Min Hui Liu Talks about her U.S. Citizenship Interview

This is Teacher Jennifer from US Citizenship Podcast. Every week, we bring you practice interviews, quizzes, resources and the latest news that help you get ready for your US Citizenship interview. Happy Constitution and Citizenship Week! The Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787. And during this week, students young and old, study and signed the Constitution affirming their commitment to uphold the principles and laws of the United States Also during this week, USCIS and federal judges co-host special naturalization ceremonies in order to highlight the rights and responsibilities of US citizenship. Today we listen to our 2nd interview with Min Hui Liu who passed her Citizenship interview on September 11 and has been invited to take her Oath of Naturalization during one of these special events. First, you will hear a short interview and civics questions followed by report back from her interview and her plans to help prepare her husband and co-workers for their citizenship interviews. Let’s get started! Explain how you are eligible to become a U.S. citizen. I have a five-year green card. What is your current legal name? Min Hui Liu What is your date of birth? June 11, 1966 What is your date of permanent residence ? June 19, 2008. What is your country of birth? China Do you live in San Jose, Milpitas, or Fremont? Milpitas How long have you lived in Milpitas? 11 years Was your mother or father our US citizen before your 18th birthday? No Do you work or go to school? I work What what do you do for a living? I am Shipping/Receiving Clerk Have you taken any trips outside the United States in the past 5 years? No What is your current marital status? Married Do you have any children? 1 (child) Have you ever claimed to be a US citizen? No Do you owe any back taxes? No Have you ever voted in the United States? No Do you belong to any groups or organizations? No Are you a terrorist? No What is terrorism? Terrorists use the weapons to control the country and people. Have you ever participated in a rebel, group, militia, or army? No Have you ever been arrested? No What is arrested? Breaking the law Did you marry your husband to get a Green Card? No What is a Green Card? Legal Permanent Residence card Do you support the Constitution and the form of government? Yes What is our form of government? Democracy Are you willing to take the full Oath of Allegiance? Yes What is allegiance? Loyalty If the law requires it, are you going to perform noncombatant services in the US Army? Yes What is non-combatant? Non-combatant is without using a gun. Do you promise everything you say is true? Yes Now I’m going to ask you some questions… Name one of the two longest rivers in the United States. Mississippi River What ocean is on the West Coast of the United States? Pacific Ocean Who is the governor of your state now ? Jerry Brown Who is one of your state’s US senators now? Senator Dianne Feinstein If the president can no longer serve, who becomes president? Vice-President Who is the Chief Justice of the United States now? John Roberts What are two cabinet-level positions? Secretary of State and Secretary of Labor Where is the Statue of Liberty? New York Harbor When do we celebrate Independence Day? July 4 Name two U.S. federal holidays Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day What about Constitution Day? When is it? September 20? No, not September 20. September 17th So what is happening to you on September 20th? September 20th, I go to (the Oath) Ceremony. When did you pass your interview? Today Congratulations! Thank you I (was) inside the interview only six minutes. Six minutes?!?!? She say to me: me you really fast I say: you help me. I thank you. Did they ask you the N-400 questions, first? Or did they ask you the Civics questions, first? Civic question, second. And then first, writing and reading. Then last one, the N-400. What was the sentence that you wrote? CITIZENS CAN VOTE. Do you remember any of the civics questions that they asked you? They asked and I only remember the answer. The question I don’t remember. Give me one answer that you remember. Twenty-seven How many amendments are there to the US Constitution? 27 (amendments) With the N-400, did she ask you all the questions? Yes (Were there) any questions that were too difficult for you? Or did you understand all the questions? I understand all but all officers say talk, and then you understand the meaning? I say, I understand (because) I go to school now. Ok, continue, continue. Did she ask you the definitions or the meaning of any of the words? No, she did not Why was citizenship class good for you? Citizenship (class was) good for me because I can talk more English about the government (and) the Constitution–these words–I can (learn) more. Before, I don’t know. Do you speak English at your work? Yes. When you’re at work, do you talk about the Constitution or the government? Yes You do?!?!? I (practice) talking about the N-400 and the 100 questions My coworkers who go near me, I say: Hey, question me! (Please ask me the questions.) So you ask your co-workers to ask you the practice questions? Are any of your co-workers getting ready for their Citizenship test? Yes Can they go to school? They are working and then (work) a lot of overtime. They cannot go to school. Hopefully, they can watch us on YouTube Oh yeah, I tell them. They’re looking at YouTube. And then they can practice. Good luck to your coworkers! Yes! I know you are from Guangzhou, correct? Yes Is there anything that you want to say in Cantonese to your friends and family? (Min Hui speaks in Cantonese) I say: I already passed! Later go back to China. When will you go back to China? Maybe next year in February. Why are you going in February? Because my mother-in-law’s birthday. How old will she be? 90 years old! Wow! Congratulations!!!! Thank you That is a good reason to go back to China. Long time, no go back. Morning today I interview In the morning, I wake up at 6:30 am and then change day in the China at night (It is already night-time of the next day in China) then they (her family in China called to) say: Hello and Good Luck! Are you doing FaceTime (video chat)? Yes, FaceTime. They say: Today is lucky! Yes, you’re waiting for me to go back. So that’ really good. Are you going to call your family when you go home tonight? Yes! Thank you so much for giving me the cup: TODAY IS THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE Because today is a very good day Me lucky (I am lucky) (Teachers says: You are not lucky. You are smart and hard working and make your own luck) Because you teaching me–easy for me remember. I think you created your luck because you worked really hard: You came to school. You came to class over a year. You practiced at home and at work. and now you will teach your husband (and coworkers) to become a US citizen. So they I tell to him, the officer, asked me I said before (studying with a) teacher How do you talk? This is my answer: (Before) I use translator app But today I speak correctly Your husband speaks a little bit of English Yeah but now you will teach you more English for his Citizenship interview. Congratulations! Thank you. Today I’m very happy. 恭喜你 Thank you! Bye Bye! Thanks to the students and staff of Milpitas Adult School. A special thanks goes out to Min Hui Liu. Please visit us on the web at uscitizenpod.com where you will find more resources for Constitution and Citizenship Week Thanks for listening I know you will be a great American citizen! www.uscitizenpod.com

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