Miami citizens and scientists measure king tides for Sea Level Solutions Day

[MUSIC] Right now we’re in King Tide season. So this is one of the high
peak seasons right now for sea level rise to really come into effect.>>We bring together students and other
members of the community to come out and measure, take data on King Tide flooding. So we understand both how much water
is flooding our land surface as well as the quality of it. Then we can design solutions that help
to reduce the impacts of that flooding, both for our urban environment and
our natural environment.>>So right now, the first
collection that we did was actually approximately 8.6 inches high in
water coming into the streets.>>Another one of the parameters
that we measure is salinity. So we use a simple refractometer that
simply uses refraction of light to indicate salt content in water. And so that can give you an idea
of the source of the water. So if we see salty water, and no direct
connection to the bay, then the source of that salt water may be a storm water
pipe that’s conveying water from the bay. And we’re trying to improve
the information that we have about tidal flooding so that we can help drive
the decision making and policy making.>>So we have to go ahead and find the
information, see where this is occurring and mitigate that with water pumps and
things like that.>>Part of getting science
into policy making and decision making is about including
the community in that science, so they understand and
can participate in the process.>>Very important for
us as Miami-Dade County. Our communities, our residents to really
come together and be self advocates for our own backyard. To really find the solutions and
be resilient together. [MUSIC]

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