MISC Reliant Mako – A Star Citizen’s Buyer’s Guide

MISC Reliant Mako – A Star Citizen’s Buyer’s Guide

I’m gonna tell you everything you want
to know about the all-new MISC Reliant Mako oh and we’re starting right now welcome
to a star citizens buyers guide what’s up citizens this is subliminal
here and today we’ll be discussing the features functions and benefits of the
misc R’lyeh motto and we’ll compare those features amongst competing ships
so you can make an informed buying decision actually there aren’t any
competing ships we’ll just compare it to some random
ships that have random one-off purposes also we’ll cover a brief overview review
stack comparisons go over weapons discuss components take a look at the
exterior take a tour of the interior review pros and cons and finish up with
my thoughts on the ship being reviewed if this is our first time meeting be
sure to check out some of my other reviews in this series and consider
subscribing now let’s get to it the misc reliant motto is a reporting
ship manufactured by none other than Musashi industrial and star flight
concern or misc for short misc is a human based company out of the Centauri
system founded in 2805 the misc reliant motto is the news van variant of the
reliant series the empire depends on up to the second information which is why
reporters need to be able to go where the news is happening wherever whenever
enter the Mako all the flexibility and dependability of the misc reliant
combined with a state of the art image enhancement suite and turret mounted
optics to capture every moment as it happens with the clarity and accuracy
that makes headlines the miss reliant series is a starter ship line that
utilizes the advanced Zeon designs features broad sleek wings
omnidirectional thrusters and a fully articulated to see cockpit that supports
horizontal and vertical flight modes the Reliant Mako was one of four reliant
series variants the Corre Tana and Xen are also available stay tuned for my
reviews on those at a later date the Mach o is currently flight ready it is
available for purchase and upgrade on the pledge store for $85 war bond and
$95 stand alone and on average it sells for 102 dollars on the gray market it is
not currently available to purchase without the UEC without
out of the way let’s see how it compares to other ships you might be considering
for comparison I’ve selected the following 10 ships the Google sheets
document with the data is linked in the description if this is your first time
here check the Google sheet or pause the screen for an explanation on how I have
selected and compare ships the mock o comes in at around 38 thousand kilograms
it has a max crew size of three has a cargo capacity of 0 SC you it has 4300
hit points across its body this ranks 4th it shields takes seventh place and
can withstand almost 6,500 hit points of damage has a sustained gun DPS of 385
this is very low but to be expected for a reporting ship and a burst dps of over
458 this ranks sixth place and very low it has a combined missile payload of
zero no biggie only three ships on this list
have missiles it has a fuel capacity of over 37,000 fuel units it has a max
y’all pitch rate of 65 degrees per second this takes fifth place has an SCM
speed of 166 m/s the reliance series does terrible here this is one meter per
second faster than a cutlass black and it’s top speed of over 1100 meters per
second takes fifth place and isn’t great either
the quantum drive has a 42 mega meter per second quantum speed this is also
very low so travel from Portales R to R Corp will take you about 16 minutes and
40 seconds it has a QT range of 67 Giga meters that takes the number one spot on
this list so it can travel from Portales r2r Corp 1.6 times before needing to
refuel now let’s talk about its firepower or lack thereof the Mako comes
with two size to weapon hard points on the wings we have two size 2 m4 a laser
autocannons each one m4a is size 2 has 183 energy damage with 75 RPM for total
of 229 dps and a 2,000 meter range on the wingtips it has one reliant kernan
camera package on the starboard side and one reliant utility cap on the portside
one really unique thing about the reliant series is its completely modular
design by that I mean you can take the wingtip
components like the mounts on the Tanna or Corre and add them to the wingtips of
any other reliant this even includes the paint job in this example I have taken
our almost defenseless reliant Mako’s burst DPS from 458 to 1260 of course you
would need to own the other reliant variants in question or buy the
components in-game but I’m assuming that’s not possible yet but this is
still a pretty cool feature now for the components the standard components
available on the mock o are as follows it has two size one heat safe coolers
that provide two hundred thousand max cooling per second each one sized one
sonic light power plant with almost 2300 max power generation per second to size
one shimmer shield generators with more than 3200 capacity each and last but not
least we have one size one drift quantum drive with a 42 mega meter per second
quantum speed and a 10 second cooldown let’s take a look at the exterior the
first thing you’ll notice is it’s very wide stance and of course it’s bright
yellow paint job I kind of like it’s paint job it’s grown on me we’ll start
on the left side first here we have the Reliant kernan camera package on the
portside wing tip next we have one empty missile launcher pod not sure why this
is here if you can’t add the missile Bay from the Tana and a size 2 M for a laser
autocannon next we have some sort of scanner
let me know in the comments what you think or know what this actually is
next is the crew pod hopefully this will detach as an escape pod in the future
next we have the second m4a the other empty missile pod and on the portside
wing tip we have an empty cap around the rear we have some exhaust as
well as the VTOL thrusters and finally the cargo bay this is the only entrance
to the ship now for the interior as with the entire
reliance series we have two beds on the port side on the starboard side we have
the media center with count’em 14 MFDs behind us we have a head behind us again
we have a server rack and an access panel moving towards the cockpit we have
what is likely to be component storage this has great access for the pilots
when the component and repair mechanic is implemented into the game let’s head
towards the pilot seats first we have a co-pilot seat with one MFD and access to
the camera next is the pilot seat with six MFDs
and a radar the reliant series does not have an ejection feature as of right now
this is what it looks like from inside the cockpit when flight mode is
activated fYI when flight mode is activated you cannot exit your seat I
would say its pros are its quantum range is pretty good the reliance series
modularity can allow you to actually equip some pretty good firepower and it
is the only ship in the game with a 2949 GoPro attached its cons are the camera
overlaid that has a crosshair chromatic aberration and banding for no good
reason as well as no ability for the pilot to be able to use it by himself
and well everything else it’s slow has terrible DPS it has no missiles low
quantum range I could go on and on but I think you get the point so my thoughts
you would think I’d say it sucks right actually no I think this is a great ship
star citizen is supposed to be a universe where you decide what you want
to do within it if what you want to do is record space battles or b-roll
footage then do that it serves its purpose and it serves it well one gripe
I have with the ship is that it has weapons in the first place I personally
believe not all ships should come with weapons if the Mach Oh was to engage in
a fight with even just a light fighter would it matter if it had 385 DPS or
zero let me know what you think down in the comments plus it does this how cool
is that I will personally be adding this to my fleet let’s continue this
conversation down in the comments the next ship in my review series will be
the mr. Lyons in I would like to know your thoughts on it the new reliant Mako
and what ship you would like to see next down in the comments did you like this
review like it subscribe by clicking the circle here check out some of my other
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your viewership is more than enough until next time citizens I’ll see you in
the verse


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    If they implement that your camera feed can go somewhere on like a screen and you can use the ship to make money that would be awesome.

  2. Post
    Stephen Norcross

    Given the nature of stealth in this game, I wonder if there’s an opportunity for a stealth recon variant of the reliant series – using a large passive sensor to observe/ID/mark targets for a follow on combat force

  3. Post
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    Jason Giles

    I'm betting that is a refueling tip, like some of the current Aircraft have a protruding probe that is for refueling

  7. Post
    Jason Giles

    I actually have the Tana, Mako, and Sen. Do you recommend the 325a over the Tana? I was thinking this would be better as a light fighter?

  8. Post
    Ted Wendelboe

    I'm pretty sure the SCM speed of the Cutlass was 220. But of course with the new flight model, that's kind of irrelevant

  9. Post
  10. Post

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromatic_aberration not aboration. Not a biggie. Great vid as usual. Absolutely agree Mako can do without guns. Regarding weird antennae thing – usually CIG add those without any reason just to look cool. Same was with Corsair and devs told that it's for the looks. Mako? Can be directional mic, can be temperature sensor, can be communication array. But I think it's for the cool looks and that's it.

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    Enoch Root

    Mate, the format of your Buyers Guide Videos and your Location Guide Video is really nice! Love it! Hope you'll get way more subs .. I'll recommend those to my Org!

  16. Post
    Anthony Wolf

    I just bought a mako and my plan is to swap out the m3s with joker sucker punches….I think this will add a cool dynamic to the ship for news hunting….I also though that a great pairing with this fighter is to have it escorted by a herald… the functionality of the herald might be beneficial…it can back up data from the mako……and the herald has countermeasures for dealing people trying to remove/ extract info from it.

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    Jesse Evans

    I really like the camera but everything else attached to the camera is terrible. There are ships I don’t really like but I absolutely hate the Reliants. Want to feel trapped and doomed? Be the copilot in one of these in a hostile area. May not be as bad when able to fly in the horizontal configuration.

    Hope they bring the camera mechanic to some other hulls. As usual, great video.

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    Andres Carrasco

    Hey! I just buy Corsair and a Sabre ships but now I need a ship to do delivery missions, what ship do you recommend me?

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    Carlos Almohalla

    Love your Buyer's guide series, the only thing I would change is giving each parameter a couple seconds more of screen time. I've a question, any information on when (or better if) they are going to open the PTU?

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    Scott Thompson

    SubliminaL, I would love to see a video that highlights your thoughts and speculations of some the upcoming ships e.g. Vulture, Mercury, Carrack, etc. Cheers.

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    Michael Berrett

    damn bro just found the channel and man im loving it. great job bro!!! keep em comming i've got it sub'd

  31. Post
    ATC Forgiven

    First, great video here with a lot of info. As for the mako. For the life of me I do not understand the cross hair, banding and no zoom (or even minimal zoom) from a news van.

  32. Post
    Flaxen Saxon

    Nice vid i have the mako, havent flown it yet though. Port side is the left side, starboard is the right side. You can remember this because port and left both have 4 letters.

  33. Post
    Lou Hodo

    I have a question about the reliant Kore/sen. Does the Kore have a bed or is that only available on the Sen. Also do you think they will make it modular interior?

  34. Post

    You said in this video and also the one for the Tana that the entire Reliant series has 2 beds. This is not correct. The Kore does not have any beds, its entire bay being dedicated to cargo.

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