MISC Reliant Tana – A Star Citizen’s Buyer’s Guide

MISC Reliant Tana – A Star Citizen’s Buyer’s Guide

I’m gonna tell you everything you want
to know about the all-new miss reliant Ana and we’re starting right now welcome
to a star citizen’s buyer’s guide what’s up citizens this is subliminal
here and today we’ll be discussing the features functions and benefits of the
miss reliant Ana and we’ll compare those features amongst competing ships so you
can make an informed buying decision we’ll cover a brief overview review stat
comparisons go over weapons discuss components look at the exterior take a
tour of the interior review pros and cons and finish up with my thoughts on
the ship being reviewed if this is our first time meeting be sure to check out
some of my other reviews in this series and consider subscribing now let’s get
to the misc reliant ana is a light fighter manufactured by none other than
Musashi industrial and star flight concern or misc for short misc is a
human based company out of the Centauri system founded in 2805 the Miss reliant
Ana is a versatile lightweight fighter it’s easy to maintain with the rugged
construction the reliant tenet is an ideal choice for frontier and outpost
defense thanks to its custom high-yield powerplant stronger shields and
additional weapon mounts the misc reliance series is a starter ship line
that utilizes advanced Gian designs features broad sleek wings
omnidirectional thrusters and a fully articulated two-seat cockpit that
supports horizontal and vertical flight modes the reliant 10 is one of four
reliance series variants the core Mako and Zen are also available stay tuned
for my reviews on those at a later date the tanah is currently fight ready it is
available for purchase and upgrade on the pledge store for $65 war bond and
$75 stand alone and on average sells for 82 dollars on the grey market it is not
currently available to purchase without the UEC with that out of the way let’s
see how it compares to other ships you might be considering for comparison I
have selected the following 10 ships the Google sheets document what the data is
linked in the description if this is your first time here check the Google
sheet or pause the screen for an explanation on how I selected repairs
the tanah comes in at around thirty eight thousand kilograms it has a max
crew size of two as a cargo capacity of just one SCU it has 40 300 hit points
across its body the Reliant series ranks pretty low here it shields can withstand
almost 8,000 hit points of damage the Reliant series tops this list has a
sustained DPS of 997 and a burst DPS of over 1100 overall its dps is pretty
decent it’s combined missile payload of almost 14,000 takes second place this is
pretty good it has a fuel capacity of over 37,000 fuel units it has a max draw
a pitch rate of 65 degrees per second has an SCM speed of 166 meters per
second the Reliant series does terrible here this is one meter per second faster
than the Cutlass black and it’s top speed of over 1100 isn’t great either
it’s common drive has a 46 mega meters per second quantum speed so travel from
Portales are two arccorp will take you about 15 minutes and 13 seconds it has a
QT range of 54 Giga meters it ranks at the bottom of the list here so it can
travel from $4 our to our Corp 1.3 times before needing to refuel now let’s talk
about its firepower the Tanna packs to size three weapon hardpoints and – sighs
too hard points on the wings we have to size to em for a laser autocannons each
one in 4a is size 2 has 183 energy damage with 75 RPM for a total of 229
dps and a 2,000 meter range on the wingtips it has to size for proprietary
Reliant Guillory gimbal mounts these mounts hold one size 3m five a laser
autocannons each one m5 a has 318 energy damage with 65 RPM for total of 345 DPS
and a 3200 meter range for missiles the Tanna has to proprietary reliant 10m
missile launchers with eight strike force twos each strike force twos are
sized to our cross section have 874 mix damage a two point six eight second lock
time and a forty eight hundred meter lock range this is a total of 16
missiles one really unique thing about the whole
reliant series is it’s completely modular design meaning that you can take
the wingtip components like the mounts on the Tanna or Corre and add them to
the wingtips of any other reliant this even includes the paint job in this
example I have taken this almost defenseless reliant Mako’s burst EPS
from 458 to 1260 of course you would need to own the other variants in
question or buy the components in game but I’m assuming that’s not possible yet
but it’s still a pretty cool feature now for the components the standard
components available on the tanah are as follows
it has two sides one bracer coolers that provide 200,000 max tooling each one
size one aegis regalia spouts plant with almost 2300 max power generation per
second to size one all stops shield generators with almost 4,000 capacity
each and last but not least we have one size one beacon quantum drive with a
forty six mega meter per second quantum speed and a 10 second cooldown let’s
take a look at the exterior the first things you’ll notice is the dark green
paint job I personally like it it’s the best of the reliant series in my opinion
as well as it’s very wide stance we’ll start with the left side first here we
have the Reliant Guillory gimble mouth on the left wing tip holding a size 3m v
a laser autocannon next we have one of the missile launcher pods and a size two
in for a laser autocannon next we have some sort of a scanner let me know down
in the comments what you think or know what this actually is
next is the crew pod hopefully this will detach as an escape pod in the future
that’d be pretty cool next we have a second m4a
the other missile pod and the final in 5/8 around the rear we have some exhaust
and VTOL thrusters and finally the cargo bay this is the
only entrance to the ship now for the interior as with the entire
reliance series we have two beds on the left side on the right we have a cargo
area where we can store one standard containment unit next is what I suspect
to be an armored storage locker but I could be wrong
I’ve heard it may be a refrigerator next is a functional but not persisting gun
rack behind us we have a head moving towards the cockpit we have what
is likely to be component storage this has great access for the pilots when the
component repair mechanic is implemented let’s head towards the pilot seats first we have a pilot seat with six MFDs
and a radar the reliance series does not have an
injection feature as of right now next is the copilot seat with one MFD this is what it looks like from the
cockpit when flight mode is activated fYI when flight mode is activated you
cannot exit your seat I would say its pros are a good shield capacity for a
light fighter deesis sustained and burst DPS its missile payload is much better
than I could have expected the modularity between the reliance series
is pretty cool and for what I would consider to be a starter ship a bed to
log out it is great its cons are slow y’all pitch rate terrible SCM speed and
a slow max speed basically it’s really really slow with the new flight model
slowing down combat does this really matter as much let me know down in the
comments that Ana has certainly surprised me I was fully expecting to
put this on the shelf as a cool looking ship that has no purpose after taking a
look at this data and flying it around I have a newfound respect for it for what
it lacks in speed it makes up for in shield capacity firepower and missile
payload it is the brute force brawler of the light fighters plus it does this how
cool is that the next ship in my review series will be the Miss reliant make up
I would like to know your thoughts on it the new reliant Ana and what ship you
would like to see next down in the comments did you like this review like
it subscribe by clicking the circle here check out some of my other reviews in
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viewership is more than enough until next time citizens I’ll see you in
the verse


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    Great vidz. Could you possibly do the Drake Caterpillar next? I have a cutlass looking to possibly upgrade to a slightly larger crew sized ship to play with friends. Want to kinda stay in the multi role area with a small interest in cargo and combat. If the Caterpillar doesnt fit that bill what would you recommend?

  2. Post
    M-yel Recsy

    I have a Tana in my fleet, I chose this variant because of it's color. With regards to the long stick located in front, from what I see on some real life helicopters, it maybe used for refueling while in flight from a refueling ship.

    For next ship review, I would like to see the aegis sabre please and how it fares with 3.5's new flight model.

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    I did get a Tana, but soon upgraded to a Sen which I feel works better. This looks more like an explorers specialty ship and reminds me a lot of my prospector.

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    So the Tana is only about 11 or 12 SCM faster than a Freelancer MIS (current PTU speeds) with 35 fewer SCU, half as many size 3 guns, 12 less missiles that are a size smaller, half as many crew stations/beds and far weaker shields. That said I think it's still a good deal for a $65-$75 starter ship but seems a little pointless if someone already has a Freelancer MIS.

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    Great vid! Also could you make more accent on the ships you compare and which position ships takes when compared? For old slowpoke like me it's hard to track. I had to rewind back like 5 times.

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    Another fine job my Friend. I plan to have all Reliant variants when CIG finally listens to the Backers and makes them right. They are getting closer. đŸ™‚

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    Gamer One

    That's when the TANA can change the position of the engines and according to rumors it will be already in 3.6, that's when we say about all the benefits of Tana

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    Iker Tarajano

    Good video, like very the style and comparison, I'm surprised about the modularity, so can you put the missiles racks on the kore?…another thing, do you have a sheet with all the ships in game for 3.5 specs??

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    D Barbarian

    Hi. If I wanted to make the Tana the color orange from the mako that is possible without owning the mako? Thx.

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    Jaryd Weiss

    Damn, this is a pretty awesome ship. Really reminds me of a B-Wing. Also, when doing these reviews, can you possibly show getting into and out of the ship? I always like seeing how it works, for the different types.

  29. Post

    Nicce review, first one I really found about this "goofy in a loving way" ship. I'm only 2 weeks into SC and wondered if I wasted money on the kore as a stsrter as I cant find any real advantage other then price for starting but I have 6scu in the kore but no default missiles or bed

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    Thomas Akins

    What would you recommend, this or the Freelancer Base? I know they’re completely different, but I just want something good for my friend and I to do quick runs to make money fast. Though inventory space is limited, thought bang for buck was decent compared to my Aura starter ship.

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    John Boyd

    Is there a reliable ratio for how a size 1 compares to a size 2 for damage ratios? like elite dangerous a higher tier weapon consistently does about 1.5 times the dmg of the previous tier?

  35. Post
    John Boyd

    I also wonder if the autogimbals will dramatically improve this ship's pip alignment. The guns are so spread out it might be hard to hit small targets

  36. Post

    Have to say I'm genuinely impressed and so happy I came across your video … You're information, insight, and presentation is all quality. I'm eagerly subbing right now. I appreciate your hard work in getting these stats and collating this information. I look forward to seeing more (especially the vanguard warden rework and it's variants!)

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    Lasse Helweg

    The only thing I am pissed about this ship is it's QT range. This ship could have been a cheap, fine, long distance fighter for escort but now it's just a meh fighter because of its speed with a 2 person gimmick. QT Range would be such an easy fix.

  38. Post

    Gilroy. Regulus. Every once in a while you'll mispronounce a word. Doesn't detract from the video, but it's noticeable.

  39. Post
    Nick Siegfried

    Reminds me of the early spitfires because the brits hadn't figured out how to put their guns behind the propeller like the Germans so their mgs were spread across the wings and was extremely hard to hit fighters closer or further than the convergence distance

  40. Post

    I wished those Xian engines would give you more agility. It might have 2 less than the khartu Al but the ship is slow. The alien human hybrid technology should not act the same as a human ship. I hope one day it can be around as agile as the gladius. It already has a debuff with its massive size.

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