump administration, tell the whole story, I know hundreds of people who have been detained before the Trump administration

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    Eileene Clark

    11/24/18…..ALL THESE GROWN MEN HAVE BEEN "BUTT HURT" BY ICE @ an American airport….but they sure get "cured" by suing b/c
    POTUS TRUMP wants to make America more secure!
    So WHY do these men HAVE TO SUE so their HURT FEELINGS with a big CASH SETTLEMENT!

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    Luz Negron

    The law my ass!
    Is all ABOUT a plan d GOVERNENT has,..
    Come on,, they fukking with US, CITIZENs!!
    Trust it's gonna get WORST

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    Jose L plascencia


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    Jose L plascencia


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    Jose L plascencia


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    Jose L plascencia


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    Bullshit. Those citizens citizenship was unclear or questionable. A good reason for a check up. A police clearence. So whats the news?

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    Control of brought in vegetables food or seeds is a US customs law. So what the fuck is to complain about?
    Any airlines distribute forms on this to fill up before landing.

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    guilbert babcock

    As a police officer he now knows how it feels to be on the otro lado.puto cabron.
    Y el otro puto mama juevo, largate

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    Never Land

    I was myself detained a few moments in Canada as I had spent ten days in Tunisia. Immigration agents wanted to know what was I doing in Tunisia. I am Caucasian.

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    Roxana Carrasco

    No! There picking on people that are legally rights away. This goes to show how f/u. Stop the ones that have no right to be here.I tell you that these people rather take care of illegally people that will take us down. No people that don't believe in our laws. This really sicking. They have more rights than us.

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    David Espinoza

    They are just doing their job! Yes because of all the illegals coming to AMERICA THE USA! TIMES HAVE CHANGED.!!

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    Is it possible;; their identity was stolen and duplicated before? in other words, two or three people share the same identity.

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    Cher Chu Hai Kieu

    This happened to my mom 10/10 times. It’s not Trump. This started happening to us after Sept 11. The detained is usually 45min to 2hrs. We asked questions but 9/10 never given any answer. Once we were told that information on our USA passports i.e. birthday, name, description, etc matched with the high risk database… My mom is 70yrs old now and she has been traveling abroad consistently once of twice per year for 20yrs or so.

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    Mark T Tabor

    Isn't your airport " security"
    under Israeli ownership ?
    Pretty sure I read somewhere that an Israeli security company runs airport security in the USA.

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    I wouldn't travel to the USA had you given me money. I lost all my respect I had for that beautiful country.
    America and Americans can be great for them selves.

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    Robert Miller

    Karma is what happened here! I was stopped and searched by a police officer in this hick town Greenville North Carolina on the way to Boston and this officer asked me of "How i could afford to own the vehicle i was in" ?. Since i'm an Asian decent i was used to questions like this and when i told this racist officer that i worked for it, he made me stand beside my car in the sun until he checked me out. I have a lot of white friends and they have never been asked that kind of question before at a traffic stop that i'm sure of. It's awesome how this hicks get the taste of their own medicine and I love the fact that karma sure has a return address! I feel like I've gotten my revenge! LIFE IS GOOD!!!!

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    Jimmy Churchill

    so who cares about this fucking chief. back in his state his officers do citizens the same way. so what goes around comes around.He got what he deserved. God made sure that he got some of his own medicine!!!!!!#

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    Is because whey think only white people are Americans so you can be German or Irish and they well think your American

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    king nasty

    How abt some common sense.. its not so common these days it seems.. a 30 year chief of police and another tax payer whos been legally living here for decades should be deported? Coooommmonnnn.. what about people who come to this great nation become a leech and convinced criminals.. are we so upset at Mexican immigrants who come here illegally and fail to fix it the issue that we target legal taxx paying productive citizens?? I cant say i agreed totally with obamas policies but id say this. Him giving immigrants id cards which allowed them to PAY taxes was genius.. the nation doesnt benefit from the leeches but surely Everyone does for taxes.. politics aside.. common sense should prevail

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    manfred wallner

    Well, at least the second guest seems suspicious. Could he be a Jussie Smollet? I mean, he has an organization that helps immigrants against Trump's policies. How convenient that he experienced something very very very rare….I think one can only know for sure if they exact time of arrival is being established, and the appropriate surveillance video, which surely must exist, is examined. But to blindly belief someone with an agenda? Not that smart.

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    Ayodele Rufai

    Donald J Trump the new Hitlar of our time,, he shall soon become the former president whether he likes it or not.

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    Dave Hix

    People want to be safe, but they dont want to be inconvenienced,, so get real,,people in the real world have to go thru this kind of thing, so buck up and quite being a whiner,,

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    Jesus Pallares

    Fuck trump and his administration welcome to the New Nazi Regime. Someone impeach this idiotic idiot he’s a modern day Hitler.

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    Felipe Kennedy

    well i can understand you protecting your country against the migrants ; now persecuting your own american citizens, thats being paranoid and weird maybe dictatorship.

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    Juan Mancha

    Well when I go to Mexico and come back ,I will just say I am from Honduras or el Salvador! Look how easy they're making it to come in for them!🤔

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    Alexander Bemar

    It's sad that the airport police or whatever they are, their policy is screwed up and blame it on President Trump! What???

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    Hellen Anoosheh

    Bare in mind that new American citizens are smart and successful.
    This triggers jealousy in lazy and incompetent three or more generation white American citizens. They came from dysfunctional families. They are on drugs. They are lazy and incompetent

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    Ramona Ray

    It happened to me! I was traveling from Mexico to Washington state- I am blind blue eyed my name is German- first and last- and was in a wheelchair to boot- they took my passport- and "lost" it for an hour-they took funny looking pieces of tape and stuck on me, my luggage my clothing and stuck it into a machine- I have been traveling to and from Baja California Sur since I was 10 years old! I was born in Los Angeles- I am a DAR( daughter of the American revolution)! My great great grandfather fought alongside with George Washington for Petes sake! He is listed in the battles, he was wounded several times! I'm more American than apple pie! Errrr an hour- later I spoke to a family of 5 who also was traveling from Mexico and they said every time they come home they are detained!
    Errrrrrrr this is unamerican and starting to piss me off!

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  98. Post
    Angel oflight

    Since 9/11 everyone should be ask for their i D's even those whom are from out of the planet Earth . it' is for the good benefit and protection of everyone.. God bless USA.Amen

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