Milpitas Adult School Open House Citizenship Interview 8

I’m just going to go straight to the questions. Start with questions on the white paper (Easy Interview) Welcome! You are here so I think that you should be ready, right? (Jothy demurs). I don’t know . . . (Laughs) How are you eligible to become a U.S. citizen? I have a Green Card for five years. You have a Green Card for five years? Right, it has to be five years. What is your current legal legal name? Jothy Gopinath Nair What is your current city? Where do you live? Milpitas! Have you taken any trips outside of the U.S.? Yes Are you married? Yes. Do you have any children? Yes On the second part, I’m going to ask you a few questions. You have about ten questions. Who did the United States fight in World War II? Who did we fight? What country? Italy, Japan, and Germany Good! Excellent! How many amendments does the Constitution have? Twenty-seven Very good What are two rights of everyone living in the United States? Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Assembly. When is the last day you can send in federal income tax form? April 15 What is one thing Benjamin Franklin is famous for? U.S. diplomat The Federalist Papers supported . . . I’m going to interrupt you for a second . . . Did you know this is Adult Education Week? And it’s also National Libraries Week . . . And he (Benjamin Franklin) was one of the founders of the first free libraries. So that’s another answer for that question: What is one (important) thing that Benjamin Franklin did? Please continue Let me repeat The Federalist Papers supported the passage of the U.S. Constitution. Name one of the writers. Johnnnn? Not Jothy . . . Not Mason . . . Not Jefferson? John Jay! Madison has to be “James Madison” or John Jay. Before he was President, Eisenhower was a general. What war was he in? World War II Why does the flag have 13 stripes? All the thirteen stripes for the 13 original colonies. Name your U.S. Representative. You live in Milpitas. Who is your U..S. Representative? Ro Khanna What is the name of the national anthem? The Star-Spangled Banner Does that men she passed? Yes, she passed. I’m a new student. Congratulation, You’re here at our open house. Could you introduce yourself again and talk a little bit about your job, please. My name is Van Lan Truong and I’m one of the Commissioners from the Milpitas Community Advisory Commission. I have served on this commission for five or six years. –that is a volunteer position. So about once a month, we have a meeting. However, we have a lot of projects going on in our city. So we could do . . . . . . a neighborhood clean up. We could organize an event We could do health fair. We could work with other city departments or commissions to work on different projects. Is there anything that you see (that) is the one of the most important projects now at Milpitas? Any community project is important. Because we don’t for projects or programs unless they are important. I think education is very important . . . A project like this (the Open House) is important. It’s so critical for citizens to learn about citizenship And it’s good to become US citizen. And it’s even better when you REGISTER TO VOTE and become a VOTER That should be your ultimate goal . Because as a VOTER,
you will have a voice when you VOTE. When you give your VOTE to certain candidate for an elected office, then you tell them: “I VOTED for you. I believe in you because you would work for issues that affect the community, that affect my life and my family so my VOTING for you, I hope that you would do good for the community.” So there are a couple steps that you have to do: Become a U.S. citizen; REGISTER TO VOTE; And go to VOTE to really make a difference in our city! Would you like to say something like to say something to our Vietnamese community? (Commission Truong speaks in Vietnamese about the importance of civic duties and VOLUNTEERING) Thank you so much! You are very welcome! I talked about their civic duty. And one is to really volunteer to work in different city commissions where you can really make a difference . Can we stop and take a photo together? Thank you so much, Commissioner Van Lan Truong!

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