Memes the people in 3019 will understand – Try Not To Laugh 209 #NemRaps

here Joe what is going on everybody this
ya boiling them and welcome back to another video
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underdog fighting in the bro you trying to find the blood disappear my dialogue
got a likeable face but this electrical charge will find a place in your order
drop I love you baby look at the kind of love with the
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laugh day today we’re gonna be taking a look at some pink means and hilarious
vids because I know you guys love your dank memes and hilarious vids so with
that any further ado here we go tell me what’s going on tell me you found that
cube Captain America language is he for real right now stop not mr.
haha okay hold on wait what’s going on here actually genius automatic TP
machine look at your screen low battery storage almost four okay
just turn it off sir go to bed it’s time for bed not enough story y’all go on a
little bit too far of these filters okay these tick tock filters Oh sue don’t you
dare laugh what is behind that door that they can’t get through I know it’s not
his foot that’s stupid all the old salt in the water in the water tray oh no not another he
caught the bit grandma caught the bill leave that baby I’ll leave that baby that’s what I call a sweet life what is
this no down goes Jeremy you’ve been updated he can chill but he came back
with the wind what am I looking at why would they put fart graphics on his bud
wait I gave you a new heart right my mother
was not for anything is this a fart competition this is a
foreign competition India what are you doing what the fart no we’re not sharing that’s the kind of games I’ll be playing
I’ve never seen it before in my life just stick to it you’ll get it one day what is good he see a picture of himself
on the mug he’s trying to kiss it he trying to flirt with another parakeet so
there could be a pair of Keats and get it paired good no all right stop move this baby again still didn’t get over
getting getting to the doctor back of a double scat man’s world what that is the most perfect is my
childhood that was the most perfect you know what’s up with the baby
y’all going back on the baby your stolen goods are now forfeit stop you violated
the law who’s that song huh who just leveled up hey are you trying to tickle
me take a step back now to the right to the right and to the left to the left
now twirl honey twirl honey twirl this Skyrim shuffle Skyrim shuffle
sky reshuffle Skyrim shuffle I can teach you teach you here’s an issue for your
fans because you’re wet hey for your fans cuz you’re wet hey for your fans
hey let’s go okay they got down down what are y’all trying to accomplish
right now because it doesn’t look like it’s working
Oh why’d you let her go the ritual cool commence once the liquid
is out of the cylinder huh gonna break it on your head still going stop why didn’t you feel that I think my head
went on forehead became a fivehead cats that’s all I got to say cats can’t live
with them really Yoda smart is creepy I feel like
sometimes watching yeah I’m watching you but I shouldn’t be Oh Homer it didn’t
sound like Homer he sounded like Barney if it was only that easy that’s the
cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen Wow not this Donald Duck again I’m gonna
prank him watch this mr. stark I feel good I almost laughed on that stupid
Binford lifehack I’m not fired from Buffalo Wild
Wings what in God’s name did you do sir no get off me dog you gonna cut my me coming out of my room after a 16-hour
gaming session everybody’s like he’s alive he’s finally
finished me getting back to the squad really you
going back grandma you’re going the wrong way
she needs her Metamucil I already know what is it gonna be
see I already know is gonna be exactly pretty good
take some talent and put this together charger in there you didn’t know there
was a charger is I go get gum is it what this man is dressed up like a cat down
goes whiskers just a spoonful bro we watched we wore
out this VHS tape yes VHS tape see why I got to do that to
my girl Mary why are y’all doing this to this baby baby scarred for life super
fake I’m talking about that baby yep
man if you don’t stop putting them reaching hands into the videos BAM tired
of saying that trying to give me a heart attack trying to make me that baby
anyway yeah I hope you guys enjoyed the video make sure we get this one to
15,000 likes otherwise I’ll know that you don’t like me how about get your boy
pigs I’m gonna prank him group watch this

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