MeetnGreetMe – Changing the way people travel

Life is a journey. While all travelers have unique needs, the challenges they face are often the same. Travelers invest time, energy, and money trying to plan the perfect trip. Meet Kate, a verified local MeetnGreeter who speaks several languages, understands your interests, and is ready to help you with anything you need before and during your trip. Kate could meet you at the airport, coordinate your stay, organize your bachelor party abroad, enjoy the nightlife, eat authentic food and personalize your own adventure. MeetnGreetMe is a travel concierge service platform where every traveler can request services tailored to their travel needs and budget. Services are delivered by local people like Josh, Akari and Kate. Empowered by blockchain technology, MeetnGreetMe creates an ecosystem where desirable interactions are incentivized and rewarded, a costly payment middleman is no longer needed and every transaction is very transparent with no space for uncertainty. The service is fueled by WelcomeCoins, a token issued by MeetnGreetMe, to welcome, incentivize and reward community for their contributions to the world travel People are traveling more than ever now. And they want more out of their travel than just booking flights online. MeetnGreetMe not only brings you peace of mind and saves valuable time. It lets you individualize adventures, savor authentic experiences, and benefit from a wide range of tailor-made services. Traveling moms and friends, business delegations and largish teams can benefit from services delivered by motivated local people. Altogether we aim at complementing existing travel and hospitality industry and bring it to an absolutely new level. We invite you to become a part of the future of traveling and hospitality. Join our ICO to revolutionize the way we travel together.

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