Metal Detecting Finds Untouched Civil War Ground! Incredible Discoveries with Minelab detectors!

on this episode of depth of history we travel to a civil war site where we think we’ll find some relics the first sight actually and ended up not having too many relics but over the day we found the side of a lifetime which include a virgin civil war camp and screws slide stated hmm a little bit question alright i just got on me permission here it’s a great great site . old relic hunters actually went here in seventies but I just popped out this button still got the shank fully intact is standing up that’s a nice one for sure we’ll get cleaned up and see if it says anything on it it’s definitely military though so very happy with it ok deep on school timings a normal track and ground balance and TT coil and it’s working out great get some deep stuff which is good that’s what we want I write down the whole about six inches just got this infield Confederate bullet there’s a lot here so we’ll keep you posted on my gosh we’re taking it working in fields like crazy right but the best oh there we go what is that now is it in the hole from we are on an awesome permission my gosh i’m up to like 40 bullets right let’s keep going another bullet down there like bullet number 54 me now cover up and keep on going about 50 people it’s now so probably gonna film the brasses I just pop this out right there is literally two inches into civil war Kip work you have to clean that up when i get home oh my gosh civil war camp for it’s raining right now and get the weather is on my phone it looked like it was about to rain so I had to grab the CTX and start hunting that’s actually what I started hunting this version site with to get most of the LED and the brass out quickly in this camp has never been hit too so who knows that this is it’s a big ol uncle leg and fired infield yeah sounded really good though cool yeah it’s raining you see the rain coming through that’s not gonna stop us so we’re going to detect the rain training actually get another boat live here the BS switched over to my ctx that’s going in ok the shotgun shell at present I mean but there’s good stuff here let’s get back to take it got another one tired infield yeah look CPX you can use it much sighs all this is awesome huh and you’re watching it keeps going alright guys listen 1136 1137 it’s probably going to be another Confederate bullet it’s a little bit back loops keep this open the hole and important artist right to the right there it is yeah so if you’re wondering how a civil war bullet sounds that’s it right there think that’s a three-ring you get down there about six inches in the home pulled out this Whitworth what I think it is that is awesome hey I just gotta wait work yeah look how skinny it is another one right down there near this Moss which is pretty cool to another infield can’t imagine how many Confederates were firing on top of that Ridge at the Union soldiers who were actually can’t on the bottom of this hill it’s amazing to think about let’s keep going down in this hole literally four inches again and dug a drop three ringer oh my god is I i think people are going to complain about me saying oh my gosh this is awesome signal right here since really good sounds like a really really good target possibly brass stick it up you can see alright another bullet i guess they’re just smashed like that they read up really high yeah this i don’t know if this is a car’s bullet or with the fact that this is what the week yeah that’s that’s the bottom the bottom of the bullet its carved it hard for sure maybe into a game piece or so yeah so crazy that is another one of those really high squeakers it’s that says it’s one inch deep alright like that you know you know what I’m talking about right look oh my god what what is this called or it might be like what is this hold on wait let me clear up infield nose cap maybe it’s brass and it’s . i’m gonna get that cleaned up when i get home and find out oh my god oh man that’s all I just hear she’s got a flat button the hair like three inches really nice this is an incredible sight we are so dehydrated those not even funny I just got to drop three ringers in the same hole and there’s more in there there’s another one in there i bet yeah yeah another drop their dropped think the basis carve on that one or something alright so that’s three right so we got these three so far I’ve come out of one hole and put them in my zipper pocket so i can display them correctly you’re up at it moreover there there’s one right here ok just pop it out from the bat look yeah yeah alright where’s the others then your they put them in there about sorry i forgot to write up these people and still getting some that all right oh my god that was fired yeah fired probably drop these bullets yep it’s not running probably to this this place is unbelievable behind it shot window cleaner Meryl no that’s it tickets you’re probably doing stand-up yeah ok that’s all committed mandes itís absolutely miss you off the next thanks for 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