MISC Reliant Sen – “First Look” Star Citizen 3.5

MISC Reliant Sen – “First Look” Star Citizen 3.5

I’m gonna give you a first look of the
misra lines in and we’re starting right now welcome to a-star citizens ship buyer’s
guide what’s up citizens this is subliminal
here and today you will see my unscripted first impressions of the mr.
Lyons in we’ll take a look at the exterior tour the interior and finish up
with a brief flight test in the new flight model this footage is in the PTU
currently opened to subscribers and concierge your feedback is very
important to me this is a new series on a new channel let me know in the
comments with that out of the way let’s take a first look at the misc Reliance’s
in alright this is gonna be my unscripted first look at the misc
reliant Zen the science version of the reliance series I think it’s one of only
two concepts ships that well this is in concept anymore but one or two ships
that that are gonna be science I think the Endeavour is gonna be the other one
so this doesn’t really have a competitor cuz the Endeavour can’t really compete
with this and we’re near the same size we got a scanner here with a denser deal
up top there I can’t tell exactly what this is but I’m sure it’s some sort of
uh sad like a like a satellite deal it almost kind of looks like solar panels
but I don’t think so I think it helps maybe
dampen something I don’t know let me know in the comments what you guys think
we got in forays ear under the wings pretty good got another larger sensor here and some
more of that what is that more of that that sensor material that was on those
panels to the left I love the new glass effect in 3.5 all
the windows in the game are gonna look awesome like this pretty cool it has a
reflection it’s not really a reflection anyway got more that weird-looking
honeycomb stuff there another m4a let’s go ahead and head around to the
back nice got the VTOL thrusters under here got those on each side this is the
cargo hold here what cargo hold the other veto thruster and back around
that side alright so that’s the exterior go ahead and take a look at the inside
now right all right so you got the beds here new
beds okay so yeah this is different look at that gotta oh my god I can’t remember
what that’s called a science teacher would be oh look at this are you gonna
face that way okay huh okay all right got an M F D here I’m sure in the future
it’ll be able to do some cooler stuff once the mechanics implemented into the
game a microscope that’s a microscope you got here yeah I
think that this is a food dehydrator type thing like a ton dehydrates food
pretty cool seen that in the other miss chips we have answers that’s some
storage there let me see if I can turn on my light oh look at that do some
sciency stuff all that’s so cool look the gloves look at the scratches in the
glass man I mean look at this attention to detail this is insane
at the bathroom here oh you can sit well nope come back Oh Oh Cassie you pull the toilet out okay
all right can’t close the door though so somebody’s gonna blow this up on there’s
a shower – wow you just do everything in here all right got some access points I
think these are gonna be components and stuff down here that you’ll be able to
replace later on all right so we’re in the bridge now the flight deck got the
pilot seat copilot seat they rotate if you don’t know anything about this ship
it’s got a pretty goal pretty cool thing it does you’ll see in a second here
let’s go ahead and power it on okay so all the buttons are up with top that sounds awesome
the new sounds in 3.5 are amazing that’s decent view of the MFDs as far as those
bottom ones there but the top ones aren’t really that visible but I guess
you have enough on the screen there it’s good to have poms up there
yeah I might move that oh okay it’s down there too okay cool
don’t like the size of the hood but I think that this is just all the ships in
3.5 have it hopefully they make that bigger in my opinion but oh one thing I
forgot again if you’re not familiar with the reliance series it’s pretty cool
when you’re sitting in the pilot’s seat and you do the landing gear thing your
copilot goes under that’s just that’s that’s awesome and also while I’m at it
let me take a look at the copilot seat I can get out of the seat here alright let’s go ahead and hop into
copilot seat let’s power it on oh cool so you can
enter into that remote turn let me see what that does
probably just like yeah it’s like a camera like the like the Reliant Mako
okay yeah that’s cool there’s those panels again up close boo long-range scanning do that alright
let’s go ahead and do a quick flightcheck here so to show you guys
they may not know this is the reliance series flight mode though we’ll take this or spin around
the block okay yeah yeah very drifty but
that’s just this new flight model I just got done flying the 300i and I
definitely feel like I can’t really do many tricks whoa all right so if I could pull off a
maneuver here yeah balls Oh what did well just what just happened all right here we go here we go
thread the needle babe yeah I need any practice boys the next ship in my review
series will be the anvil Hornet heartseeker I’d like to know your
thoughts on it as well as as in down in the comments please stay tuned for my
full review of the reliance in where I will cover it more in depth did you like
this first look like it subscribe by clicking the round circle here check out
some of my other reviews in this series here comment will ship you’d like to see
featured in the next first look a star citizen ship buyer’s guide and until
next time citizens I’ll see you in the verse


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    Sen definitely "feels" heavier than 300i, would be one thing I noticed. I can't wait for them to add more exploration stuff to the game 😀

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    Ace Morales

    Nice video bro, I have the m50, 85x, and mustang beta. I don’t know if you were planning to review them or if you need someone who owns them in order to review them I’m willing to help you out if need be. These are great videos

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    I loved Razor's before, now they even more fun. Please consider covering those bad boys in the future 🙂 Still getting fuel everywhere, atmo and whatnot. Can spawn one on a vehicle pad of all things along with Argo's and 85X. Argo's are not in a good place now though 🙁 Felt really sad. Hope Argo's improve because those barely can fly now.

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    For the love of the verse CIG, can we please have a half decent colour on the leading edge of the SEN wing(s)? That washed out grape/borderline pink colour looks just awful compared to the original reliant and it's other variants). A deep red, Maroon or deep copper maybe. Hell even a dark grey would look better than the current colour.

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    John Boyd

    I think these ships are mortally flawed by being unable to access the "cargo hold" or w/e depending on the variant while in flight. Can't access modules or anything. I doubt that will be as important on these smaller ships, but still. Especially with this one, you can't access the screen or station in the back, kind of making this a three-man craft

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