MISC Reliant Mako – “First Look” Star Citizen 3.5

I’m gonna give you a first look of the
Miss rely on Mako and we’re starting right now welcome to a star citizens ship
buyer’s guide what’s up citizens this is subliminal
here and today I have something new for you in this video you will see my
unscripted first impressions of the Miss reliant Mako we’ll take a look at the
exterior tour the interior and finish up with a brief flight test in the new
flight model this footages of the PT you currently open to subscribers and
concierge so there will be bugs I apologize for the sound of me clicking
and the dog shaking in the background I will try to get rid of that in future
episodes your feedback is important to me this is a new series and a new
channel let me know in the comments what you think put that out of the way let’s
see the first look of the misc rely on Mako alright this is gonna be my
unscripted first look at the reliant Mako this is misc surveillance van
version of the reliant series look at this is pretty cool look at this camera
wow look at the glass it’s got some sort of a sensor on top I don’t know if
that’s like could possibly be a microphone maybe pick up audio from like
a distance you got some guns here on it looks like maybe some m4 A’s laser
autocannons pretty good I don’t know about the yellow color we got another sensor here on the nose much bigger that one the new glass
effects in 3.5 are awesome the reflections and everything of
everything around you is is pretty cool this has got a crew size of three I
think in this ship because I believe there’s a computer terminal inside of
the cab you got another m4 in 3a you got your
VTOL thrusters down there on both sides all right our other veto thruster on
this side all right let’s go ahead and take a look at the inside oh look at that so we got our two beds
here for you to log out in on the left on the right we have that computer
terminal but I’m a power on the ship first before I check that out I’ll look
at that we got like a server rack with Wow look at all the detail look at that
oh yeah we got a toilet sink shower thing well nope didn’t mean to sit okay
all right close there we go huh whoa got some action outside of
Portales are here I bet those are gonna be components access point access point
yeah all this so we got two seats here we got the pilot seat and the copilot
seat all right just turn this sucker on oh
that’s right I think it’s up here all right flight ready wow you got a bunch
of MFDs here one two three four five look at that
six MFDs a radar engine on quantum drive open exterior lock that’s pretty cool I
don’t like the size of the HUD and 3.5 but I guess we’ll just have to deal with
that or maybe it’s a bug I don’t know seems like all the ships are like that
all right so we got the ship on now let’s go ahead back and take a look in
the back check out that console back there the
lights are normally would normally be on in here but looks it seems like there’s
a bug in 3.5 the PTU where the lights don’t turn on in ships so sorry if it’s
a little bit too dark see all right power on whoa whoa ho MFDs for days look
at that wow that’s cool I’m sure this will have like different modules or apps
or whatever you want to call it in the future for surveillance look at that that’s awesome
I doubt any of that works this actually as functional though we’ll see all right
it’s pretty cool all right yeah it was so no lights are
turned on we got some more components here let me see if I can turn my there
we go alright let’s hop into the copilot seat
and see what it’s got power on so that’s got one MFD and into
remote turret huh well that’s weird okay I’m moving my mouse to the left and
it rolls I don’t know if it’s supposed to go that this is hard to move around
what is going on let me grab my joystick nope same thing okay alright that’s
weird alright but it looks like this is a
camera I don’t know if this is actually a gun I mean I didn’t see a gun on the
outside so yeah this must be the camera oh oh but my mouse here okay alright
well that’s that’s cool just probably a pretty good ship to maybe record some
footage of ships from my review fly around and this around the ship and get
some cool shots go ahead and get out of the seat here hop into the pilot seat
and we’ll take off you guys aren’t familiar with the reliant series it’s
pretty cool oh it’s VTOL this is VTOL mode and you
pull your landing gear up and the ship turns like this so I’m gonna do is I’m gonna fly out on
Armistice and hopefully I don’t get killed
looks like my HUD is bugged right now it’s not giving me my any information
just zero zero like I’m not even moving pretty cool looking shit my my co-pilots down there now it’s
pretty awesome all right we got our missus okay yeah right arms just alright
let me stop come on stop oh gotta turn cruise control off shut up what is going on stop the ship ma’am but don’t don’t crash on me baby okay we stopped okay cool we’re stopped
alright what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna hop in oh do I need to put the can’t get
out of my seat oh there we go okay I want to get into
the copilot seat what in the heck jeez this is the alpha
alpha boys whoa whoa oh okay how can I control the ship am i back in
the pilot’s seat oh whoa Jesus all right let’s try this again inter
copilot seat alright let’s go ahead and into remote
turret yeah confirm you cannot shoot I mean I’d like to see the crosshair
remove so I can actually get some good shots oh you know what
now my joysticks moving the camera and the motion is it makes sense kind of
look everywhere oh okay so I do have some limitation that’s pretty cool yeah
this is certainly a unique nice ship the next ship in my first-look series will
be the Reliant’s in i’d like to know your thoughts on it as well as the Mako
down in the comments please stay tuned for my full review on this ship where
I’ll cover it more in depth did you like this first look like it subscribe by
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