Michigan State University’s Human Capital & Society Undergraduate Degree Program

I chose the Human Capital & Society major
because I feel like it is the perfect bridge between business and social science. I’ve been able to learn a lot about the
big picture topics that affect the workplace and how it may impact the workplace totally. For example, diversity and inclusion is a
topic that I find very important and I have been able to learn a lot about it through
my classes and through research. I have also been able to do research with
my professors as an undergraduate which I feel is an amazing opportunity within our
community within our major, so overall I feel like the Human Capital & Society major is
a great opportunity for our students to become great human resources and business professionals. One of the best parts of the Human Capital
& Society program is that they helped me find an internship and prepare me
for the internship once I got there. So, I’m really happy to say I’ve found
a company that represents my values and priorities and I’ll be returning to work for them full
time once I graduate in the spring. Human Capital & Society is a unique major
in a school with a very support culture. It provides students with multiple perspectives
on work and organizations. In this major you will learn about employment
relations, legal environment at work, international issues,
and have the opportunity to study abroad. You’ll learn about the economics of human
capital, and society problems, such as income inequality. This is great major that provides students
with a variety of options after graduation. Including working in human resources, going
to graduate school, and working for non-profits. What I would say is unique about this degree
is the versatility of it. When I meet with students
and they come into my office, the first question that I ask them is…
what are you passionate about… what are you interested in… And they typically say, well I don’t know
where I want to work or what I want to do but I know that I enjoy working with people,
and I say great, you’ve come to the right place. So in what we’ve heard from employers is
that they are very excited to hire our students. This program offers smaller class sizes, which
fosters relationship building, it fosters engagement with students and faculty. So I think one of the greatest strengths about
this degree is that there is a sense of belonging, there’s a sense of community, and the Human
Capital students themselves truly become an integral part of the HRLR community. The Human Capital and Society degree will give students a broad social science
background and strong foundation to take their studies to the next level with an advanced degree such as a
Master’s of Human Resources and Labor Relations, an MBA, a law degree, or even a PhD. We have a team dedicated to making sure that
our Human Capital and Society students are set up for success from the beginning. In this program, we offer workshops to make
sure that your resume is perfect, you’re ready to interview with top employers, and other useful tool to ensure
that you are a standout candidate. Students in our Scholars program will receive access to top organizations for internship and career placement opportunities. We’re here to help you with every step of
the recruiting process.

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