MISC Freelancer MIS Review – A Star Citizen’s Buyer’s Guide 3.4

MISC Freelancer MIS Review – A Star Citizen’s Buyer’s Guide 3.4

I’ve been thinking about buying the freelancer. How’s the miss? Is it worth to buy? What’s up citizens, this is subliminal here with another ship buyers guide in this video I will tell you everything you need to know before buying the misc freelancer miss Real quick. If you like this video, don’t forget to click that like button and for more star citizen content Please subscribe and click the bell to be notified of future content now. Let’s get to it The freelancer miss is a medium sized combat ship manufactured by none other than Musashi industrial and star flight concern or misc for short Misc is a human based company out of the Centauri system found it in 2805 The freelancer miss is one of four freelancer variants the freelancer base Max and durer are also available We will cover those in a later video The Miss freelancer is a limited edition militarized variant of the classic ue e mercantile ship This version of sacrifices most of the cargo capacity to make way for its 28 missiles The mrs. Primary focus is a gunship and it certainly lives up to the name The freelancer miss is currently flight ready as of alpha 3.4. It is available in the pledge store for one hundred and seventy-five dollars Four hundred and sixty-five dollars war bond and on average sells for a hundred and seventy dollars on the gray market It is not currently available to purchase with in-game credits With that out of the way, let’s see how it compares to other ships You might be considered the miss comes in at around two hundred and thirty thousand kilograms As a max crew size of up to five Has a cargo capacity of 36 SC you so you can haul a fairly decent amount it features a max y’all pitch rate of 65 degrees per second and an FCM speed of 205 meters per second a Decently fast 1036 m/s. Top speed Has over 19,000 hit points across its body and in shield generators can withstand over 12,000 hit points of damage its guns do almost 2,000 damage per second and it has a 2,500 theoretical dps Where the freelancer myth stands out amongst other shifts is his total missile damage of over 43,000 third to the Hammerhead and the retaliate It has a fuel capacity of 18,000 gallons Its Crossfield quantum drive gives it a great 74 mega. M/s. And a range of 107 Giga meters Quantum travel from Portales r2 Hurston will take you about 6 minutes and 35 seconds and leaving hearses atmosphere will take you about 4 minutes The freelancer miss packs to size five turret mounts with two PC to dual s3 sighs three months Holding for mantas gt2 twenty lowest accountability in the rear and this has one size one SW 16 VR to the saw bug turret with 243 DPS and a 2400 of your range Now to the freelancer missus bread and butter it boasts to proprietary freelancer miss missile launcher bays with 20 Thunderbolt threes in Addition its wings hole for MSD 423 missile racks with eight arrests or threes for a whopping 28 misses Bringing a pretty hefty payload to the battlefield Never know Yep, I’m mark you’re getting too close fire to fact. I’m on fire Fire Looks like perfect South attention killer Jesus Christ Man you fucking rocket Let’s take a look at the interior Freelancer miss features a cargo bay big enough to comfortably fit a gray cat PTV Trach dragonfly a open docks or 24 s see you in the rear on the left side of features modules for life support shields avionics to coos and a quantum drive the right side features two radar power avionics and shield modules The saw block turret access is located at the rear of the cargo pod The next room features the proprietary missile launcher base Followed by a second car go home with the remaining 12 scu of cargo space in the topside access door the living quarters features an expresso machine the portside airlock for bunk beds a non-functioning Ament the end of a tree the cockpit comes equipped with two engineering seats with one MSD each a Copilot seat with five MFDs and the pilot seat with five MFDs although two are barely visible The freelancer miss does not come equipped with an ejection feature The freelancer ships have a known bug in three-point-four called the ladder of death It is best to enter through the back of your ship And if you have cargo go around the right side in closing the misc freelancer miss is a versatile combat ship Its pros are a huge missile payload quick and nimble for its size Decent shields fast quantum travel and room for all of your friends its cons are a small cargo capacity Compared to other ships its size into homicidal ladder. I Classify it as a cannon that’s not made of glass It would certainly be an asset to any organizations fleet. So is it worth to buy? Well, that’s up to you Until next time citizens. I’ll see you in the verse You


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    Reddit and friends, this is my pilot for "A Star Citizen's Ship Buyer's Guide" I would really like your feedback as this will be the blueprint for the rest of the series. What did you guys think about this guide? What ship should I do next?
    Time Stamps
    00:33 Overview
    01:39 Competitor Comparison
    02:53 Weapons
    03:34 MIS's vs Hammerhead
    04:05 Interior Walkthrough
    05:21 Known Bugs
    05:32 Closing – Pros/Cons

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    Martin Cigorraga

    Dude, there should be a an 'auto-like' function one can enable for your videos 🍻 Regarding your question, it would be helpful to mention to which other ships the one you're reviewing compares, i.e. Aquila vs 600i Explorer (and maybe mentioned, but not compared against the Carrack). Should anyone be interested on the mentioned ships, those reviews could be watched separately. Another neat thing would be to have playlist of related ships or related purposes, like a playlist for all Lancers, another for gunboats, another for data ships (Herald and the upcoming Mercury), for cargo ships – and so on.

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    For those of us that care about stats so early in development.
    Great video. Lots of details and comparison with other ships presented very well with a nice flow to it. Looks professional.

    Looking forward to the next one.

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    Brian Prior

    Any know if we will be able to buy the MIS again, I have been waiting to get one since January and just discovered it is sold out when attempting to purchase one the other day.

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    Will Rayne MC

    Well done! Minor critique; you might think about volume levels as your voice sometimes got lost in the background music. Maybe think about speaking more clearly, key up your mic just a bit, or turn down the music just a bit.

    Otherwise, really well done, and informational! I've had the MIS since it first was available. Super stoked to be cruising around in her now.

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    Adam AGT

    I Don't even own this game, or a PC to handle it, yet im so addicted to these videos, dreaming for one day when the game is complete to come to console, so i can start my journey.

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    Great video! Easy to follow, well structured and incredible informative. I like your infographic styling. Hope to see more in future!

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    The Freelancer MIS was the first ship I ever bought back in 2014; and I am pretty sure I had to wait until the anniversary sale rolled around until I could finally buy the ship I had been doing research on for a long time. To me it was the ship of my dreams. I would play Star Citizen every so often when the live universe was made available, first trying out the base hornet and then base freelancer model when it became available; which I was extremely impressed with and love; yet I couldn't stop dreaming about when the MIS would finally be introduced. When it finally did I realized very quickly it was a dream come true.
    I have gone on to try out a lot of ships in the game, either from buying then melting, ptu access or flat out stealing, but nothing has even surpassed the benchmark that the MIS holds for me. I now even have the UEE Exploration package which includes the Carrack under my belt; but somehow I know regardless of any other ships I may choose to buy or earn in-game, no matter how grand they may be, the MIS will always be my Number 1. My baby. If anyone is thinking of buying one; you will not be disappointed! (Think I have watched this review about a dozen times now because I enjoy the ship and your format that much)

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    Looks and flies like a brick… same goes for basically all MISC-Ships and are the opposite to Drake as i look at it, wich strengthens the Idea of Pirates flying cheap, fast Gunboats against Bulky Transporters.

    I personally upgrade from a MIS to a Corsair due to the cashdifference is like 20-30 bucks if i remember correctly wich is nothing for what you get … and yea … i never really was a fan of Freelancers in the end, they are the Spacedildos of Starcitizen and always will be :P!

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