MISC Freelancer DUR Review – A Star Citizens Buyers Guide 3.4

MISC Freelancer DUR Review – A Star Citizens Buyers Guide 3.4

I’ve been thinking about buying the
freelancer is the doer right for me how does it compare to other Explorer ships
currently in the game welcome to another installment of a star citizen ship
buyer’s guide what’s up citizens this is subliminal
here today and we’ll be discussing the features functions and benefits of the
misc freelancer der but the comparison of how those features rank amongst
competing ships so you can make an informed buying decision real quick if
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freelancer derp is a medium-sized exploration ship manufactured by none
other than Musashi industrial and star flight concern or misc for short misc is
a human based company out of the Centauri system founded in 2805 the
freelancer der is one of four freelancer variants the freelancer base max and
miss are also available be sure to check out my buyers guides on those in the
description the misc freelancer der is an exploration variant of the freelancer
it sacrifices 55% of the cargo capacity of the standard freelancer in exchange
for an enhanced jump drive a more advanced scanner and an extended range
fuel tank this may seem like a bad call to some but to those who value discovery
over profit will find it will be their ship of choice the freelancer der is
currently flight-ready as of alpha 3.4 it is available in the pledge store for
135 dollars or if you don’t use store credit 125 dollars war body and on
average sales for a hundred and fifty dollars on the grey market it is not
currently available to purchase with in-game credits with that out of the way
let’s see how it compares to other ships that you might be considering for
comparison I have hand-picked 17 ships that I think would possibly be
considered by someone looking to purchase a freelancer during the
following slides will feature the current ships value and the rank along
with the names and values of the worst and best
a Google sheets document with those ships and data are linked in the
description now let’s see how it stacks up the dur comes in at around two
hundred and twenty five thousand kilograms it has a max crew size of up
to five it has a cargo capacity of 36 SC you so you can haul a pretty decent
about it features a max y’all pitch rate of 65 degrees per second NS cm speed of
205 meters per second a decently fast 1,100 meters per second top speed as
over 19,000 hip points across his body and it’s shield generators can withstand
just over 12,000 hip points of damage its guns do almost 1600 damage per
second and they have a 2700 theoretical dps it should be noted that DPS only
matters if you can hit your target it has a total missile damage of almost
11,000 and where the freelancer der stands out amongst his competitors is
this fuel capacity of 30,000 gallons its Odyssey quantum drive gives it a great
74 mega meters per second and a range of 214 Giga meters so it can travel from
Portales R to Hurston six point seven times before needing to refuel quantum
travel from Portales R to her suit will take you seven minutes and 13 seconds
and leaving hearses atmosphere will take you about four minutes now let’s talk
about its firepower the freelancer d’oeuvre packs to size 5 turret mounts
with two PC two dual s3 sized three mouths holding four attrition three
these attrition threes have 377 DPS and a 1400 meter range in the rear the derp
has one size six turret base with two sides to dominance laser cannons with
623 DPS and a 1400 meter range in addition its wings hold to size three
MSD 322 missile records with two dominator tubes each and to size four
MSD 423 missile racks with two size three arrests or easy
for total of eight business let’s talk about components the standard components
available on the Durer are as follows it has one size – grade C civilian class
date break power plant – sighs – grade C civilian class frost
our ax coolers one sighs – grade C civilian class Odyssey quantum drive
with an 18 second cooldown after long jumps and last but not least we have –
sighs – grade C military grade five ma chill Mali shield generator let’s take a
look at the interior the freelancer d’oeuvre features a cargo bay big enough
to comfortably fit – gray cat pee TVs a Drake dragonfly and a open ox or 24s see
you in the rear on the left side of features modules for life support
shields avionics two coolers and a quantum drive the right side features
two radar power avionics and shield generator the rear turret access is
located at the rear of the cargo hold moving on we have the enhanced jump
drive exclusive to the dirt followed by a second cargo hold with the remaining
12 scu of cargo space and the top side access door
the living quarters features an expresso machine a portside airlock for bunk beds
a non-functioning MFD and a latrine the cockpit comes equipped with two
engineering seats with one MFP each a co-pilot c-45 MFPs and a pilot see with 5mf ease although
two are barely visible under your arm the freelancer dirt is not currently in
come equipped with the injection feature some ships with ladders have a known bug
in three-point-four called a ladder of death it is best to enter and exit
through the cargo hold of the freelancer dirt to avoid this bug enclosing the
misc freelancer dirt is a great long-range exploration ship its pros are
huge quantum jump range it’s nimble for its size has decent shields a fast
quantum travel and room for all of your friends its cons are a small cargo
capacity compared to other ships in size reduce visibility from the cockpit
missile payload is subpar and it has a homicidal ladder so is it worth to buy
well currently in alpha 3.4 we do not have nor can we even see exploration on
the roadmap for the foreseeable future so is this ship worth one hundred and
thirty five dollar price tag I would say it certainly will be later on down the
road when the core mechanics are implemented into the game but for now I
think your money is best spent elsewhere ultimately that’s up to you until next
time citizens I’ll see you in the verse you


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    What ship would you guys like to see in the next video? The ship with the most up-votes will be featured in my next video. This is my second video in this large series, feedback is much appreciated.

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    Excellent! Is it verified that that pipe-thingy room is the improved jump drive? Lots of speculations around if it was a small refinery when it came if I remember correctly.

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    Anyone know if the graphic bug I am having with this ship is game related of something on my end? With the back door down and looking into the ship the walls are invisible until you walk into the ship and when inside looking out the back it is just a generic backdrop with no detail or information of what is actually outside your ship.

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    Can you do a top tier combat ship comparison? Taking into factor Ships with stock gimble (and the need to set them to fixed when using joystick)

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    Mason 259

    Great videos man. You should consider doing some lore based videos. Noone is really doing any lore content and I think with your skills you'd do pretty good

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    At 5:33 you made one critical mistake. That's not the jump drive but the built in fuel refinery that collects fuel from space and refills your tanks. So technically, your roundtrip numbers could go on to infinity. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/16517-The-Shipyard-Fuel-Mechanics

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    If I have a Cutlass black, and I’m fairly happy with the number of weapons/missiles but not very happy with its damage output and the fact I can take a few shots (normally half a slap to one of my forward wings and they break off) before I’m toast. What should I go towards? I feel pretty strongly about cargo hauling, but with enough Hp/weapons to hold my own if I decide to do a few bounty missions or have to protect my cargo or something? I’m thinking going up to base freelancer? And then from there maybe either go with a freelancer mis or max? Idk. Any ideas would be awesome!

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